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Devs please stop overreacting all the time!

kaskaderkaskader Member Posts: 265

This update can be quote in a single comment:

Devs: "We don't do kneejerk reactions"




This patch:


  • foxsansboxfoxsansbox Member Posts: 1,919

    The one that makes the extreme background noises that literally makes the game unplayable?

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,673

    Yes, that crap.I didn't plan to do the next ones because of that.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,868

    Yeah, that. Very glad they listened to feedback, because it sounded like we were going to get more of them and they were going to become even worse.

  • foxsansboxfoxsansbox Member Posts: 1,919
    edited August 2

    I've never lost my cool on this game like when I did that archive. Nurse, Lery's. Couldn't find anyone, couldn't hear anyone, even their screams were drowned out by the background mumbling 3X louder than whispers.

    I was hyperventilating after that game because I felt like I had just been ear-raped.


    I would have lost. My. #########.

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    Translation : They'll have to give us our bully squad capabilities back if they want stable Survivor player base.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,673

    My first try was with Huntress, if you can imagine. I've tried it for a minute then went to rant on the forum while the survivors were finishing the match.

    My second try was on Doctor (misery loves company, and it was close enough). I played with a very strong motivation never doing that again and the survivors didn't enjoyed one second of it. Once the 6 hooks were obtained, I waited for the match to end.

    So much fun. /s

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    Really? Cause I'm Gold 1 as solo Survivor and working up to Irri. My matches are : PIP 2/5 matches, Black pip 2/5, and de-pip 1/5. Seems fine to me, the only ones I really de-pip are Survivors who rage quit. Stacked slowdowns don't bother me. Coordinated bullying was always on the cards, didn't have to be 4 man SWF's. Give each solo Survivor enough power, they don't need communication to bully.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 2,543

    Its why nobody ever believes them when they talk about caring about accessibility. They design things purposely to be as inaccessible as possible and then the users have to be the one to tell them how badly they got it wrong.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,271

    6.1.2 is ridiculous lol

    I won't say the changes by itself are fundamentally bad, I just can't believe how they managed to do it strangely.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,882

    How could they not understand the orange glyph being a very bad idea? Are there no second opinions at BHVR? Yeah everyone wants to play with impaired vision right, sounds fun.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,144

    What the hell are you talking about? Please tell me you are kidding.

    This is about making the survivor role more fun for more people again. Not about letting bully squads have their full bully potential again, which is just ridiculous. It's completely delusional to think that's why so many people are fed up with survivors, and that's why killer queue times are so high. Because all the bully squads aren't playing anymore. Hello? Do you purposefully just ignore all the valid complaints about too much slowdown as well as camping and tunneling?

    You shouldn't need gens to take pretty much 130 seconds in order to win, and that is without camping and tunneling. Even worse with those strategies. Needing such slowdown indicates that you probably aren't that good in the game. If you are getting bullied too otfen, then matchmaking is just screwing you over, putting you against people that are better than you at the game.

    If you want to see good queues for killers again, camping, tunneling, and at the very least Pentimento and Eruption will need to be nerfed. Maybe Gift of Pain as well, but the latter only a little bit. Like 12% or 14% instead of 16%. And there needs to be a cap for how much action speed debuff and buff effects can stack.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 2,543
    edited August 2

    I'm convinced there are plenty of people at BHVR that have these concerns (and likely even suffer from the same issues as many of the players) but that they don't get a final say in these types of decisions. It feels like most of the people on the ground in general probably don't get a say.

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    The only "Valid Complaints" Survivors have right now is about all the Survivors who are rage quitting and suiciding on hook. Everything else is just whining they can't bully like the used to. I play solo Survivor 90% of the time, and I've pulled off insane plays that would make SWF groups blush. I've faced "Forever Plague and Legion". The only times those went bad is when others quit, at the very least all 5 gens got done. Usually at least 2 escape. I've never used the old meta and currently use Flash Bang, Lightweight, We'll Make It, and Iron Will. I'm Gold 1 Survivor and on my way to Irri Survivor.

    Camping and tunneling is nothing more than Survivors complaining about "MAH 1v1"!!! This is a 1v4, not a 1v1 FOUR TIMES OVER. It's not like the other Survivors magically stop repairing gens while the killer is chasing someone. If someone gets screwed, then that sucks for them. Deal with it. Waste as much time as you can, and take solace in the fact you lasted enough to get 2-3 gens done for them. Survivors are already fighting back pretty easy with stacking in Leader and Prove Thyself. Not tot mention they could bring tool boxes for even faster Gens.

    This match lasted a total of 4:30 seconds. So you can guess what'll happen when Survivors get even more buffs. Not to mention if the developers nerf slow downs even more. This only had ONE Prove Thyself too. They wouldn't even need the BNP and tool boxes if they had more. Survivors have a PLETHORA if ways to fight back against slowdown perks on Killer. That they don't use them is their problem, not the Killers. It's also not on the developers to coddle them either.

    So yes, this is about Survivors wanting to bully. They don't want to bring speed up perks like We'll Make It to speed up heals. They don't want to bring Prove Thyself and Leader. They want to stack in Endurance and 2nd chance perks. They are equivalent of slow down perks for Survivor, by extending chases. Bonus that they can shove it in the Killers face that they can't be taken down and hooked quickly. It's about being defiant, and "bullying the power role."

    I'm sick and tried of Survivors using the "That's not fun" doing the gens and getting out. It's SURVIVOR, not "HERO" where you get to fight back. If Survivors can't figure out to fight back slow down with speed up perks, (and items too), then that's ON THEM.

