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Lucky break encourages inefficient healing

The fact that lucky break is dependent on time spent healing other survivors and not health states healed of other survivors encourages you to heal inefficiently with the perk to spend more time in the healing animation, using healing speed perks and med kits will give you less lucky break value which helps you but not your team. I would prefer if lucky break was based on percentage of a health state healed on other survivors.


  • ReshyReshy Member Posts: 389

    Should just make it that successfully healing a health state recovers it completely if it's not already.

  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 113

    I thought this the other day. I was running my silly lucky break build, and I got to a corner and started healing myself. I was on death hook, and a Meg came up to heal me. I could have continued healing myself with my medkit, but she started bagging relentlessly, so I let her heal me. The whole time I was sitting there watching Lucky break tick down, then run out. I healed her, but because of my build I healed her so quickly that I didn't even have enough lucky break time to heal myself again in a future chase.

    Or when you need to be healed, because it's the smartest play, but you're out of medkit, and a teammate is healing you through sloppy without a medkit. Bye Bye Lucky Break.

    At the very least, could we have the "loss" of Lucky break pause while being healed or healing others? This would stop a lot of frustration between teammates and not prioritizing healing the best target.

    However, I agree with your suggestion of percentage based healing. I only run Lucky Break in my "heal in your face" build, which usually means I have fast healing speed perks, and it's pretty annoying to be penalized, because I heal my teammates quickly.

    Perhaps 20% rewarded for 50% of a heal, so a full heal would reward 40% of the perk? - Heck, I'd take 25% if they fixed the meter ticking down while in healing animation.

  • ProfSinfulProfSinful Member Posts: 266

    bruh new lucky break is so easy to refill if the killer has sloppy. I've had games where I run it with my gf and the killer has sloppy so I tell her I'm gonna refill my perk, 99 her heal, stop healing her so that hemorrhage resets the heal progress and start all over again to effortlessly refill my perk. I would much rather the perk reward healing progress instead of time spent healing, and it could look something like this.

    -For each health state equivalent that you heal another survivor, lucky break is recharged by 16 seconds.

    This would do 2 things.

    1. It would allow you to use perks that increase healing speed without being punished by lucky break for not spending 60 seconds healing another player.
    2. It wouldn't work efficiently with a perk like For the People (usually). You obviously would still get 16 seconds worth of lucky break after using FtP on a teammate. However, since you are immediately broken by the perk you would essentially lose healing action's value on lucky break immediately which in some cases wouldn't be quite ideal (while in others it opens up room for opportunities for survivors to make fun plays with FtP + LB)
  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 940
    edited July 31

    I realized this the other day when I was running For The People. I was looking at what other perks could possibly make my games less miserable, lingered over Lucky Break- oh. Well look at that. FTP would be a full heal to a team mate but does shite for LB.

    Another perk Devs totally thought through.

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