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Question for both roles about your experience with the most recent patch

RandDBDRandDBD Member Posts: 93

Since 6.1 released, the game changed a lot. I play both roles, before the patch I was playing 9/10 games as killer. After the patch I switched to mostly survivor as the amount of DCs I've been getting is just too high.

Just a quick question for you:

* As a killer, how many DCs have you gotten? And if you got one, would you consider you were playing too sweaty? (tunneling and or camping at 5 gens, for example)

* As a survivor, how many times have you DC'd or seen someone DC and do you consider the killer played too sweaty?

As both roles, I've gotten a lot of DCs. I even got a DC as soon as a survivor heard my terror radius, I was playing Legion. And while playing survivor, a lot of people would just disconnect as soon as they go down.

P.S. No, it wasn't Thana Legion, it was a build around Lethal Pursuer that only uses overcharge for slowdown.


  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    I've gotten an increase in DC, both as Killer and Survivor, and it's usually because they're mad something didn't go their way

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,469

    Survivor feels the same as before. Miserable when matched with bad solo's, good when having good solo's or swf.

    Playing against Nurse is miserable, but it always was so hopefully she'll get her nerf/rework/deletion soon.

    Regarding Killer, feels much better to play. Gens can still go to fast sometimes but it isn't as bad. Dead Hard was the main reason Killer was so miserable, but that problem got solved.

  • BeatricksBeatricks Member Posts: 236
    edited August 2

    I have 1.9k hours in the game, I play(ed) 60% surv and 40% killer. EU server.

    As a survivor, I don't see a big increase in DCs, it's almost the same level as it usually is. There are a few more people giving up on hooks though, but I don't see the epidemic a lot of people on the forum seem to (as opposed to the tunneling fever that I personally can attest too as well, almost every game has it).

    As killer, I have seen no change. However, I go out of my way not to tunnel/camp and I don't play Nurse/Blight/Spirit, so my experience may not be universal.

  • BiscuitsBiscuits Member Posts: 786

    DCs were pretty bad for a day or two after the patch. They have leveled out quite a bit, there's the possibility I have gotten out of the MMR where people DC. Caused a couple of killers to DC 3-4 since patch. Probably about 10-15 DCs from the survivor side since patch.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,073
    • I never intentionally DC personally.
    • I think I saw some extra disconnects in the first couple of days after the patch but since then it got back to normal and I haven’t seen very many. (I don’t know if I’ve even had any at all the last four or five days.)
    • When I have seen DCs it’s almost always after a down or two happen. It’s sore losing in those cases, plain and simple. I don’t even bother face camping or whatever, some people just can’t handle thinking they won’t win the match.
  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

    As killer I don't get a ton of D/C's maybe 1 every 9-10 games but I also don't play any of the killers people really hate so that probably has something to do with it (mostly Dredge and Nemesis).

    As survivor had a lot of d/c's at the start of the patch but that's dropped off significantly. I surprisingly see a lot of killers d/c after the patch and not really sure why.

  • PikachaouuuPikachaouuu Member Posts: 87

    Since the patch i've played a few killer games (about 30) and yesteday y played like 7 survivor games for the archives, maybe my experience may not be the best since i only have almost 300 hrs

    As killer i have seen few dcs, like 2 but the survivors dc at the start. I usually play blight and run pure aura/chase perks, despite that most of the matches are either 3/4k at 4 gens because survivors killed themselfs on hook or stop trying or 1 to 2k barely at end game collapse with some games finish with 0k or 3ks at 2 to 1 gens. I've played other killers and usually run only 1 gen regress perk and usally end in a 3k or 0k.

    Survivor experience is fresh so i can recall my experience in detail.

    1st game: huntress on grim pantry

    Huntress camped basement at 4 gens with 2 people hooked, one killed himself on hook and the other died because i couldnt save him. We died at 1 gen remeaning.

    2nd game: slinger at thompson house

    Diednfirst because i suck at survivor but manage to make enough time for the rest to finish the last game. Slinger facecamped one survivor at endgame but they team managed to escape.

    3rd game: nurse on campbell

    Nurse tunneled a steve at 5 gens, then juggle us out, only one teammate managed to escape on the hatch.

    4th game: blight on midwich.

    Blight managed to do 3 hooks and devour triggered, so we stop everything at 4 gens to cleanse it. I sacrificed myself to tank for the other 2 survivors with 0 hooks at 2 gens but leave because i was doing archives so no idea what happened later.

    5th game: legion on ormond

    The legion was running thana/plaything pentimento and ruin and the red addon that broke survivors after the deepwound. We died at 3 gens but the team stop trying there.

    6th game: twins (yeah, twins) on mcmillan tower (the big one).

    One survivor dc at the start of the game, the other 2 kill themselves on hook and the twins had mercy and gave me hatch.

    7th game: nemi on rotten fields

    A survivor suicide on hook at 4 gens when i was going to save him but nemi found me. Another died cause 3rd hook and the last one kill hinself on hook (no idea if it was for angry or to give me hatch) but it spawned on nemi so i had a close escape by the door.

    So yeah, i have seen the standard of the experience on this patch, survivors dont trying, thana legion, dcs, camping, tunneling and even one of the 2 twins players that exist.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 1,099

    I never DC. Since the patch, I've witnessed 3 dcs which were all due to being tunneled off-hook.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,060

    For context, I normally play a pretty even 50/50 split between survivor and killer. I play mainly in some form of a SWF (a lot as a 2-person group), but I have played a lot of solo survivor since the patch. My actual results, on both ends, haven't dramatically changed all that much from prior to the patch, and I play a LOT (25+ hours a week).

    Specifically, as far as DC's go, there definitely has been a sharp increase in the number I see, from either perspective. I do NOT tunnel or camp, unless it's specfically called for by the situation (camping a hook with the gates open to try and force a mistake in EGC, for example), and I NEVER do either of those at anything resembling the early game (5 gens, or anything close to it). Despite my playing "fair" (which is a subjective term), I've seen far more rage-quits by people who go down first or early on, particularly if it's almost immediately in a chase, I've seen far more of people killing themselves on hook while I'm in chase across the map with someone else, and I've seen a marked increase in rage-quits in death hook (even when I'm not running perks that rely on me hooking someone). And I'm not playing Nurses or Blights (I'm on console, and I'm still learning them), but mid-tier killers like Pig or Demo, more often than not.

    As survivor, I'm not hitting the DC button, no matter what the killer does against me. It's just a game, and I'd rather move on to the next match and get my BP rather than rage-quit, even if the killer has done something that hasn't made the match the most "fun" (i.e. hard-camping or tunneling). Playing solo or as part of something less than a 4-person SWF, I have seen an increase in DC's by those random teammates. Sometimes, it's a direct result of their being tunneled off of hook, but a lot of times I have no information as to why, and there have definitely been times when it's clearly not been a case of that happening. In some of those cases, even with the DC, I/we have been able to escape, or we've had games we lost that we likely would have won if the rage-quitter had stuck around to occupy the killer's time for longer than they did.

    Just my own experiences -- others may vary.

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