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I think role BP bonuses are one of the biggest band-aid fixes in DBD history.

BreadnBreadn Member Posts: 202

If there are way more people playing one side than the other, then it shows there is an issue with your game itself. It doesn't matter if it's "more balanced." In any game, especially a more casual game such as this, fun takes priority.

And when one role in your game is so unfun, and your game's grind is so unfun, that you need to provide bonuses, that shows a massive problem. Killer queues have been upwards of 10 minutes for most regions, and nothing is being done to address it other than this horrible band-aid.

Personally, I think it's insulting that they're dangling BP in our face for playing the role we don't enjoy. Fix the core game.



  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,116

    I know. I never used DH or DS because I didn't want to become reliant on them so the change never affected me and I was still having fun for the most part on survivor

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 448

    I play in a power role when solo, and nothing, I often get tunneled, camped, but I never got around to saying anything to the killer other than gg wps, but not something bad, especially when I win. On the contrary, I left SwF because it was too easy to play, we stupidly fix all the generators and run away, boredom, no excitement, fear of losing, I want a competitive moment, run with the killer, not toxic, namely, run and die, even if we lose ) If you only enter the game to repair the generators and you don't have time to run to the save after the hit and you run for more than 30 thanks to the deadhurd, then the killer buffs are not the problem. You need to learn all aspects of the game, look for solutions, and not change the game, because someone quickly moves away from the stun after hitting.

    BP is not the way to go, a lot of people don't play for bp, although I still prefer survivors because the rewards are off for the time being. I will play for those for whom they give more.

  • AliceNullAliceNull Member Posts: 23

    Matchmaking incentives aren't particularly unusual for games with different roles, even ones where you're on the same team as eachother. Its not really a band-aid so much as it is a quality of life feature that aims to help queue times.

    DBD has pretty much always had some form of imbalance in time to find a match depending on time of day, region, and role you were going for, so to me this is a very welcome quality of life feature. Besides, this literally doesn't prevent the devs from making any kind of balancing decisions in any way, it just gets people into matches faster.

  • steezo_desteezo_de Member Posts: 1,010

    I think this, along with the meta-shakeup, should be very telling to people on how the devs are trying to balance-- they can't, past a certain point. It doesn't help that other factors get in the way of this, including tomes, dailies, lobby dodging leading to bad matchmaking, SWF vs Solo, fun vs sweat.. It really goes on.

    That said, I don't mind the BP multiplier since I play both roles but I would have been just as fine if they put a BP bonus on the base game while introducing a casual play mode for quicker games.

  • RinsDoormatRinsDoormat Member Posts: 113

    As replacements for BBQ and WGLF, this makes them a straight downgrade for the user because they can no longer choose which side they wish to play while getting extra bloodpoints. And they ARE replacements for those two perks, though perhaps BHVR will deny this.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,303

    Considering how match people played survivors during that 100% period, it's certainly a great band aid which can dynamically fix problems.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 3,468

    You cannot fix people not wanting to play a certain role, that is why the incentives are here, to make people play certain roles more.

  • SwayerNewbSwayerNewb Member Posts: 15

    The bonus BP from matchmaking incentives is a bandaid solution for grinding BP but it's still a horrible solution. Grinding BP without BBQ/WGLF and matchmaking incentives have been terrible. I was about to quit the game because the BP grinding is not fun but BHVR decided to activate the bloodhunt. I would love to see BHVR increase the BP cap to 16k and rebalance the BP earn (such as increase BP from hooking survivors or something). Without BBQ, the killer is often camping and tunnelling because there's no reward enough so they want to finish the game faster.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,513
    edited August 5

    I've been a de facto solo survivor main since the patch came out because killer queues are too long.

    Solo is absolutely fine. I escape >50% of my games, and even ones I don't usually the exits are opened and someone escapes.

    Its not just about DH sure, but the changes overall mean that survivors have to play more cautiously, instead of rushing the killer with second chances and flashlights and teabagging their way to victory. So yeah, the 'survivors' who have given up playing survivor are absolutely having a tantrum, and frankly solo survivor is better without them. I'm sure they're all currently camping with Bubba instead.

    But that's besides the point. Even if the game was perfectly balanced, it's just a fact of the game's format that queues will be uneven. You need 4x as many survivors than killers for matchmaking to work effectively, and evenings are disproportionately SWF favoured because that's when groups are more likely to be available at the same time. Which means queue role incentives would be a benefit anyway. To get more playing killer in the evening, and fewer playing killer during the day.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,332

    I'd be interested to see where we said that. As all our official communications has had MMI standing on their own and clearly explaining why we're using them...and there's no mention of replacements for bonus perks at all.



  • rebel581rebel581 Member Posts: 259

    I mean the game has existed for 5-ish years with BT and DS as the sole counters to tunneling/camping so it seems a bit overdramatic to say matchmaking incentives are the biggest band-aid fix in DBD history.

    We also don't really know whether or not the BP incentives will work as they are meant to. If I were to guess by the first day when they were enabled but bugged, I would guess that they probably will work. It was on the day that "survivor in solo queue is terrible" yet killer queue times were 1 second and survivor queue times were 5-10 minutes because it was bugged to give matchmaking incentives to survivors. This leads me to believe the intended effect will probably work. People who have a specific preference won't switch. People who play both but have a slight preference towards one side might be enticed if the reward is high enough. People who don't care will definitely play on the role with incentives.

    We don't really know if this will improve the queue times and/or the matchmaking though because we haven't had it properly working for a day to see if things actually perform better. We only have evidence that people can be enticed into playing the "undesirable" role.

  • RinsDoormatRinsDoormat Member Posts: 113

    "We will be removing the Bloodpoint bonus. While we understand this change may seem shocking, please keep in mind that this update reduces the grind by about 75%, with matchmaking incentives providing an additional avenue for Bloodpoints"

    The change to BBQ isn't 'shocking' because the incentives provide an additional avenue for bloodpoints. I fail to see how an 'additional avenue' for something that has been removed is not in fact a replacement.

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,332

    That's not what it means I'm afraid, that's reading too much into the words that we're saying. We are clearly stating that there's other ways to earn bloodpoints, and the ways in which BP can be earnt - it's most definitely not saying that MMI are a replacement. Especially as MMI will not be available at all times, they will be there for if/when which side needs it at any specific time of day, region, MMR rating etc.

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