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New patch is garbage

And youre going to finally kill your game.

Cant wait to see what the steam charts look like in a month now that killer takes as much skill as shooting fish in a barrel.



  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 4,507

    There is a few killers where deadhard was basically required against, so im worried about that

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,087

    Let's infinitely hope at end game that this will result in getting said killers nerfed a bit.

  • DemeDeme Member Posts: 57

    noobs that use dead hard as life support should live

  • JaviiMiiJaviiMii Member Posts: 283

    I'm also very curious to see where things will be at in a month or so --- atm it seems survivors have to play catch up: while killers can adapt with a simple mouse click to replace one gen regression perk with another the vast majority of things that used to work for survivor doesn't work anymore (maybe safe for replacing DS with OTR) as far as the meta is concerned. Atm killers enjoy a default skill advantage when facing the majority of survivors (and a part of that is due to DH but it is just as much working out timings with the new basekit changes for killer. A lot of things you could barely make (without dh) after making the killer whiff you now can't make anymore) simply because their skillset didn't change while survivors need to acquire a new set of skills to be able to compete.

    If what survivors have at their disposal is enough to compete once they learned how to use what they got... only time will tell. If players like using what they need to use to be able to compete is a different story... and only time will tell.

  • HangryMogwaiHangryMogwai Member Posts: 27
    edited July 22

    Nah, there is a large group of us that didn’t bother we exhaustion perks at all. This patch swung very heavily in the favor of killers, with the game being just outright not fun for SoloQ players due to the patch in combination with tunneling, slugging or face camping. The first two days were pretty brutal as ever killer seemed to tunnel until two survivors were left and the slug one to hunt for the other, but it seems like some killers are starting to let up while the most toxic (guessing you based off the adapt or die mentality) need to be penalized for the behavior.

  • SoloQKevSoloQKev Member Posts: 144

    Arnt you killers sick of saying the same thing over and over "Survivors will adapt to not having dead hard."

    Listen I never used it anyway, but still lol I prefer overcome or 99% sprint burst. Give it time and killers will moan about them perks as well.

  • rvzrvzrvzrvzrvzrvz Member Posts: 534
    edited July 22

    They made survivor so boring, unfun and unrewarding it's crazy, if it stays like that for too long I do think most players will quit, killer queues are already a bit worrisome after 2 days

  • AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 604

    Seems fine to me. Plus I played around 10 games as survivor yesterday and only lost 2. Not sure what you're crying about.

  • GindaenGindaen Member Posts: 374

    It's actually very difficult to shoot fish in a barrel.

  • GindaenGindaen Member Posts: 374
  • ReshyReshy Member Posts: 392

    Um, they did? Didn't you hear about "waiting it out"? It's just that even with adapting for it, it was still too powerful because you had to assume every survivor was running it.

  • Risky_BiscuitRisky_Biscuit Member Posts: 90

    Killers had their meta perks nerfed too you know.

    Noed didn't need a nerf (survivors need to do bones more often if they hate Noed so much.) The nerf was honestly not needed.

    Deadhard didn't need to be removed, just severely nerfed to a point of being fair, which they did. Kudos to them for fixing this OP perk that carried survivors way too hard.

    90 second gens is fine as is. A very small change that can easily be erased by multiple survivors working on a single gen, and using toolboxes.

    The other buffs to killers were also needed. Faster weapon recovery speed, pallet break speed, and bloodlust buffs were all there to help alleviate the headaches of entering extended chases with god looper survivors. All of these are fair.

    I will say that yes, survivors will likely need to learn to adapt and switch up their builds to find a new answer to killers, which we all know they will eventually. For now we need to let this new meta take shape, and then the devs can adjust things as needed. I know Thanataphobia might be on the chopping block due to the Legion and Plague using it to great effect. But still. Changes happen and we all eventually adapt or get the devs to make changes on unforeseen issues. That's exactly how OTR and the endurance stacking problems got fixed before release.

