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Returning survivor, what perks do I need to use and what do I need to know?

I've not played properly in a good few months, I know that there have been some pretty big changes (namely BT and DH) and I'm not sure what does what anymore.

My old set up used to be BT, DH, Kindred and a 4th perk for whatever I felt like (usually the pebble perk just because it was fun)

Is it still worth running DH or should I swap it out for Lithe

Is it still worth running BT or is it pointless now that everyone benefits from it (so I believe, I'm not too sure what the change was on BT)

I haven't heard that Kindred had any changes and I'm not overly sure if any of the other perks had any buffs (I know Iron Will got nerfed into the ground apparently)

So yeah, overall, any tips on what to swap out BT and DH for, and also what perks should I be looking out for on the killers?

P.S. I used to enjoy playing killer as well but got tired of the clicky SWAT teams, is it worth revisiting killer would I still be liable to get bullied?



  • BenOfMilamBenOfMilam Member Posts: 634

    You can actually keep BT on, it actually got buffed and it's much stronger than it used to be. The basekit diet BT is usually not enough, especially since we are in a tunneling meta.

    DH is not really that bad, but it's much harder to use now. I prefer other exhaustion perks for the consistency.

    Off the Record is great to keep yourself from getting tunneled off hook.

    Here's some strong synergies as survivor I've found:

    Circle of Healing with Botany Knowledge lets you heal yourself at full speed. Bring a perk or item that can help you quickly find totems to avoid wasting time, such as Detective's Hunch.

    For the People with We're Gonna Live Forever is fairly strong, you can instantly pick up a survivor and give them Endurance.

    Gen rush perks are very helpful since we still live in a slowdown meta for killer. Prove Thyself is the all time classic, but bringing strong toolboxes with Streetwise and Built to Last is a good choice too.

    If you like Kindred, Open-Handed is a pretty good choice. It also works with Situational Awareness, and you can run Prove as your fourth perk to rush gens with randoms.

    Killer perks to be wary of:

    Be on the lookout for the Pentimento + Plaything combo. The counterplay is to not cleanse your Plaything and risk being oblivious the whole match. Depends on if you prefer doing gens at -30% speed or sometimes getting snuck up on. Keep in mind that cleansing your totem means cleansing it again afterwards, costing you around 28 seconds of time not including running around.

    Pain Resonance + DMS. Just let go of your gen whenever the killer downs someone to avoid having your generator blocked. I've heard you can let go and avoid the scream if you let go on reaction to seeing the hook animation begin, but never tried it.

    Save the Best for Last is a monster now. Try to take protection hits if you are the obsession, just in case.

    Full aura reading builds are relatively common now with Lethal Pursuer. Try running the buffed Distortion if they give you trouble.

    P.S. Killer is much stronger now. Survivors can't bully the killer anymore (especially with Save the Best for Last), it's simply too dangerous for them. That being said, try to avoid playing weak killers unless you are running a particularly nasty build or you are very good with them.

  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 650

    I would personally recommended Any Means Necessary, Dead Hard (if you can get the timing right) or Off The Record, Botany Knowledge, Boon: Circle of Healing.

    Any Means Necessary is such a good utility perk, you can see survivors dropping pallets so you can tell if someone is in chase, plus you can reset pallets if they are left behind so you can use the later on.

    Dead Hard is pretty good, but can be tricky to use. If you dont want to deal with having to time it, Off The Record is a good alternative.

    Botany Knowledge + B: Circle of Healing is just overall a really good combo, since the healing speed without a medkit is really good but you also provide support for your team.

    If you need an exhaustion perk, Sprint Burst and Overcome got shifted into the meta.

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 735

    DH is still very valuable, it just takes practice to get used to and skill to use now. Its more situational than before but it extends a chase if you do get use out of it so its still very good, ignore anyone that claims it is dead.

    Kindred is still a very good info perk. Especially more now than ever in solo que.

    If you want a safer exhaustion, a lot of people combo Self Aware w/ Sprint Burst.

    BT is still useful however not many people run it since it is baseline now.

    If you want to try to deter a killer from tunneling, you can bring Off the Record. DS got a pretty hard nerf, in terms of stun duration and it becoming unusable at end-game gates.

  • rvzrvzrvzrvzrvzrvz Member Posts: 530

    Kindred is still good but BT / DH not really, DS is dead too you should run OTR now tunneling is strong and meta atm, you're an easy target without it

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

    Kindred is still good

    DH is actually still decent if you can learn the timing

    BT is fine I guess but mostly unnecessary as a lot of people run OTR now making it redundant.

    My personal standard build atm is CoH/Prove Thyself/Sprint Burst/Vigil

    Pretty much covers everything you want right now which is healing, faster gens, and a good exhaustion perk while speeding up your exhaustion meter including your teammates while you work on gens.

  • conqueror_worm__conqueror_worm__ Member Posts: 90

    cheers peeps

    I've just had a few games with my pal, played 4 lost 4, 3 games against Wraith, 1 against Demopup

    I went with Lithe, Kindred, COH and Diversion.

    Balance feels kind of weird because the games felt like they were taking longer than they did before the patch but also felt like they were more hopeless, like before a good killer could just kill the game within 4 minutes, now it feels like it is almost hopeless but just takes longer to die.

    That said they were enjoyable games, it just felt like they were unwinnable almost from the start.

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