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Dead by daylight chapter not working on PS 5

I recently borrowed my nephews PS five so that I could see if I really wanted one. I was not able to access my dead by daylight chapter and when I went into my games I could not see the chapter there. But when I jump on my PS4 I can play my dead by daylight chapter completely and everything seems fine but it’s no longer in my library. I was going to buy a PS five but now I don’t know if I should if I can’t play Demi Gorgon. I have tried to contact dead by daylight Devs and gotten absolutely no contact… i’ve tried restoring licenses and redoing everything and nothing works. Does anyone else have any ideas. I have also contacted PlayStation Netwerk and they said that I own that chapter and sent me proof so I don’t know what’s going on but this is weird


  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    If anyone has any help with this issue I would be eternally grateful I really want to buy a new game system but now I’m kind of iffy

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 3,097

    Are you game sharing or whatever? Do you actually own your dlc? I migrated from xbox 1 to series S with no issue

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,847
    edited August 3

    Which Chapter? Just realize is it Stranger Things Chapter? If so, how do you own it? You purchase it on PSN?

  • Dogma_lokiDogma_loki Member Posts: 59

    This might help, I had this problem a few times on my PS5 after updates. Try going into the store and re download all the DBD chapters you own. I think there's some glitch between DBD and the store in regards to what you do and don't own. Hope this helps.

  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    Thanks I’ll try this because it disappeared from my library completely

  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    The fact that the dead by daylight devs are ignoring all my emails it’s very disconcerting. I might have to post a video about this on my YouTube channel

  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    I bought the game and all the chapters through the PlayStation store and when I called them they saw plainly that I do indeed own that chapter they have no idea what the problem is

  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    No game sharing and I own every single chapter was deciding whether or not to buy a PS five but if this chapter doesn’t work and transfer to a PS five then there’s A problem. And I can’t try to re-download it from the PlayStation store because they took that chapter out of commission

  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    Yes I bought it plus skins for the characters and now I can’t find them unless I’m on a PS4 that’s mine

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,847

    I can help you but answer these questions. You own the digital or disc version of the game? And stranger things. You purchased it in the store or obtained it from the disc version of the game?

  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 2,277

    Save money and buy a good PC you will thank me later pal.

  • GrimmAswongGrimmAswong Member Posts: 12

    I bought every single chapter including Stranger Things through the PlayStation store. I contacted Playstation and they have proof that I bought that chapter. But for some reason it’s not showing up for the dead by daylight people I’m actually still arguing with them. I own skins for the characters and everything and I am able to play fine on my PS4 but if I try to buy a PS five I am screwed….. i’m gonna end up making a YouTube video on my channel about it called “Smore’s shenanigans”because the fact that I can use the characters on my PS4 and I am not game sharing at all.

    this is the craziest situation and honestly I would’ve bought a new copy of the chapter just to shut people up and not deal with this anymore but I don’t have a choice. They need to fix whatever they did because apparently according to them I don’t on the chapter but I have a receipt that says otherwise plus I am able to play all the characters like normal on my PS4 that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t know in the chapter! Any help would be great because I’m not getting anything from them they just keep insisting that I don’t own it

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