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Its such a huge grind now

Since all my progress was on the playstation, I moved over to xbox series x, I have a bunch of killers at level 0 of course. I recently prestiged pyramid head and spirit. I have to say, it feels like such an enormous grind just to get these characters to level 50. Especially when you're earning around 40-50k blood points per match. Is anyone else feeling this new system seems much worse than it previously was?


  • Maxx_CalinMaxx_Calin Member Posts: 86

    Literally it's a huge grind for survivors since they got rid of the bloodpoint bonus for doing the tasks for David King's WGLF perk. When u actually had the bonus, even if u lost the match. U could still walk away with 25 to 30k in bloodpoints as long as u got 2 or 3 unhooks or protection hits.

    Now as Survivor, u are lucky if u leave a match with more than 10 to 15k so the grind to level 50 to prestige is 2 to 3 times longer. They need to give the bloodpoint bonus back for WGLF so the grind reduction is actually there for survivors. Currently it isn't at all.

  • the_honey_badgerthe_honey_badger Member Posts: 66

    I usually have some spare sacrificial cake offering, thats the only reason I get so much lol

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,188

    Now imagine if you want some expensive good addons / items on a single character...

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,456
    edited July 31

    As I've said before, if this newest patch was meant to reduce the grind, then there's literally no reason good enough to take away the blood point bonuses from BBQ/WGLF. And since they deactivated the incentives, it gives me little reason to play matches given just how little blood points there are.

  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 963
    edited July 31

    I feel exactly the same way. Matches take long than they used to due to longer gen times and greater prevalence of gen slowdown perks, and now no more BP bonuses from BBQ and WGLF. I just get sad and demotivated when I see the pitiful BP total at the end of my match that will buy me a few useless items and addons in the bloodweb.

    If the devs really are listening to player feedback like they claim they are, I hope they’ll consider bringing these BP bonuses back.

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  • PaintedDeathPaintedDeath Member Posts: 435

    Grind is fine. Just play the character you want to play and put your points into them. Everything will eventually unlock.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,868

    Kinda missing the point that the grind got worse in an update purportedly meant to reduce it. "Eventually" can be a very long time. I finally unlocked my last missing character at 3k hours. Technically, yes, everything will eventually unlock, but will it unlock in a timeframe your average player is willing to sink in, or will they give up due to lack of progress?

    There's also an issue with addon/item sustainability - say you want to bring a medkit every game, or a certain set of addons. With how little bloodpoints each match is giving, you're getting less than you're spending, and will eventually run out. Previously... at least with killer, you were able to constantly refund yellow/green addons.

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 289

    I just bought 4 killers to try and get their perks for my main (since soloq is garbage right now) and it is taking forever under the new system to get the perks unlocked without bonuses. I feel bad for any new player that wants to get any perk on survivor or killer to use. The grind is insane now and saying to "just play the character you want" doesn't get the character I want the perks they need to enjoy playing. Under the old system all I had to do is get one to lvl 40 and then I could spend points on my main and get items for them. Now I'm wasting all my bp on killers I will probably never play with.

  • PaintedDeathPaintedDeath Member Posts: 435

    Well you don't need to P3 them to get your perks. Just do the first prestige and play the character you want. I've prestige numerous characters since the patch and have had no problems.

  • PaintedDeathPaintedDeath Member Posts: 435

    You should not expect to be able to bring a medkit with the add-ons you want every game. What is with this mentality that you should be getting everything you want, at all times?

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,868

    Because I could, and now I can't? Is it a surprise that people get upset when something they had is removed?

  • PaintedDeathPaintedDeath Member Posts: 435

    Should have enjoyed it while it lasted.

  • NegiNegi Member Posts: 354

    They picked a hell of a time to killswitch incentives. I know it wasn't working properly but they should have left it on until they had a fix. It's their mistake after all, why punish us?

  • RinsDoormatRinsDoormat Member Posts: 113

    Double BP basekit

    Double BP basekit

    Double BP basekit

    Make it happen

  • MrJack20252MrJack20252 Member Posts: 342

    today i lost 1.600.000 bps to get jonah's teachables, i play only 2 survivors, before the update i could've got teachables + tier 3 perks on both the characters i play, now with the same price (maybe a bit more) i have T1 on both the characters. the grind is a lot worse for people that don't play every character and at this point i don't want to grind teachables anymore. it is exhausting. and don't get me started on how awful is grinding purple items and red addons jesus christ i will never use a insta medkit or a purple toolbox again.

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