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Saying "dbd at its low" or "dbd gonna die" is all false

toxik_survivortoxik_survivor Member Posts: 1,086
edited July 27 in General Discussions

This game is not dropping in players. More people are joining than leaving so making comments like "dbd finally gonna die" is ridiculous. I mean the fact that people are complaining about this means that people are still playing the game and not leaving lmao. Let's face the facts. Dbd is more addictive than nicotine and you will never leave this game for good, nor will it die any time soon.

Just think about this new patch as new content. Do you want the same game forever? No you don't, so dbd is switching things up and experimenting. Everything is so overdramatic and no body is gratefully for dbd listening to the community and doing what they ask for


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