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I think Dead Man's Switch was nerfed a lot of its time.

ElSegadorElSegador Member Posts: 21
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Hello good afternoon to everyone. 

The point I have with the new Dead Man Switch changes is this, in the end the perk was a perk that although it is not weak, it is not strong, nor broken either, I see it as a balanced perk, since it fulfills its function, but right now, I see it as a perk that is very nerfed individually, I know that it is combined with Flagellant Hook: Pain Resonance, but even so with this change, the perk is very weak, the perk helped to have a more lasting chase with him Survivor, without modifying the engine, and even with the changes made to Whipping Hook: Pain Resonance, this combo is not strong at all, as it still has the Counter that Survivors drop the engine for 2 seconds when hanging on someone, and Interrupter will not be activated, the perk of the Flagellant Hook, although it does reverse the motor, it does not give any sound information about which motor it is, or anything, in the end I see the change more detrimental to the perk of Man Switch individual death, and with s changes, it does not seem to me that it comes out favored.

I don't know if you agree with me, but in my opinion I would revert these last 2 changes made to Dead Man's Switch, and Whipping Hook: Pain Resonance, or at the very least, drop the Dead Man's Switch perk in 40 seconds, and keep the combo is a combo that has a simple counter, which is not the strongest of all, and in the end it is individually nerfing Switch, the perk by itself, most of the time it does not buy those 45 seconds that it says, since it is it hangs, until the engine is reached as Killer that you want to block, it takes around 15 or 20 seconds, which leaves us with a block time of 30 seconds nothing else in the perk, now with these changes, without taking Flagellant, or carrying it, but doing it Counter of dropping the motor 2 seconds, it would take you to reach a medium distance motor about 15 seconds, which leaves this perk with only 15 seconds of block, very little time to be effective.

Overall, it's a third less time in the perk, a very big nerf. I want to know what you think and if you would return Dead Man's Switch, and Flagellant Hook: Resonance of Pain, to their state before this patch, would they leave a cooldown of 40 seconds, or would they leave it as is. Thank you very much for reading me.

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  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129
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    30 seconds is good, and a deserved nerf. I would of been ok with 35 seconds, but 30 is ok. It makes the perk good and fair on the killers who can use it. 45 seconds was far too long.

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,106

    Having DMS on 30 seconds actually gives you some window to apply pop on the affected gens. That wasn't possible before, since both had a timer of 45 and trigger at the same time. So you could say this nerf added synergy with pop as compensation.

  • ElSegadorElSegador Member Posts: 21

    If you see the explanation well, you see that the time that the Dead Man's Switch buys is never 45 seconds, 45 seconds is what the perk blocks if they release a motor, when it hangs, since it is hung the counter starts, no since the survivor releases the engine, if it is not taken with Flagellant Hook: Pain Resonance, the Survivor will not release the engine by themselves, and as a murderer it would take, as I said, around 15-20 seconds, to reach the engine that you want to affect, which with the 45 Switch, would end up being nothing more than 30-25 seconds of block time, not 45 as we would be thinking, with this nerf it goes from 45 to 30, do the calculation of the time of 15-20 seconds, to get to the generator, it leaves an estimated time of 15-10 seconds, an extremely poor time for the perk. And if it is used with the Flagellant Hook, as I said, an easy counter, be attentive, and release the motor for 2 seconds.

  • ElSegadorElSegador Member Posts: 21

    In that it may be, but Pop is hardly used anymore, it is a perk that right now has many better options, such as the Whipping Hook itself, a Pop from a distance, better, and with even a higher percentage in most cases, Pop yes which was meta and it was good to use, but after the changes, it's not as compensatory as might be expected.

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,106

    Not saying that the new synergy totally compensates for the loss of the 15 seconds. Just that it's an alternative to consider now.

    And I really don't understand why pop is so rarely used now, esp when other gen kick perks are used as well. When the gens are nearly finished, the time when you need it most, pop is as powerful as is was before. It's only in the situation were you don't really need it, that it's significantly les powerful than before.

  • ElSegadorElSegador Member Posts: 21

    Sure, but the thing about Pop is this, before it was 25% of the total generator, now it's 20% of the current generator, let's say it has 50% of the progress, when you hit the generator, you're lowering it by 10% of their total, these numbers, or very similar ones, make them Jolt 8%, very little difference, the Whipping Hook, Eruption, these perks now do the job that Pop did, and although they have a condition, many times it is not necessary to have to do it, and postpone a chase that is given to you with a Survivor, and in the case of the Resonance Hook, the motor would have to exceed 75% to get to lower than 15% of the motor, which is very tight.

    Pop is not used, because the advantages now of kicking gene, are more priority to regression, and in case of Eruption, it is a time buyer like DMS, or a better Pop, which works in several generators, and only for throwing , Pop is once per hang, and it takes a while to be done, many cons it has.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129

    The killers where it takes 15-20 seconds to get to the gen. Are not the killers you should be using DMS on anyways. It's just a wasted slot at that point. DMS is still every bit as good on killers that can use it properly, and more fair.

  • ElSegadorElSegador Member Posts: 21

    Assassins who can use DMS, and use it best, are the strongest assassins in the tier, those assassins are actually good with or without DMS, the perk has to work well with most, not few or the most meta, that other killers take less time to apply it, and they get much more probecho as the perk says? it can be, but it has to be viable with the majority (viable is not a meta, nor is it strong) for that there is Brine, or Overload, which are the current meta perks.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129

    Not really true. My build for months, and even now. Has been DMS, dead lock, PR. On most of my killers. Not just the stronger ones. It was too oppressive. To the point I would wait 10 seconds to even pick up to reactivate DMS..Just to block the gen immediately again. 30 seconds is plenty to do what you need to do. I promise.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,331

    The nerf is fine, it was absolutely busted on artist.

  • DsnoozDsnooz Member Posts: 198

    Deadlock is only 30 seconds, Dead Man's Switch could be 30 seconds and would still be strong.

  • ElSegadorElSegador Member Posts: 21

    If the chase with each Killer lasted 30 seconds, from when you hang the Survivor, until you hang another, the game would be balanced for a long time on the Killer side, and we both know that this is not the case, currently the strongest side, to Despite Killer's buffs, he's still a Survivor, perhaps for a slight difference, but there is a difference, even before the revision, he didn't even give you time, now he does, but if the chases lasted as you say, he wouldn't be Nurse, Blight and Spirit in the highest tier, everyone would be in the highest tier. The ability buys you time, without returning the motor, what I am saying is to take out the combo with Swipe Hook, and return to 45 seconds, which is 45 seconds from when you hang up, not from when you drop the motor, with a super easy counter , release the motor for 2 seconds, that you just have to be attentive and do it, the perk does not return the motor, as soon as the time ends and if someone lasts more than 30 seconds in the chase, which is normal, a chase does not last less than 30 seconds, not even remotely, and for them to release the engine many times you have to go and hit the Survivors, always rushing to Genrush the engine in the face of the Killer, I think the perk was not unbalanced, it may be a little stronger with the Artist's Whipping Hook, but it has a very simple counter, that only requires a little attention, and that novice Survivors don't know how to counter, or don't drop the generator to repair in a very crazy way.

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