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Buying used motherboard that was banned

EvoLetimEvoLetim Member Posts: 33

Can I get banned after buying used motherboard that was previously banned in dbd?

Just want to be sure.


  • AVNRAVNR Member Posts: 6

    Pretty sure would be a yes, depending on the AI being used to read that type of thing (if they do…?)

    if they don’t, well they will now! I hope……

  • MilkymalkMilkymalk Member Posts: 211

    Wait, you can ban actual individual pieces of hardware from a game? I thought accounts are banned, not specific PCs or their components.

  • SoloQKevSoloQKev Member Posts: 144

    But why would you buy a motherboard which is banned? Also, how would you know they played DBD with it?

  • SoloQKevSoloQKev Member Posts: 144

    A little tip for people who don't want to be banned... "DON't CHEAT OR HACK"

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