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My pc restarts when i launch the game sometimes ingame after 20-30 min

First of all i did sent a ticket to support and they didnt answer me for like 20 days so i felt this forum is my last hope for this game.First i'll write down my pc specs and things that i already do to fix this issue.

Motherboard:Msi H170 Gaming m3
Gpu:Msi Gtx 970
Cpu:Intel i5 6600
Psu:650w corsair

So the problem is when i try to launch the game from steam or desktop it doesnt matter, after cinematic my pc completely restarts itself.And sometimes i dont know why i can play game for like 20-30 mins and this problem happens randomly ingame.Its not something like bluescreen or some kind of error thingy.Its basically system restart

So things that i try to fix this issue were first of all i did most of the things at Technical guides section, at first i had the game at HDD and i reinstall the game at my SSD,i did reinstall steam,i reinstalled all my gpu drivers, i removed all the windows update and downloaded them again.

Those were the things i done to fix this problem.I really really want to play this game even if i kinda new to it.The thing is i roughly have 60 hours in this game since i bought it at the end of 2018 i think and i didnt have this problem at my first 30hours.This problem started after something which i dont know why.Yesterday i did furmark stress test for like 1 hours
and checked my temperatures and they were all fine my gpu roughly see 65C at %100 usage

And the last thing i want to add is this problem only happens at DBD, i did play Resident Evil 2 at high quality ( dont know saying this makes any sense) while i had msi afterburner on and my temperatures were decently fine and this problem didnt happen ever.

As i said,this is my last hope for this game.Waiting for your further comments cheers..



  • justiflyZjustiflyZ Member Posts: 4

    Also i forgot to say my os is Windows 10 64bit Enterprise

  • justiflyZjustiflyZ Member Posts: 4

    And i forgot log also.. Here it is

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 3,712

    When the PC crashed, what were the temps at that point - CPU &GPU? And what was the GPU usage at the time?
    Do you have any crash reports/error codes? If not, I'd suggest downloading Who Crashed, this will log errors and show exactly what part of the system crashed (not just the game logs).

    What settings are you running the game on - try to start/play the game with everything on the lowest settings - does the problem still occur? You might need to lower them with GeForce Experience, if it's crashing before you can get into the settings (also, with GeForce Experience, it often overrides any game settings you have so make sure that everything is set to low in this as well).

    Make sure you have overlays switched off (not Steam) but Discord overlays etc, that's crashing for quite a few people.

    Try starting your PC with the bare minimum that it needs to run, so no extra programs, run the game now (again with all settings on low) does it still crash?

    Finally, what is your support ticket number?

  • justiflyZjustiflyZ Member Posts: 4

    Thank you for quick reply,when my pc restarts itself my Gpu temps were around 50ish and cpu 45-50ish im not totally sure about numbers but they were both fine.I did manage to put all of my settings to low when i get in game.My gpu usage is around %60-70 and temps are fine as i said.Im playing at 1080 FHD. And yes i did switched off all my overlays steam discord origin etc. And the last thing i did close all the programs on my pc and tried to launch the game from steam and my pc instantly crashed again.

    y ticket Id #274594

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 3,712

    OK I will check with support and see what is happening.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 3,712

    I've spoken with support and they are going to look into this further with you.

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