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Killers blocking windows > a survivor standing at the window first

MTHMTH Member Posts: 2

Has this always been a thing?! Was at a window waiting to vault it but when the cloaked wraith was next to me at the window, it took away my option to vault.


  • MaxIsBasedMaxIsBased Member Posts: 52

    It's annoying but the only real way this could happen is if you were standing near a window near a wraith and he moved in front of the window or he just cut you off via mind game or something.

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,095

    For me, whenever I try that as wraith the survivors still somehow glitch through *shrug*

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    That's always been a thing, it's called bodyblocking

  • HarlockTaliesinHarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 203

    Works with anyone, killer or survivor. As mentioned above, it's body blocking. If you don't have a full-person-sized opening between you and any exit point (door, window, pallet, vault point), you're blocked.

    I've had other survivors do it to me (both accidentally and deliberately) when playing survivor.

    I've done it as a killer to keep survivors from taking an exit point or the hatch (since the hatch is so small you only need to block a small portion of it to keep someone from using it or to close it).

    It's commonly done by survivors against killers to keep an injured survivor from going down (protection hit).

    There is also a similar effect if the killer is running Bamboozle (the perk increases the speed of the killer's vault and temporarily blocks the window/vault point for survivors), or that window/vault point been jumped through too many times in a short order by a survivor and the Entity (game) temp blocks it for survivors. Both help prevent frequent/infinite looping. Bamboozle and Fire Up combined can be a nightmare for even good window loopers, particularly if the killer has Bloodlust stacks. Though usually you'd run one or the other.

  • MTHMTH Member Posts: 2

    I'm familiar with the term body blocking but as how the game processes this decision is eye opening, I would think whoever was there first would get priority but killers seem to have precedence. Even if it's just a small touch. It was the first time a wraith came all the way to the window, they would usually uncloak before reaching me. Thanks for the insight and good luck out there!😀

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