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Ideas for a Pig buff?

Pig right now feels terrible, her bear traps are just time-wasters and her ambush is easily countered by paying attention to your surroundings (or using Spring Burst if you want to use that stupid perk). Unfortunately, I don't have any good ideas on how to give her a useful power. My best solution is make Tampered Timer and Rule Set No. 2 base, but then she would need two new add-ons.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to buff a killer that seems to be forgotten when talking about buffs to specific killers? And I'd like to see if the devs know that not just Freddy feels underwhelming right now, Pig also needs help.


  • ShrimpTwiggsShrimpTwiggs Member Posts: 1,158

    Her traps are designed to be just that. They aren't made to kill survivors, they're made to distract them from doing their objective. The issue with them is that they're heavily RNG based and the timer doesn't start until a gen is done. In my opinion, the first jigsaw box you search should be guaranteed not to work and the timer should start thirty seconds after the trap is on the survivor's head. If a gen is done before then, it starts immediately. And I think she could do without the roar on her ambush.

  • Maximus7Maximus7 Member Posts: 443
    The thing is they don't even waste time that well unless you keep forcing them off the trap boxes, which that is done by sacrificing pressuring the other survivors working on gens. And even without the roar, her ambush attack doesn't help her out in the chase at all. I've seen and done mindgames at looping spots with it, but that requires a lot of luck and overall is just worse than Spirit's power at a looping spot.
  • Maximus7Maximus7 Member Posts: 443
    I do like the first box being guaranteed not it, though, that would be a great change 
  • azazerazazer Member Posts: 446
    Make the blind fold add on and third seal work on box auras. 
  • Maximus7Maximus7 Member Posts: 443

    @azazer said:
    Make the blind fold add on and third seal work on box auras. 

    Now this would be too strong. 2.5 minutes to try to find a singular box on the whole map is pretty damning for survivors when they can't see it at all. A better idea for this is making Rule Set No. 2 base.

  • newdulsnewduls Member Posts: 90

    get rid of the roar or

    have the roar cause 15 secs of exhaustion if you're within 15 m

  • OblitiryOblitiry Member Posts: 487
    Tighter pants and more cake!

    I would just have her crouch faster.

     I've thought about what it would be like if she had more than one trap type. Like being able to make a hook more dangerous and have it start button sequences during the struggle phase. Or rigging a chest to slam shut on a survivors hands. Placing electric barbs on window vaults, trip wire doorways etc.

    This would be limited of course and could make for some interesting add ons. Like a rigged chest destroying the survivors item if they had one or taking it, making them have to return to the chest if they want it.
  • Whispers23Whispers23 Member Posts: 111

    She is good in my opinion except survivors should not be able to escape through the hatch while trapped.

  • azazerazazer Member Posts: 446
    Maximus7 said:

    @azazer said:
    Make the blind fold add on and third seal work on box auras. 

    Now this would be too strong. 2.5 minutes to try to find a singular box on the whole map is pretty damning for survivors when they can't see it at all. A better idea for this is making Rule Set No. 2 base.

    Its strong but not too strong. Totem can undo third seal and swapping the rarity for blindfold and rule set 2 would make it a great but not always used add on
  • HP150HP150 Member Posts: 403
    edited October 2018

    Make Rule Set No. 2 base.
    Make popping generators advance the timer on all active RBTs by 15-20 seconds, making them more consistent with the themes of the movie series.

    Honestly, RBT kills SHOULD be viable. I know, I know "they're meant to stall the survivors". But WHY? Amanda didn't run around stabbing folks with the retractable blade (she herself never used it in the movies). The traps are what made the movie series unique, and that's what should have defined her in this game, not some generic crouch/lunge attack that really could have gone on just about any killer.

  • Doc_W__HOLLIDAYDoc_W__HOLLIDAY Member Posts: 2,347
    -Save the roar for DURING the lunge, rather than during the channeling. 

    -Make it so you have to search EVERY box on the map. If there's the add-on to spawn in an extra box (Jigsaw's sketch), then it's a 50/50 chance when you get to the 4th box.

    -When you get down to the last 2 boxes, take away the aura of the boxes. If Jigsaw's Sketch is in play, then the aura gets disabled after the 3rd box is searched.
  • YukariTheAlpacaYukariTheAlpaca Member Posts: 121

    I think Pig is in a good spot and needs a nerf tbh.

  • SleightHeartedSleightHearted Member Posts: 1

    I really love playing The Pig, and I agree that she is in a pretty good spot. She certainly is not top tier, and most people agree that she could use a little bit of love. With her stealth lowering her move speed so significantly, prowling the map in stealth mode before you find a survivor is a sure fire way to give up multiple generators. So until she slaps an RBT on someone, she is effectively a killer with nothing but a niche stealth ability. She definitely does not need a nerf, but I also don't think she needs a major buff or anything either.

    If I had my way, I would make two changes:

    1)Kill survivors that try to use the hatch with an RBT on.
    I don't see why this isn't already a thing. Hatch campers are enough of a problem in this game as it is, the fact that they can get away with it while being trapped is just insulting. It wouldn't be OP, in fact most people would probably consider it a fix rather than a buff.

    1.5) I would also really like to see the timer start when the hatch opens, but I could see why they might not want to do that.

    2)Make Rule Set No. 2 part of her base kit.
    This would certainly be a buff, but a very small one. This would do two things: It would make the immediate search for a jigsaw box much more inconvenient. That being the case, I would be fine if the jigsaw boxes were made to be a little more visible. Maybe give them a red glowing light or something. The second thing it would do would be encourage survivors to not bother with searching for a box until the trap had been triggered. The survivor has always had the choice between progressing through gens and removing the RBT immediately. This change would simply make it a much less obvious decision, which I think very much fits the Saw theme.

    In the end, The Pig is really fun to play and in a pretty okay spot right now. While I understand that, as a dev, this might make one want to avoid making any changes, I really would like to advocate for these minor tweaks. (1) is something that should have always been a thing and is only relevant in a few cases, and (2) is a pretty simple way to make Amanda's RBTs much less of a minor inconvenience and much more of a stressful obstacle to overcome, albeit an easy one.

    Sorry for the wall of text. I love Amanda and I feel very strongly about these changes.

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,462
    First jigsaw box should never give the key, that's the only buff she needs
  • DreadnightDreadnight Member Posts: 47

    My suggestion for the pig is:

    • First jigsaw box should never give the key.
    • The timer of the traps should be activated immediately, and his timer up to 2:30 min (currently 2 min).
    • When a generator is repaired, the time of the active traps is reduced by 30 seconds.

    This should punish the gen rush.

  • Maximus7Maximus7 Member Posts: 443
    Good God, this is an old thread. My view on Pig is higher now than before, but her traps being so RNG dependent is really damning to her ability as a killer. I now find her mid tier but no higher.
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