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Blaming DC'ers is stupid



  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 1,106
    edited August 7

    When I played in Swf's, I would instantly stop talking to a teammate if they ever quit mid-match and remove them as a friend.

    I mean, why were they playing in the first place?

    At least have the decency of finishing the match and then stop playing after that since you're not liking it.

    DCing or giving up ensures that every other survivor in the match has a bad time as well, nothing less, nothing more. Doesn't make sense to keep playing with people that don't understand a simple concept.

    And I'm not saying that the game didn't get easier for killer, or that is not more frustrating for survivors. I'm saying that screwing over your teammates (that are in your same boat) is not teamplay, and I wouldn't want to play with someone that pulls that move.

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 293

    Killers getting mad that survivors wont stick around to give them a 4k. Its funny really.

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 293

    Man this community is really trying to kill the game or just make it so killers are only playing against SWF. Keep telling people to not play the game and new players will stop coming because they wont feel like they even have a chance to get good at the game. Casuals will stop playing because you keep telling them they suck at the game. This game is gonna die now and its mainly because this community and game is terrible to new and casual player.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Exactly! It's the objective of the game why is it so boring! You can have an objective in a game without it being BORING!?!?!?! Like, have a task to do like you would have in Among Us?! Those tasks aren't boring! I would never hear people complaining about that.

    How the hell is it entitled to ask for a game which you PAID for to not increase its tedium!? Like jesus christ get over yourself thinking your this hot survivor

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    If people complained about generators before then why make it LONGER and even WORSE!?!?!? Like where is the logic!?!? Am I living in upside down land!?

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Oh yes they need to be filled with people like you, the master race of survivors. Puh-lease!

    If the game is having issues they need to be addressed! Not everything is an opportunity to flex

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 293

    If people are quitting its because this game is terrible for solo casual and new players. Like I said killers will be stuck with nothing but SWF here soon and then they will back to crying on the forums until the devs give in and give the killers another major buff. Why should anyone stick around in a game if they know its a loss?

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,976

    If the game is so terrible then stop playing. Like you guys spend so much time trying to justify rage quiting when you could be playing anything else.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    I'm not playing and I've requested a refund. Now I'm stuck with a game that is horrible that I've sunk lots of money into, and on top of everything else I have people with attitude telling me I'm not even allowed to complain about it. Well guess what, damn you, I'm complaining. I hate this.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 634
    edited August 7

    Some of us like the update and if you don't like it than don't play it's not complicated. Like I'm not asking anyone who doesn't like it to play but if you hate it that much please just uninstall it'll make the game better if the only people playing it are people that actually want to. And if you start up the game for the first time since the update just finish the game then uninstall if you can't wait 10 minutes to do that you're just a child.

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  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84
    edited August 7

    Edit: Retyping this because I mistook the response to be something else

    Well sure I'm not saying I like it either, I'm saying the fault lies with the update as well as the individual. As for the influx of DC'ers, that is the fault of the update.

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 293

    Ok as long as you know that this update will kill the game considering most of the games killers play are soloq casual players. Sure they can play something else. Have fun playing against nothing but SWF I suppose.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,271

    Do you and your friends also support killer DCs?

    If they don't like the map, or they don't like you're in a swf, or one of you got a flashlight/pallet save, or the first chase took too long, or their noed got destroyed?

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 293
    edited August 7

    Yea except this one is different. 12k players on steam left last month. How many do you think this month will leave? You can bet that new and casual survivor players (which make up most of the player base) will not stick around to lose to bad killers every game.

  • HannaciaHannacia Member Posts: 816

    Resident evil chapter will be coming and that gives more new and probably returning playerbase. No game stays steady all the time people come and go, people try out other games and takes breaks, return later. Its NORMAL.

    Game isnt dying just because survivors got nerfed.

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    More like you miss the days where you could win by bullying the killer in chases with the broken 2nd chance perk spam Survivor Meta. Your post in another thread "Killer sided trash game!" confirms.

  • CyberRoninXCyberRoninX Member Posts: 293

    Ok if you say so. I've been playing killer more often and queue times are getting outrageous. Keep living in denial my friend because then you are never wrong.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397

    What's the point in neverending DC justification thread? to make more people DC?

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 3,185

    Have you ever thought about the fun playing killer? Juggling attention between the status and hook states of 4 survivor, keep their 16 perks in mind on the correct character, 5 totems (boons or hexes), the progress on 7 gens and the 30-50 pallets on each map.

    Killer has and always will be more stressful than survivor. Couple that with a game where survivor that don't do any mistakes and dance in circles around you and fun is the last thing you are going to have.

    Killer finally became a little less hard and stressful and survivor in correlation became a harder and more demanding and some people just cant change the way they play after getting used to it for years.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,824

    i am not a dev, and i didnt make this change happen.

    I dont even agree with it, but its not the first time they tried to fix issues the easy, yet somewhat wrong way.

    Well, to me, solo survivor has become very unfun. why is it not allowed to share that opinion? Either that opinion is right, then something need to change, or it isnt, then people won´t listen to it anyway.

    The chance of a good game has gone way down for solo survivors, so the only impact might be that casual or new players become aware that this is not an isulated issue with them, but with the game. But if thats the state of affairs, how is communicating about it bad?

    Well, i can tell the killers that say all is well just what i used to tell survivors: If its so well and easy, just play the other side, then you have control over your dc, short to no waiting times, and can use all the usefull tipps you try to make other people play survivor with.

  • the_honey_badgerthe_honey_badger Member Posts: 76

    I'm sorry, but saying updates where hard on survivor's isn't a valid reason. That's like saying "Every killer who dc's was justified because of the amount of survivor sided patches", more often than not they played the game out. Survivor's shouldn't hurt their team by dc'ing, they should play the game out

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 455
    edited August 7

    So because they didnt accept the Update and DC because they cant Deal whit it ... ist fine they Ruin the Game for others Players in the Match ?

    This ja just a big crybaby move the Game was Survivor Sided for Years and now since the Devs Changed it a Bit Survivor are going to Ruin the Game for others Players

    Survivors are still very strong but it feels much fairer and less frustrating for Killers

    Survivors just Need to learn how whitout get carried by a busted Perk like Dead Hard

    Ppls like u and ur Friends who DC becausethey cant Deal whit the Update should be perma banned u guys ruin the Game for other players

  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 2,468

    I will tell my expierence.

    I were playing Myers, as usual addonless.

    David saw me and instantly run to me and allowed me to fully stalk him.

    Later i downed him in a pallet 2 people running from far to stun me in tier 3 they got stucked both and downed all those 2 surv.

    One survivor DC. David AFK.meg downed.

    After a while only last meg and you know what? It t bagged me in the tiny building with vault and a breakable door.

    Use lithe but didnt last that much and got down.

    The only player that was playing fine was swearing everywhere.

    So why DC? Becuz u didnt like it? As killers we dont dc if you break our totems or repair 3 fens in one chase.

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