  • Marik1987Marik1987 Member Posts: 813

    New patch is wonderful. I really enjoy it, on both sides. No stubborn DH, DS, BT and Kindred every solo-q-match. No, Im using stuff like Guardian, Lithe, Overcome, Wake Up, Clairvoyance, Off the Record and more.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,353

    Yeah, it definitely did great job at giving more variety to the game.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 453

    As I said and will repeat further, looping is not the players, it was a dead hard. They took one perk and the players have already sentenced the game. It turns out the players are worth nothing?

    P.S I'm a 20k hrs player, playing as survivors and killers, on vacation mostly for survivors, because. killers are hard to play on a laptop.

  • XordXord Member Posts: 373

    Yep, and that was the biggest part of the skill cap of playing killers. It was fun.

    I do miss dead hard when playing killer because the hits actually felt rewarding.

    Now I don't need to think as much, I just launge at maximum distance everytime and almost never do I see DH anymore.

  • ChronoSethChronoSeth Member Posts: 46

    Oh, a personal opinion! I really feel the need to see you as a superior for your game being perfect 8 times out of 10!

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,173

    They’re saying the Steam Charts seem fine, the original poster was claiming there’s a mass exodus from the game in the charts.

  • WezilWezil Member Posts: 308

    The steam charts look like they did before the patch. I guess the patch really didn't increase or decrease players.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,173

    Actually it looks like the population went up slightly since the patch hit (1-2%). Notice how the Last 30 days average is higher than the July average, that’s indicating the first couple weeks of August (post patch) have more players than the first couple weeks of July (pre-patch). So yeah, mostly stable but a slight bump.

  • badrepobadrepo Member Posts: 71

    This is probably explained by killers returning to the game due to the buffs. That’s my guess anyway as I am waiting at least 10 minutes for killer games

  • WezilWezil Member Posts: 308

    Every patch is usually has a big jump in players, so I don't know if you can use that as a bases.

  • rvzrvzrvzrvzrvzrvz Member Posts: 534

    The problem is not total player decreasing it's too many killers, you need 4 for 1, imagine queues with Wesker release if they're already bad now

  • BabalonkieBabalonkie Member Posts: 133
    edited August 17

    Of course you can, it's simple maths. You draw a line between peak and now and you get the mean, progress and trending direction.

    In this scenario... Without those "big jumps" (patches), the game would simply be in a even worst state with even lower players... that is literately all. Until a peak beats the current highest peak, you go by highest figure to current time/day.

    It's how viral infections are calculated too if you have being paying attention to massive world events the past 3 years...

    The game is unbalanced, broken, unstable and repetitive... and until all these factors are addressed, players will haemorrhage away until death.

    Post edited by Babalonkie on
  • JohanChimneyJohanChimney Member Posts: 12

    I see the game has still the same inconveniences, as I haven't touched this game for about a month now and the forum posts address still the same issues from this new patch.

    I really enjoyed DBD because I could easily open the game, whether I wanted to tryhard as killer or have a more chill experience as a survivor. Thus I mostly played survivor as it was not so stressful. I was also the player who wanted to make a final unhook even if it could mean that I'll not escape, maybe this was because I knew I could have escapes in other matches.

    I played the new patch for few weeks, and the game is not so easy to open anymore: even the survivor matches now have a "tryhard mentality" to it. I can't do the final unhook if the gens won't get done, ever. They changed the game entirely for the survivors: they made 3k hour survivors into 300h survivors, and same time buffing 300h killers to 3k hour killers (provocatively speaking). If they first just implemented the survivor changes, survivors could have adapted to the changes more easily. And also I agree with the opinions that they should have only deleted DH and NOED and put the 90s gens, it could have been the easiest solution.

    I'll still passively follow content creators and DBD social media, if they'll do some changes that will make the game more enjoyable in the future. Otherwise, best of luck for all of you in the fog. :)

  • WezilWezil Member Posts: 308

    I was hoping the developers was going to make this game fair, instead of favoring killers. I don't see how 1 player should get preference over 4 players. A 50% kill rate is fair, and it's definitely much higher than 50%, especially against the largest base of players, solo-queue.

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