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Anti easy cheat warnings

Hi I don't cheat but I've been getting lots of anti easy cheat errors. When I close the game (after playing) it will give me a notification in the corner saying anti easy cheat 0006 or something. My laptop isn't the best but it runs the game fine, I often have an issue where the game won't close and still runs after closing. In this case I force close it (and get the error).
I also get the error when the game closes smoothly.
The exact words it says are "Easy anti cheat: game security violation detected #00000006"
I don't want to get banned for doing nothing wrong (although it doesn't appear to have done anything to me yet) I get this error a lot.
Thanks for any help :)


  • BlondeMegPlsBlondeMegPls Member Posts: 65

    Also I might add it doesn't always give the error, only sometimes- but it's a good proportion

  • BlondeMegPlsBlondeMegPls Member Posts: 65

    Also can anyone tell me if this is something I should be worried about (it might ban me?) or if it's just a general error for the weird way it closes?

  • SuggestiveSuggestive Mod, Customer Support Posts: 37

    I don't believe this will result in a ban, unless you have something on your system that you shouldn't be having!

    Quick question - do you have any sort of RGB lighting in your hardware? Fancy LED lights on your fans or anything like that?

  • BlondeMegPlsBlondeMegPls Member Posts: 65

    No there's nothing like that, the keyboard technically has under key lights but they've not worked for years. Thanks for the response! <3

  • sausage11sausage11 Member Posts: 13
    I get the same warnings after closing the game. 
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