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SoloQ gang, how are your escape rates since the patch?

AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,227

Just because I've seen a lot of varying opinions. You don't have to know the exact numbers ofc.

Remember, just in terms of solo

SoloQ gang, how are your escape rates since the patch? 68 votes

I escape slightly less
WalterBlackF60_31Aztreonam78MrPenguinAneurysmsearodentPaintedDeathMarc_go_soloDsnoozGuiltiiSimfelizBiscuitsJaviiMiirvzrvzrvzKotelettphantomTeslaboi 16 votes
I escape much less
Seiko300ImmersedNurseMiriamGSalineroRastaboozebm33adirgeforthedeadEsterhausecburton311SlowLorisNathan13GreatFatBearSPADESinstAurellekizuatispliffysandswalkerAUJacobiusWickRedvVicRatlhead 21 votes
I don't escape at all anymore
darkcloudlinkVenusaEvilSerjei_MrsCruz_ipaiN1337The_ValacjaymiechanbrewingteaTaxman232 9 votes
No real difference
GibberishMat_SellaP3ToxicLaurieChordycepsHPhoenixParallaxPet_The_LizardsaeonskulElcopolloFobboHerachi_SakuraViktor1853Eve13Alex_GloamBothSidesEnjoyerINoLuvValaryynSlanPhinick 20 votes
I escape more
Wampirita 1 vote
Other (explain)
Ripley 1 vote


  • RipleyRipley Member Posts: 727
    Other (explain)

    I haven't played any matches yet as survivor.

  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 1,387
    No real difference

    Pre-patch: Mostly deaths with occasional escapes

    Post-patch: Much of the same lol

  • P3ToxicLaurieP3ToxicLaurie Member Posts: 141
    edited July 29
    No real difference

    I have definitely been getting tunneled and camped more. I dont really care though. If thats how they want to play, they can play like that. I usually just take it as- I looped them for so long that they are so pissed that they are okay with throwing the entire game to make sure I dont escape, and like half the time I still end up getting out, so thats why I think theres not much of a difference because it was also a common occurrence for me to get tunneled/facecamped before the update, its just a little easier for killers to do it now. Ngl, I feel special when a spirit is just standing there spam hitting me on hook bc I KNOW I got to her lmao.

  • BiscuitsBiscuits Member Posts: 786
    I escape slightly less

    My escapes are entirely dependent on whether or not the killer has figured out the meta perks. If they are running similar perks to last patches meta we have a chance, if they have the new meta perks it is hard to win. Don't ask me what they are, I don't want to lose more than I already do.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,227
    I escape slightly less

    I'm always happy to get a kebabing for running them well. Their beatings honour me

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,273
    I escape much less

    only 2 gens have been getting done on average.

  • rvzrvzrvzrvzrvzrvz Member Posts: 528
    I escape slightly less

    It depends matchmaking is weird, yesterday 7-8 sweaty blight/nurse games in a row not exagerrating, today I escaped all games without breaking a sweat

    also I reached iri 1 fast without playing much killer but I'm stuck in gold for survivor, even wins I don't rank up, anyone has trouble for piping ?

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 732
    No real difference

    For the most part if I die - I die because my teammates couldn't care less about me being hooked.

    Even if killer is nowhere near and they were never hooked themselves. And they know that.

    Random teammates did not become any more selfless or bright with the update, unfortunately.

  • JaviiMiiJaviiMii Member Posts: 283
    I escape slightly less

    it went from ~40% to just below 30%

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,719
    edited July 30
    I escape slightly less

    I escape a little bit less often, but that was the point of the patch. It's more so my teammates just got a little worse rather than myself. Before they would have DH DS to bail them out so I guess they're going down more/quicker. I never ran those perks so I'm used to it already.

    I don't count games where someone DCs, since I know that's a big thing right now just thought I'd fyi.

    I'm sure things will stabilize once people adapt.

  • Alex_Alex_ Member Posts: 69
    No real difference

    I do not see any difference. Pre-Patch i died most of my matches, because I'm a recue person. I always run FTP and Saboteur, and since the patch WGLF, so I usually die to safe someone else from dying. This hasn't changed at all. But I think, even if I played a bit safer, pre- and post-patch, my escape rate would not have changed bc of the patch

  • SlanSlan Member Posts: 191
    No real difference

    I have always relied on stealth rather than having long chases. My strategy has not been affected by the patch at all.

  • VicRatlheadVicRatlhead Member Posts: 48
    I escape much less

    Face camping isn't the gamble it used to be. Once you realized someone is getting face camped you used to be able to switch gears to gen rushing and at least get a couple out. Now even if all three remaining survivors do that the camper has time to find another survivor before you can escape. And it's pretty rare in solo for someone to realize gen rushing is better than the suicide mission of going for an unhook while the killer is standing 2m away.

    Maybe the increased gen times should've come with increased hook times.

  • SPADESinstSPADESinst Member Posts: 75
    I escape much less

    I haven't been playing dbd for a few months. Maybe I'm just rusty, but I also have to get used to the new survivor meta (and maybe just stop using second chance perk completely, I feel like its more fun that way). I am the type of survivor to always be in a chase when I can though. Always try to go for 1-2 minute chases if I can

  • OrangeBearOrangeBear Member Posts: 451
    I escape much less

    I think last patch i escaped like 35% of the time, although i often didn't try very hard at all.

    This patch my escape rate is probably less than 10% and i am trying my absolute best and have been looking to find my best build. Killers i am getting matched against aren't getting any easier. It's just so dang hard right now. But i am still having fun, not gonna be able to get iridescent 1 though this season unfortunately.

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 518
    I don't escape at all anymore

    Problem with polls here is that you can't change your option later. I escaped few times, but it was because

    a) low mmr killer

    b) super SWAT force team that carry me to the exit (and they probably ended in low MMR like everyone else)

    So now my option is "Less than before"

  • F60_31F60_31 Member Posts: 111
    I escape slightly less

    Kindred basekit for solo without the killer aura, simple as that.

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