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My personal feedback about latest patch

DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 77
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As of (7/19/2022) with the 6.1.0 patch, developers took away how some of us used to play. If you take away something, you should give something back in return. This patch gives nothing but insignificant tweaks here and there. I'm just glad I had the time of my life when the game was fairly new and it was just getting popular. The developers don't even know how to properly execute things.

Dead Hard did not need a nerf, everyone pretty much knew how to play around it. And if it were to change, it should have never applied Deep Wound status effect. It should have worked like Mettle of Man where it negates the killer hit, gives you speed boost without giving you Deep Wound status effect. Dead Hard was meant to assist the survivor, not turn the screen darker and waste one's time by having to mend. It's not even worth taking up perk slot anymore.

Spine Chill was completely changed into a useless perk. Its purpose was to give survivor an early warning to getaway (that's at least how I used it). Now it lights up based on terror radius and if the killer has direct line of sight on you. (??? What the hell is the point of that?) On the other hand, Whispers, aka the killer version of Spine Chill remains untouched and works the same way the old Spine Chill did. See the hypocrisy there?

Iron Will, one of my all time favorite perk has been nerfed because of people insisting not to learn how to play against it but demand an easy solution by modifying the perk.

Self-Care, a perk that was barely alright-ish if you were playing solo survivor is now completely useless. I can't remember know how many times Self-Care saved my life regardless of when I was playing either solo or in swf. I pulled off so many plays taking a hit, healing myself away from the killer and jumping back in action either to tank another hit for a team mate or to rush for an unhook while being healthy to take a hit after unhooking my team mate. (wasn't much fan of Borrowed Time). Not to mention Self-Care countered Franklin's Demise really good not having to worry about losing a medkit and being unable to heal yourself in case you thought about bringing a medkit.

These 4 perks were my unchanged perks for many years. Now BHVR wants me to play differently and I am not going to play differently. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. These perks were never broken and they functioned the way they did for years until recently.

I hope queue times to find a lobby as killer will take a huge impact and increase over time. I'm expecting player count drop and interest to play survivor is going to decrease over time.

After 3130+ hours (Devotion 13) since 2018, I've come to a conclusion that I am uninstalling this game because of developers not nerfing but killing perks. I never thought there would be a day that I would consider giving up playing DbD. This patch marks the day.

Good luck catering to new comers BHVR. Nothing stays forever. Time for me to move on to something else.

Note: I'll leave my DbD stats link for those who think I only played survivor because I know there will be claims. (https://dbd-stats.net/profile/76561198090221481)

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  • LlokkiLlokki Member Posts: 24

    By all reports, Spine Chill was actually buffed, not nerfed. It lights up if you're within a set radius from the killer (32m I think?), regardless of them being undetectable or not, and then additionally (and separately) gives the action speed bonus if they have a clear line of sight to you.

  • Phantom_Phantom_ Member Posts: 425

    As a Leon main, I miss IW SO DAMN much. Guy's loud AF 😥 It would've been fine if they had nerfed it to just the 75% loudness, but not working when exhausted? Makes it utterly useless. Or heck even kept it at 100%, but have their breathing be audible.

    DH should've stayed at 1s without the weird animation because some of us are being put in lobbies with killers with ping from another galaxy.

    Agree on the rest.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 1,087

    Dead Hard absolutely needed the nerf. You would see it almost every match across the average to high skill levels. Iron Will needed to be nerfed, 100% noise reduction was too much.

    Spine Chill, on the other hand, actually got buffed. The developers understood that the counterplay of crab-walking was awkward, so they were going to change it to LoS only but then everyone started talking about how the hard of hearing use it as an accessibility option.

    The perk filling up and draining based on TR Strength was a great addition to the perk and works for accessibility purposes. Removing vault speed bonus from Spine Chill was also a good move.

    But here's where things get wonky. Instead of Spine Chill activating when the killer is within however many meters it was previously while looking in your direction, it now just activates when the killer is within 36-meters. No counterplay. Unaffected by Terror Radius.

    DS and Self-care need to be reverted. Thana needs to be nerfed and gen speeds need to be brought back down to 80 seconds. You can't have shorter chases and longer gen times to artificially inflate kill rates.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251

    Dh was better than 90% of killer powers. Survivor was unironically the power role. Game is more akin to what it should be now.

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 963
  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,107

    I agree.

    BHVR has without a doubt ruined the game. Survivors are apparently not supposed to have fun which was obvious to me even before this patch, this one finally woke people up.

    What they have done to survivor perks are a crime.

    And then turned around and gave killers a mouth kiss.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,882

    Spine chill was buffed did you miss that? Dead hard very much needed that nerf it was unfair in many ways. Iron Will is still strong. Self-Care you should not even use that perk so making survivors bring medkits or Inner healing instead is only good for survivors.

  • DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 77

    I guess I missed that but that doesn't make much difference at all. Overall all of the perks have been butchered.

  • DbDPlayaDbDPlaya Member Posts: 77

    I never made Dead Hard a problem when I was playing as killer. Same goes for Iron Will. Both perks were never an issue for me. I figured out how to play around both.

    The future of DbD isn't bright, I just wanted to say.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,080

    The future of DBD isn't bright, but that's because of how easier it is to camp and tunnel. Dead Hard was problematic. Iron Will needed one of these but not both (75% or exhaustion disabling it).

  • kaskaderkaskader Member Posts: 265
    edited July 22

    ''Dead Hard did not need a nerf''...

    Ok enough dbd forum for today

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 445

    At that moment, I also stopped reading, and realized that this was just a player who had never played as killers against the same survivors

  • TheMruczekTheMruczek Member Posts: 101

    While I think some perks where changed in weird way or overnerfed like Spine Chill, Ruin, Self-Care and IW not all of them were terrible.

    Overcharge and DH were for the most part changed in good way (and no, DH needed to be nerfed. It was overpowered perk that did let you extend chases, gave you second chance in basicly all situations and had no counterplay).

    DH is not very strong against let's say Freddy or Trappet yet against Nurse, Blight or Huntress it is still good perk that is worth a sloth.

    Still i really hope we are going to see buffs for SoloQ in next Midchapter.

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 486

    Sadly I agree - 5500+ hours and the camping/tunneling is even worse. I'm playing much less as a result - just not fun dealing with coward killer after coward killer that has to camp/tunnel or run 3 aura perks just to play.

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,360
    edited July 22

    Not only were games saturated with Dead Hard, it was also not being used as intended by the majority of players.

    That latter bit is a trend I've noticed in Dev updates. A lot of Ghost Face's rework, for example, offered more incentive to Mark Survivors rather then just use his Stealth by itself.

    The current Dead Hard still does what the devs intended for it to do, allow a Survivor to potentially survive a hit that would otherwise down them. Now it does so in a way that doesn't give that Survivor an extra unintended advantage.

  • nelsonmthomenelsonmthome Member Posts: 1

    This patch is terrible, the killer knocks out all the survivors with 5 generators and they still keep coming back to the hook, worst update ever, I want my decisive strike and dead hard back, revert this patch please I'm leaving the game already there was tunneling before, it was hard to get out alive, now it's impossible.

    Many loyal players who are always playing will lose.

    Not everyone likes to play assassin.

    And all assassins already know how to wait for the time of the dead hard and decisive strike.

    The reduced speed of the survivors made the game even worse.

    I'm really sad about the direction the game has taken.

    I will be leaving the game, playing since 2020. 3,500hrs. on steam.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,021

    Dead Hard did not need a nerf,...

    That's all I need to read in this post. Dead Hard definitely, DEFINITELY needed a nerf. Whether the new version is useful or not is a different question, but the old version was really, really overpowered. There's a reason 70% of above average survivors used it and it's not because there aren't other decent perks available. It was a really solid effect of lunging for distance, which could be a really good perk in its own right, combined with invulnerability based on attack animation which is also a decent perk effect, all rolled into one.

    It needed a nerf.

  • LunaticLizzieLunaticLizzie Member Posts: 15

    I mean, on the IW thing,

    You could just not use exhaustion.

    Leon is loud af tho lol

  • FuzzycubeFuzzycube Member Posts: 94

    There is some serious issues with the latest patch, I'm a killer main who never tunnels or camps and I HAVE YET to get a match where I didn't get 4k and have had several games with survivors haven't completed a single generator, I'm honestly starting to think there's matchmaking issues since even without Dead Hard survivors I used to play against weren't so easy to hit in chases.

  • DsnoozDsnooz Member Posts: 198
    edited July 23

    "...developers took away how some of us used to play. If you take away something, you should give something back in return."

    While I don't agree with everything you said, survivors definitely need something.

    In the current game-state survivors are genuinely lacking. I have been maintaining an 80% kill rate since the patch dropped and I have not had more than 1 survivor escape since the patch dropped. (I usually let the last survivor go if they played well, but if a survivor throws their team under the bus I'll go for the 4K). I also have yet to see survivors finish all 5 generators (as killer).

    However, I believe survivors should be buffed in other ways than restoring perks such as Dead Hard back to their former glory.

  • brewingteabrewingtea Member Posts: 88
    edited July 23

    I 100% believe people when they say this

    I mean, how do you play around Iron Will?

    I'm a crappy newbie killer, and I don't think you need to worry about it any more, but I can give you pointers. What particular part of it were you struggling with?

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