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Anyone else think that slowdown is creating a viscious cycle?



  • Luckyz17Luckyz17 Member Posts: 25

    And all I saw pre-patch was Nurses calling, B&C, Thanatophobia and NOED. So?

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 504

    Im a killer main and this is entirely accurate. I only ever played one gen perk. Since the patch, I feel forced to do 2 gen perks now due to how many survivors are atacking gen speeds. It sucks because both sides feel compelled to bring uninteresting and not fun perks to the table. I wish regression was Baseline across the board and no way to regress or repair more. That would leave 4 perk slots for more fun combos.

    I'd just have gens automatically slowly regress. No kicks needed. However, there's no way to make that regression faster, and there's no way to repair faster except for toolboxes and doubling up on gens. This would leave more perk options for both sides and make gen balance far easier to manage.

  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 2,277
  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,194

    I'm starting to feel this way as a killer. At first I was bringing 2 slowdowns max and games were fine I won some I lost some but I had good games either way. Now I've seen even more prove thyself and maxed toolboxes to the point where my 2 slowdowns aren't enough and I'm starting to feel like I need more.

  • PizzamanPizzaman Member Posts: 473
    edited August 4

    The devs have published statistics about the most used Perks on both sides, Prove Thyself was not part of said statistics (neither among the Top 5, nor Top 12).

    Using things to decrease gens times is now more beneficial than ever, since the window of opportunity for a killer to interrupt a gen (higher gen duration, potentially shorter chases) has been spread wider, compared to pre-patch. You don't need a hive mind to understand that. The same way you don't need a hive mind to understand that stacking slowdown perks is now more beneficial than pre-patch.

    And even though there's no hive mind, killers keep stacking them slowdowns. Strange eh?

  • JakeCannonJakeCannon Member Posts: 395

    Unfortunately I saw this coming soon as they added the 10 seconds to gens. I knew the change in that plus DS change etc that gen rushing would be the new norm even more than before . Idk how they didn't think it would become even more sweaty and less fun for non sweaty killers/solos .

  • WewantjasonWewantjason Member Posts: 129
    edited August 4

    Agreed. And to the survivors saying they just adapted that’s fair. Now the literally only way for killers to win at higher or even mid upper mmr is to tunnel someone out. Zero options now but to force people off gen with the altruism.

    in taking a break. My 90% win streak is turning jnti zero now. Like op said even if I spawn beside a survivor it doesn’t matter run and throw pallets and gens pop period, had one pop at 37 seconds yesterday.

    game is absolutely now fun in either side right now

    i I tried really hard to defend this update because 1) I wanted a new meta and 2) dredge is my favorite video character in like a decade

    but both sides suck I play now that the dust has settled

    killers cannot afford a SINGLE second wasted or they lose so tunnel time

    survivors cannot afford a SINGLE second off gens, so gen rush build time

    I wish we could reverse this patch and the mmr changes from kk this agi

    what blows my mind is the player base is dwindling. You can see it on the steam charts. No discussion about it though, just a than erasure entirely and a MoM nerf no one not even killers asked for

  • Killing_TimeKilling_Time Member Posts: 641
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