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Flashbang & Blast Mine % numbers

Cold_WoodsCold_Woods Member Posts: 14
edited August 3 in Feedback and Suggestions

After this recent patch, generators now take 90 seconds to complete instead of 80 seconds. Flashbang & Blast Mine use percent, that number before and after hasn't changed.

This means that the time to active each perk has been increased. This doesn't seem right nor fair since the patch was about gen speeds, not these 2 perks.

Therefore I think that these perks should be given a buff and have their % reduced to be 40 seconds and ~52 seconds as it was before.

(Meanwhile we're on this topic, why not make it so it's everyone's progress and not only yours, meaning that people repairing with you makes the perk recharge faster. It's a niche perk, not many use it, so why not?)


  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 113

    I agree with all of this. I gave feedback before this patch came out that it needed to be adjusted. The requirement should be reduced in general, but also, please...stop screwing me over because someone hops on a gen with prove thyself when I'm at like 80%, and I don't get the rest of my flash bang.

    Right now it takes 50% - 40 seconds would be nice, and not force me to miss a skill check to get 2 flash bangs off one gen, because no matter how hard I've tried, it's almost impossible to stop perfectly and get both on the same gen.

    Please just make it so 40 seconds of repair = a flash bang, so it's less frustrating to use, and the increased gen time is a buff in the end, not a punishment for flash bang.

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