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Game Balance Attempt



  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Nerfing slowdown is not nerfing killers. You do not need slowdown to have a good game as killer anymore with good survivors. If anything, the buff to breaking house windows makes up for it. I play more killer than anything and I know how obnoxious those windows are. If you have specific input, say it. A blanket statement gets us both nowhere.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Changed description of Perseverance to not include self unhooks.

    I kind of feel deliverance would get a little too strong if I didn't add that in.

  • JokersmileJokersmile Member Posts: 95
    edited July 22

    Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance:

    Generator regression penalty from 15% to 10%. Should also change it so that it does not apply its affect to Gens already regressing it pairs too well with other perks


    Generator regression from 10% to 8%. Incapacitated affect from 25 s to 16 s. I would say keep it at 10 and reduce incap to 20 the perk already requires killer to kick the gen then get a down but yea 25 seconds is a bit much

  • JokersmileJokersmile Member Posts: 95

    This is true i only bring one regression perk now and have been using Enduring and Brutal alot more

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    That is an interesting idea, though would it not hurt the survivors more in some cases?

    Example, you have Call of Brine and Pain Resonance.

    The survivors have two gens nearing completion. One gen is 95% and the other is 80%. The 80% has survivors actively working on it and the 95% has a downed survivor next to it. The killer kicks the 95% gen and hooks that survivor on a scourge that hits the 80% gen because that is the highest that is not actively regressing. Now both gens are pressured by the killer. The only person that knew about the 95% gen is on a hook and that is going down with CoB.

    I know that is niche but that is what I thought when you mentioned it.

  • JokersmileJokersmile Member Posts: 95
    edited July 22

    I mean yeah its something that could happen but as a killer main if i want a regression build Pain Res is gonna be in there because it always targets the gen with the most completion you can kick the gen with overcharge, COB and eruption then hook and get 15% on top of that as it is right now its just too much not so much because its only 15% but the way it works with other perks even jolt is too good with it

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513
    edited July 22

    I see your point. What about a diminished effect if it hits a gen already regressing?

    Upon hooking on a scourge hook, the generator with the most progress will instantly regress 10%. If that gen is already regressing, then it will take 5% regression instead.

    Yeah, I don't like how you can stack regression like that. I'll keep thinking on it, appreciate you bringing it up. Let me know what you think.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513
    edited July 22

    Added white to yellow intensity change for action progression of auras dealing with Ties of Light.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Added nerf to Fearmonger. The blindness seemed to counteract the intention of Ties of Light. Obliviousness should get more value for killer and be less detrimental for survivors.

    Let me know if this seems too much of a nerf.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Added Quality of Life Section. Changed introduction and removed closing remark.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Starting to think that Perseverance should be disabled upon stunning the killer.

    As someone else mentioned, it is a team-based play to save someone from being tunneled. One stun will tell everyone the killer is tunneling so that is their warning to act and save their teammate.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,730

    Breakable windows, no. This will be so op with current killer chase buffs.

    Hook change will be good nerf for camping.

    Perseverance, this looks so op. DS was alright, we don't need that.

    Ties of Light, good buff for solos.

    Being healed is not your decision. Survivor can heal you with For the People and you can not do anything about that. And then Bubba got you down and you no longer will use your DS. This does not look healthy change.

    I am not sure how Relic will works. So i have no opinion on that.

    Fearmonger does not need any nerf. It is alright perk. Oblivious effect will be so strong, i think this effect is good on Plaything. Which you have chance to remove it.

    Other perk changes looks alright.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Yes, I agree with you there but even the Haddonfield windows? Those just feel like time sinks with no way to stop them.

    Perseverance: Even the mini DS does? Was using that as a warning so other players know the killer is tunneling. Yeah, I see base kit ds as a lot but the mini one I could kind of see.

    The healing was to counteract people using no mither or exponential to abuse the base kit ds. I feel like it if was included this way, people would need to play around it, and a teammate healing the downed person, in some cases, would be a team mistake. Now that you mention it though, it makes me think people would intentionally sandbag another in this manner.

    Relic is meant to counter face camping.

    Fearmonger was changed to not suppress the Ties of Light buff. Though I do agree with you about the oblivious change, that should be for plaything.

    Got me thinking now, instead of the mini ds for perseverance, make it where it extends the pickup of that downed survivor. That survivor has a struggle animation before pickup. Maybe like 4-5 seconds before the pickup can start. Maybe make that have it's own flashlight save timing.

    I appreciate you giving your input, the perspective helps me with where I need to adjust and gets me thinking more.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Would like to know your opinion on that change to Perseverance.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,311

    Action speed penalties are already multiplicative. Only benefits are additive when stacking.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513
    edited July 23

    I've never actually tested this myself; I didn't realize that was the case. Maybe then adding a cap of 30%.


  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Removed Breakable Windows. Overhauled Perseverance. Conspicuous action change. Fearmonger change. Changed regression penalty to cap at 25%.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Added Calm Spirit buff.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    Added in Sadako change.

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