    Survivors can still EASILY break the Killers "Slow Down" meta with Speed Up perks and items. They just don't WANT TO. They WANT to bully killers. Many WANT to be toxic while bullying killers with 2nd chance perk stacking. Stop coddling Survivors because they decided to shoot themselves in the foot.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,144

    No it isn't, it just isn't. Honestly I don't even know what you are getting out of deluding yourself with this crap. Does it makes the killer queue times more sufferable for you?

    BHVR will need to buff survivors against camping and tunneling. These strategies are way too effective for how unfun they are to go against, and how little skill they take. I do not know any other online vs game that has such cheap and skillless strategies be so effective.

    Your post is honestly just insane. I can not believe you are serious lmao. This is almost hilarious.

    You probably, unironically blame survivor players for your long queue times. Wanting them to queue up so you can have your fun, not caring whether survivors have fun or not. Which is ironic, since that's exactly what people like you would argue against when it comes to tunneling, that killers aren't there to entertain survivors.

    And no, having to use gen speed perks to somehow have a chance to get gens finished is not good balance. Survivors shouldn't be dependent on certain perks. Not to mention that leaves less room for anti-tunneling and anti-camping perks, which survivors also get told to just run.

    Maybe you are enjoying those killer queue times? But if not, to balance them out again, survivors will need buffs. And I am sure queue times will get even worse with the new chapter releasing, if nothing is done in that chapter update. Even if you do enjoy these queue times, many don't. And BHVR ignoring all the problems this game has currently is not a good idea on their part.

    I also love how you bring up the endurance stacking, which was addressed when the patch went live. Luckily, but people were also complaining about slowdown perks stacking too much, and nothing got done about that. If survivors are using endurance perks, it's to help them against tunneling. Which they absolutely need, because the 5 second endurance and haste effect are not effective. Very few also use it to bodyblock, but in that case, you can just go for them again, if they force a bodyblock. Not to mention you should be discouraged to stay at hooked survivors anyways. Bodyblocking is also nothing toxic, I really hope you know that.

    You thinking the majority of survivor players are just bully squads is one of the most delusional things I have ever read on these forums. And luckily, the devs don't think that as well. Who knows how long it will take, and whether they will make good changes, but I am positive at some point they will give survivors some help as well. Now that killers got a bunch of baseline buffs, survivors need some compensation, especially in form of nerfing camping and tunneling. People like you not approving of this won't matter in that case, especially someone who actually believes most survivor players just want to be able to bully the killer.

    You are probably just not as good as you think you are.

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    Why do I even bother... The insane ones are the ones who want to play a 1v1 in a 4v1 game. Nope, it's not unironically, it's the truth. Survivors are bitching and moaning cause they can't 1v1 the killer for 4-5 gens. They think if they go down, the Killer should go down with them. They want to be the hero.

    Oh sure, Survivors shouldn't be dependent on Speed Up Perks. Though Killers should TOTALLY be dependent on them. Play Killer, but don't bring any Gen Defense perks. Though even if you do, they are so worthless it doesn't matter. If the Survivors bring Speed Up perks (and items), well... LOL git rekt.

    This is just another stock case of Survivor Main who thinks it's perfectly alright for the Killer to be at the mercy of Survivors playing horrible, or not bringing certain perks and items. If they do, Oh well, take the loss. Say thank you sir, may I have another.

    Yeah, i'll gladly wait 5 minutes for a balanced match instead of waiting 1 minute. I'm already tired after the last 5 years of waiting 1 minute, to get a 5 minute Gen Rush game. Where One Survivor can 1v1 me because he had DH, DS, BT, Prove Thyself / We'll Make It / Leader. Where they ALL had that loadout. Anyone can be the "runner" while everyone who's not currently being chased, Rushes Gens with Speed Up perks. Top it off if they decide to bring Tool Boxes.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,115

    They are moving at a snail-pace at addressing the horrific mid-chapter patch.

    Thanatophobia is really a drop in a bucket. Killers that injure all 4 survivors will still be unable to do anything.

    And survivors were nerfed again with MoM being nerfed again.

  • PizzamanPizzaman Member Posts: 473

    4:30 and the survivors gained 33k, 29k, 26k and 24k?

    How is that even possible?

  • Pucci21Pucci21 Member Posts: 19

    It's funny because they didn't adress none of that in this patch and if they did they did it wrong. Thanatophobia is still strong on Legion and Plague but now ######### on everyone else, MoM got cucked, PR + MS wasn't even that big of an issue but sure bring back PR + DMS. And camping and tunneling is still strong, just carry OtR and DS before they kill them as well.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,107

    Wait did you just say Killers would be unable to do anything....Sluzzy are you feeling ok thats not your normal response.

    And tbh....MoM was Meme at best but had uses...but the change is puzzling like the kneejerking giving to Thanta.....only one Kill would be able to get any benefit from the change and that's Mommy Vommy

  • PizzamanPizzaman Member Posts: 473

    Screwing with you for how long? I honestly need to know how they did that. I want to gain blood points that fast too. That seems almost impossible. After 4:30 I would probably leave with 10k + escape points. Also, they must have been on gens at least with 2 people to get coop repair bonuses, which means less chase interaction. WEIRD

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    Chasing 1-2 people (the ones with the highest score). They got some very lucky window vault tiles. Then it's a simple matter of 99% the gates, and then, running around safe pallets. Go down at a pallet, I have to chase them off before pick up to hook. Revolving door of hit, heal, hit, heal. They just swap out who's getting smacked. Meanwhile downed guy recovers, then gets up. All the while they are getting Boldness points being in my TR.

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,095

    Forum members complaining day-in, day-out that BHVR does not care and never hears to player feedback.

    BHVR actually responding to such a feedback in a timely fashion for once -> "Devs are doing kneejerk reactions"

    ~ DBD Forums in a nutshel

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