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Lethal Pursuer is a bit over-tuned, no?



  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,174

    All good, definitely still doesn't make it overtuned though, just gives more utility

  • vanhoyavanhoya Member Posts: 50
    edited August 2

    You people don't read patch notes. If you don't like aura reading as a survivor put on the new, considerably buffed Distortion.

    With Distortion, even if a killer runs lethal pursuer, bbq, floods of rage, and im all ears, they will rarely see your aura-as long as they have a decent sized terror radius. Tokens build up quickly if you are sneaky.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251

    No <3

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    It's not overturned, no

  • MavericksMavericks Member Posts: 84

    Survivors are ready to cry for any perk. This is an absolutely normal perk. Or do you want us to bring 4 slow perks to a match?

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 7,257


  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,989

    Probably not. Not that it's uncounterable (e.g.: count an extra few seconds before leaving a locker if you suspect BBQ, which is still pretty common), but there are add-ons and other perks that it boosts which are less easy to know.

  • EmilyAuroraEmilyAurora Member Posts: 119

    Killers should have perks like lethal that make the game start quicker. It's difficult to find survivors sometimes especially for new players, and gens really fly at the start of the game.

    I'm a survivor main and it's fine to me, but if you don't like it distortion is there to use. I've been running it and it's been a life saver, even if you spawn with another survivor they won't be looking for two people in the same area.

    As for mid game, lockers, shadow step, distortion. You could also run object of obsession so you see them every time they see you as well, good info for you.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,376

    It can be insane on nurse if all survivors spawn together. Had nurse downing no mither kate in 5s in the game and using startruck I was so close that she managed to hit me as well and I was surpriced how fast she got first down. Then she downed my other two teammates after hooking kate.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,376

    Anyone who thinks nurse is fine has lost their touch to what survivor really is. Blight is pretty fine but needs that exposed add on removed I played yesterday agains't one and we did fine got 4 gens tried to finish last but couldn't because he tunneled one out before and then hard camped the next one on hook with the add on and 2 gens was close to that hook. Well we traded multiple times but didn't help he knew how to abuse the add on.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251
  • kizuatikizuati Member Posts: 1,179
    edited August 2

    Except he doesn't. He literally said he was wrong lmao.

    Also is Dowsey now the singular most knowledgeable killer player out there? Anyone else - Otzdarva, Scott,anyone,would tell you that she's not A tier by any stretch of the imagination

  • kizuatikizuati Member Posts: 1,179

    wait right @GoodBoyKaru ######### happened I didn't even notice that was you

  • kizuatikizuati Member Posts: 1,179

    sadako is clearly better because you can instantly Mori a survivor if they turn off the brains and don't think while playing the videogame

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 993

    Just because there are perks weaker than this one, that doesn't mean this perk didnt need a buff. Its definitely not overtuned either. It went from a perk that can only be useful once to a perk that can be useful more than once IF you bring specific perks or add-ons to go with it.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

    Nah it's not, it went from 4 stars to 5 stars but it's not overturned as you still have to build around it a bit. The real problems are with Nurse as it's one of many perks she abuses better than anyone else but atp I'm convinced Nurse defenders have BHVR's family in a basement some where to insure Nurse never gets nerfed.

  • GrimoireWeissGrimoireWeiss Member Posts: 1,278

    Because Sadako sucks and should have her TP available from the start lol

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251

    Yeah. Its amazing with multiple aura perks but at that point you are bringing nothing else and if you get a big map, you just gotta accept that you'll lose. Its for sure incredible if you have some good aura reading add-ons to go with it as well though.

    And not that bad with even a single aura reading perk

  • CookieBawsCookieBaws Member Posts: 367
    edited August 2

    It's should not work on itself for sure.

    If you run Distortion, you will lose 2 tokens, because it lasts 11 seconds.

    They need to bump Distortion to 15 seconds and i don't have any problems.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,376

    And then explain what we could done and he abused the add on so hard that if we tried to bodyblock for the tunneled one he got instanly healthy survivor down and just continued tunnel. He got some hooks before that but started to hard tunnel our team weakest survivor. He would lost that game without that add on he got 6 instadowns throught game with it. The end situation there was nothing we could do as he camped the closely gens and the hook at same time.

  • XernotonXernoton Member Posts: 188
    edited August 2

    I'd argue the devs might have buffed this perk just so killers would use it more often and stop complaining about spawns or hard early games, thus it's actually a healthy perk for the game. On most killers Lethal Pursuer is ok but not all that great. On Nurse and Blight however I agree. It is very oppressive and a bit overtuned. That has more to do with the killers than the actual perk though.

  • SekiSekiSekiSeki Member Posts: 513

    I love the perk, I use it on almost every killer. I can say it is a little overtuned when you pair it with add ons, but with perks it's not. Maybe they can make an edit to the addon duration increase but I'd rather play against lethal than another slowdown.

  • Marik1987Marik1987 Member Posts: 781

    Lethal makes sense together with BBQ or on Cenobite to locate your box easier.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251

    You are at 3v1, dude is camping 1 guy and protecting 2 gens. What do you do?

    You do the last remaining gen, 99 the gate and maybe attempt a save.

    If he tries to defend the last gen he is clearly not able to camp. And if you tell me you guys 3 gened yourselves so hard dude was able to face camp and at the same time defend 3 gens, you wholly deserved to lose there.

    Also please tell me which add on turns blight into this uncounterable abuse machine ...

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 602

    Um. Considering the other, better perks those two killers could be using, I would be happy if they're choosing to use LP.

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