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Are you excited for upcoming RE chapter?

Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,187

Title + will you instabuy or wait a bit, buy only specific character or just no for any reasons?



  • LegacySmikeyLegacySmikey Applicant, Member Posts: 239

    I'll insta buy purely because I always do really. No particular interest in the killer & probably wont even play him this side of xmas. I do play killer I just get so sick of seeing the new killer game after game I play as someone else to give other survivors & myself a break!

  • NorhcNorhc Member Posts: 497

    Will instabuy Wesker, for sure. Not sure if I'll buy the survs though.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,194

    I'm actually excited when I hear what his power might be. He sounds super fun to play. I'm not sure if I'll buy the chapter or use the cells I have yet.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 3,220

    The sheer meme potential of the power has me excited, yes. I hope it's not super gimped. Also hope it functions well enough on controller.

  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 2,277

    I would buy it instantly becuz its RE and Im somehow completionist

  • Marik1987Marik1987 Member Posts: 770

    Ada will become my new main-survivor. God damn, she looks good.

    Wesker looked like Nemesis, but his ability with throwing survivor and dashing for grabbing them (so maybe a 1-Dash-Blight with less power in the attack?) seems pretty fun.

    I will get this DLC for sure.

  • CameragoshaCameragosha Member Posts: 630

    Wesker look weak in trailer. He look like a B tier.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,733

    I will probably instabuy it.

    Wesker is just awesome

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251

    Nop, they gave Wesker the ''gradual infection'' and use an item to get rid of all the infection bs that Nemesis has.

    Incredibly boring design. I'm more disapointed than excited.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,547

    Yes wesker is an iconic character and is meme material

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 767

    I'm excited to see reworked RPD map mostly. I won't buy Wesker, and I'll only buy the survivors if they have perks I'm interested in. Hoping they have some decent survivor perks as they haven't in awhile imo

  • CrimsonMothKingCrimsonMothKing Member Posts: 196

    I will buy the new chapter. I am just disappointed we again don't get a Resident Evil character who does mutate properly.

  • HarlockTaliesinHarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 204

    Nah. I love RE, but the trailer was just too disappointing. Killer seems like a modified version of Nemesis (which still has bugs that haven't been fixed). Survivors are not much more than new perk delivery skins. No info on the perks or their usefulness yet, but with the state of the perks in the game already and the devs' bizarre over/under knee-jerk changes, I don't suspect they'll be balanced.

    Based on precedent, at launch something will either go wrong, be bugged, be overpowered or useless, take weeks/months to adjust, winding up with most of it being shelved and the majority of players going back to their prior preferred characters.

    Per usual, if there's anything good in it I'll pick it up sometime down the road when there's a steep Steam sale.

    I am interested in the revamped split RPD map, though. The current one is so grating for both survivors and killers. The good part about the map is it's free for everyone!

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,251

    I dont want a power that works for like 15-20% of the match.

  • PyroDudePyroDude Member Posts: 454

    Yes, hyped and an insta buy for me.

    One reason is because Wesker's look reminds on the Dude from POSTAL.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,611

    Probably buy entire DLC but I need to see how characters look like ingame first, not just in trailer. Dont want another Claire incident

  • GuyFawxGuyFawx Member Posts: 1,943

    Id rather have mold over a 2nd infection power

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,759

    I'll probably buy the chapter on day 1 since it has Ada and Wesker. Not too sure about Rebecca since I barely know anything about her character, but she might grow on me.

    Excitement wise, I'm not that excited. I'm not expecting much from this chapter and I'm assuming that the RPD rework is going to be the "map" for this chapter, which is kind of disappointing.

  • K139K05K139K05 Member Posts: 112
    edited August 5

    While Albert Wesker seems cool as a character, his perks seem to be really niche and not very strong (unless they change them). But the survivor perks are kinda interesting, giving the chapter a potential reason to be bought.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,055

    I’ve never played Resident Evil so I’m not excited about the IP. I’ll buy Wesker though because I buy all the killers so hopefully he’ll be fun to play. 🙂

  • RoaroftimeRoaroftime Member Posts: 169

    No because everyone will be playing the new killer but yes because hopefully 50% of the nemesis players (so 90% of the killer community) will play the new killer meaning now I might actually see two killers in my games rather than just nemesis

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,975

    I am excited for the spike in players again, and Wesker sounds very interesting. No idea how I am going to level 2 survivors without BBQ though, that will be literal torture. Really happy they picked Rebecca for the OGs, most of the other survivors left a bit to be desired, honestly. I wish Over the Hill Valentine was her Resident Evil 1 version, or at least an option to buy it. They could rob me if they wanted, but instead they decided to butcher Claire? Sus.

  • versacefengversacefeng Member Posts: 489

    Might get the chapter for Ada and Rebecca. Wesker seems like another anti-loop killer but can move fast, not interested in that.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,894

    Rebecca is adorable and Wesker is badass so yes I am excited

  • Kill_Yr_Idol83Kill_Yr_Idol83 Member Posts: 194

    Yes. Will buy entire DLC. What RE fan wouldn't want the opportunity to play Wesker?! Also Ada and Rebecca ❤

  • DredgeyEdgeyDredgeyEdgey Member Posts: 483

    No... yea please let the ptb out now I just wanna see him in play

  • DredgeyEdgeyDredgeyEdgey Member Posts: 483

    Nothing wrong it will provide hindered effect and others if not removed

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