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Initilazation error

what is with this bullshit, I can’t sign in yet I see everybody else playing , I’ve restarted it and the xbox


  • blasters27blasters27 Member Posts: 6

    I have been dealing with the same issue for over a week now. Game has been updated twice in that time and I still cannot get into the game.

  • SuggestiveSuggestive Mod, Customer Support Posts: 37

    Please have a quick look at your NAT type and ensure it is set to "open".
    Additionally, can you tell us if you're a part of the XBOX Insider program? (if yes - try opting out and see if that allows you in).

    If not, and your NAT type is indeed set to open, can you create a ticket over on ? We're trying to gather some data on this at the moment.

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