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is it fair to say that the new patch has made Solo survivor experience much worse ?

Babadook83Babadook83 Member Posts: 165

And therefore the patch mainly had the desired effect on the SWF groups.

is it fair to say that the new patch has made Solo survivor experience much worse ? 61 votes

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we'll have to wait and see
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  • HangryMogwaiHangryMogwai Member Posts: 27

    I’d rather BHVR remove SWF groups all together or limit it to just duo groups. That way the killers would stop complaining about survivors bullying them (or possibly just own up to being bad) and the survivors wouldn’t be able to use comms. Then we could roll back some of these ridiculous changes.

    As someone who Solo-Queues 95-98% of the time, I’d have no problem losing that feature. If I’m able to get a full group of four that want to play the game, I’m able to find a fifth person and just play customs. It’s more fun being able to trash talk a killer you know anyway. 😅

  • Jam_Jam_101Jam_Jam_101 Member Posts: 8

    As someone who plays swf quite a bit with my friends (for fun we aren’t competitive most of the time) it would ruin the fun if I just got to play with one friend at a time

  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,613

    Idk how you can say it doesn’t.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 445

    I'm sure 2 discussions were after the gens were increased from 60 to 70 and then to 80

  • HangryMogwaiHangryMogwai Member Posts: 27

    You’d still have access to Customs though, where everything is already unlocked. Then you just need a 5th friend and you can rotate the killer, even trash talk to your hearts content if they’re alright with it.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,719
    edited July 23

    Not much more than it made general survivor worse. Its just the weak got weaker unfortunately.

    Take that as you will, yes or no.

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  • roundpittroundpitt Member Posts: 111

    Yes. But you should be in a discord with a team. Being in discord is the equivalent of everyone having three extra perks. They can't balance for both solo Q and discord. It's just not possible.

  • Eve13Eve13 Member Posts: 390
    we'll have to wait and see

    The first few days in Solo Q were really disturbing. But since the weekend things are improving, people are learning and I think we should just give it a little time until everyone gets used to the new circumstances. 

  • jaymiechanjaymiechan Member Posts: 49

    the new circumstances right now include a more than 20% drop of the playerbase according to Steam Charts, longer killer queue times, increased DCs and hook suicides. Sounds untenable.

  • Kill_Yr_Idol83Kill_Yr_Idol83 Member Posts: 194
    we'll have to wait and see

    There was already an issue with Solo Q and I think the update just made it more obvious. I think people relied way too much on DH and DS as well and they haven't figured out a build that works for them yet moving forward (that or a lot of people are realizing that they weren't as good at looping than they thought). I also think that killers haven't had a buff like this in like 3 years so it's discouraging survivors who were used to bullying them with their multiple second chance perks so everything just "feels bad". My vote is we'll have to wait and see but BHVR should've buffed Solo Q with this update to have made it "feel" more balanced.

  • SsajbambusaSsajbambusa Member Posts: 458

    Solo Survivor is exactly like it was before - the weakest side of game. It's not worse in any way, it's just a lot of clearly over powered perks got nerfed so you can't bully baby killers as easily anymore.

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