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Most boring killer to play as or against?



  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,970
    Legion for both. 

    Mend/heal, mend/heal, mend/heal..........ZzzzzzzzzzzZ
  • ThatOneHuntressThatOneHuntress Member Posts: 3

    I would most definitely say that the most boring player to play against would have to be Wraith. Almost every time I play against one they wander around in cloak like an absolute moron.

    On the other hand, I would say that the most boring killer to play as would be the Clown. It can be mildly satisfying to slow and stab survivors, but over time it just gets boring after a while.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    I'd say either Freddy or Legion, they are both pretty annoying

  • DCh4rlieDCh4rlie Member Posts: 62
    edited February 2019
    Freddy. Not that he was strong in any way but the simple fact that stealthing is nearly useless makes him a very boring killer. 
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