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BHVR needs to give up the game.

ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,100

This isn't something I say lightly, but I think it's time for BHVR to pass DbD onto a different team.

I've stuck with BHVR for 6+ years now, through some of the game's WORST times, and always retained faith that they knew what was best for the game. But after the most recent update, and the August Developer Update, I think it's pretty clear they have absolutely no idea what direction to take DbD in.

I'm SO tired of changes for the sake of changes. Ever since the unnecessary Hillbilly oveheat rework, there's been a pattern of BHVR trying to fix what isn't broken and it's so exhausting.

Like we didn't need an entire change to prestige that makes the grind worse. All we needed was to delete perk tiers.

We didn't need a nerf to Self-Care, it already takes AGES.

DS didn't need a nerf.

Nurse didn't need the buffs the rest of the killers got.

Freddy didn't need the absolute massacre he got to his power.

etc etc.

And now MoM is being absolutely obliterated too??

Like WHY are we nerfing an ALREADY terrible perk. The Calm Spirit nerf was BAD enough but this is something else tbh.

Solo survivor is in the worst spot it's ever been and killer queue times are through the ROOF and there's no sign of any positive changes to address these in the near future.

BHVR needs to either drastically reassess what they're doing with the game or just give it up entirely atp 🤷



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