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Keep getting disconnected from host and getting penalty

cl0udcl0ud Member Posts: 7

I keep getting disconnected from host it says and keep on getting more and more penalties. For like 2 weeks it started disconecting me like 1 or 2 times a day and that was oke cuz i could just wait and play again but it keeps getting more constant and giving me longer penalties. It went from a 5 min penalty to a day and now its 48 hours.


  • kukampodsuknekukampodsukne Member Posts: 7

    Another post about this issue but they still ignore everyone. Same here, now I received a 6 hour penalty. Yo devs, do not forget to add 20 more skins today instead of fixing issues! :)

  • cl0udcl0ud Member Posts: 7

    True but we may only hope that they will fix it or else im gonna get a 1 month ban in some time XD.

  • JeanneNoirJeanneNoir Member Posts: 1

    guys a suggestion when checking if yer still getting dced is to play on tutorial i do that time to time and yah stll disconnecting but hey atleast it wont increase my penalty lmao

  • Dbdnoob124Dbdnoob124 Member Posts: 22

    Alot of posted about this been happening. I even factory reset my Nintendo switch and still getting dced. Been since ringu update. They told me they're working on but they didn't give me a exact time. All we can do is wait.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member Posts: 10,623

    Looks like you're on PC. Have you done any of the general network stuff we'd typically recommend? Like router reboot, DNS flush, different DNS server, etc?

    (I have to check this first, yes, I know it's annoying)

  • cl0udcl0ud Member Posts: 7

    I have not done any of those things yet i think but i just find it wierd that it has not happend for all the time i play and now it out of nowhere happens.

  • cl0udcl0ud Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for the help btw 😁

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member Posts: 10,623

    I would try it anyway. Especially the router and PC reboot. Sometimes modems just need to be turned off for 15-30 mins to clear out cache and cool down and then it's all good.

    And sometimes there's a legit problem with the servers that I don't get told about. ;)

  • cl0udcl0ud Member Posts: 7

    Happend again Got another 1 day ban did pretty much everything you sayd i could do but it happend again.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member Posts: 10,623

    If you haven't tried the DNS flush, I would suggest that.


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