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What about Jolt + Merciless Storm?

BrawlerBrawler Member Posts: 329

In the latest patch, Pain Resonance changes were reverted because along with Merciless Storm it might've caused Survivors to face way more skill checks than intended if timed well. This resulted in bringing back a strong combo of Pain Res + DMS but that's not what this thread is about.

It makes me wonder, what about Jolt being paired up with Merciless Storm in order to receive the exact same effect? Jolt effect doesn't force Survivors off the generators so theoretically, Mericless Storm still might spawn an excessive amount of skill checks. There's a small chance for that (like it was in the case of Pain Resonance), but still, there is. Unless these two perks don't work together like that and I am simply unaware.

With that being said, shouldn't the devs bring consistency to these perks that they either both interrupt repair action or not, or even better - adjust Merciless Storm so that it works for a maximum of 9 seconds per generator and only once?


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