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Blaming DC'ers is stupid



  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 3,215

    It is valid to blame people who dc. They've dc'd often way before this patch, and the reason isn't in protest, but moreover not enjoying the experience, but instead of playing on they throw a fit.

    I have way, way more respect for a newer player who at least sees it through to the end than a quitter. And those "bad" players get better becausebof it often.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 5,165
    edited August 7

    If the game is so killer sided and unfun for you as a survivor, don't play survivor.

    You don't need to load into a game, DC 2 minutes in and ruin it for 4 other people.

    Just don't queue up to begin with.

    As I've said before; DCing is the equivalent of throwing the board game across the room when you're losing and storming off in a huff. I'll never respect intentional DCs, unless it's due to a hacker holding them hostage.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,718

    funny how many say don't Q up and play if your going to DC or stop DC your bad you should uninstall,because of how many DC I see if every DCer I see quit today there be no game. lol

    and there almost is no game or you think the long killer Q time showed up out of no where?

    sucks the long q for killers make me have to play survivor more and with the BP bonus gone from my perks the game don't feel fun anymore and it mostly the grind tho solo still sucks.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,898

    I finished my Survivor rift challenges yesterday and started on the Killer challenges. All of my killer queues were nearly instant. Didn’t have to wait more than 10 seconds to find a lobby.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    So its the dev fault that someone got down first before the first gen popped by ghost face causing them to DC what other reason is there for them to DC, the only time that its ok to DC is if its a real life emergency when you hit that ready button your committing to the match and playing it not to DC for stupid reasons.

    How long did killers have it rough at times but didn't DC and played out the match as best they could like when the breakdown perk bug happened causing hooks not to come back, survivors abused it and killers stuck out the match they didn't DC but a survivor goes down first and must be a reason for them to DC.

    I was playing ghost face the other day and someone with a flashlight tried to out play me and lost and DC when i went to pick them up, even another survivor in endgame couldn't work out why they DC just because they lost the mindgame. Only 1 person to blame for a DC and that the person that did it not the devs, not the killer and not your teammates.

  • Alex_Alex_ Member Posts: 86

    No, not really. First, most survivors still enjoy the role. Second, the 'most boring part' of the game as you called it was increased by 50 seconds. Now considered that you will pretty much never will do all gens alone, means, that it's maybe 25 seconds more gen time. Now, also consider working on a gen with someone else, using a toolbox or using PT, etc. Now it's maybe 15 seconds more you will sit on a gen.

    And for the people saying survivor is unplayable... i still have a lot of fun. Killers have been buffed a little, that's not the end if the world.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,718

    lucky you

    for me I have to wait till 7:30pm to get 3 to 5 min killer Q other times it takes forever and survivors are instant.

  • Alex_Alex_ Member Posts: 86

    First things first. You said it's bad that survivor perks have been nerfed. Killer perks have been nerfed as well bro. It's not like there are no valid survivor perks anymore but killer perks are op. The strongest perk in the game right now is arguably on survivor side with Off the Record.

    And second: why is it stupid to blame DCers? Nobody blames you, if you don't have fun playing survivor right now. I can't understand you, but i won't blame you. But then don't start a game and DC. Just don't play the game, or play killer oe whatever. Because DCing ruins the game for people still having fun.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

    Oh no gen times have been increased by 10 whole seconds! The game has become completely unplayable and not fun at all :C

  • SoulKeySoulKey Member Posts: 338

    Devs should close the gap as much between SWF & SoloQ.

    Kindred as basekit would be a good start and will not affect the tryhard SWF in any way (Since they are usually coordinated and probably on voice comms).

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    You're not understanding me. Obviously it sucks when it suddenly becomes a 3 v 1, but how on earth can you blame the DC'er when so many changes have been made to the game which make it intolerable?

    You can only blame the individuals doing it so much before it clearly becomes a problem with the game itself. That's just logic

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    The attitude of you people is downright disgusting. For the fifty millionth time, I DONT CARE ABOUT PERKS. You should rely on perks to counter fundamental problems with the base game, namely, generator speed which has been extended for absolutely no good reason.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    What are you even on about? I don't care about any of that. I care that the game has been made more boring by increasing gen times. At least all of that killer stuff sounds fun. It's not staring at a progression bar for one minute and 30 seconds straight. Jesus, it's all just about winning and losing to you people. I'm talking about what makes a game fun!

    It does not make a game fun to stare at a progression bar for a minute and a half! What don't you people understand about that!? You're all just obsessed with wins and losses

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Because that person made the choice to DC if they know that there is problems with the game not making it fun to play or major bugs then they shouldn't play the game till those problems are fixed, soon as they hit the ready button they know all the problems the game might have, not being fun and maybe getting a killer they don't like and they are accepting all of that by hitting ready. If they don't like that stuff don't hit that button then DC because a killer downed you first and you wanted to cry and DC, would say the same thing if a killer DC because the first 2 gens pop to fast that its ok and its a problem with the game?

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    A killer DC'ing doesn't ruin the game. You just start a new one no problem

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    The killer ruined the game for the other 4 players by DC they all could of lost BPS and a good item because the killer DC why are you trying so hard to defend people that DC.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Again, you are not understanding me. I agree that all that stuff is bad. I just think its downright stupid to look at the increase of DC'ing that's happening and blame the people doing it rather than the game itself for having made dumb changes, like increase generator times.

    And again, it's not all about winning and losing. It's about having fun or not having fun. It is not fun to stare at a progression bar of a generator, and there was absolutely no reason to increase the amount of time you need to do it. If people aren't having fun, of course there are going to be more DC's

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    And when was the last time survivors thought about the killer and how much fun they are having each match a lot less then killers do thinking about survivors.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Obviously not as much as when a survivor DC's. And if there was a sudden influx of killers DC'ing coincidentally at the same time as a major update dropped which made the update unfair for killers, then sure I would still blame the game

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Can you honestly tell me there is a task as mundane as repairing generators that the killers do? There simply isn't. Repairing generators is hands down the most boring part of the game, whether on the killer side or the survivor side. I really beg you to answer me whether you can give me a comparison of another more tedious task

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Survivors DC just because the game got a bit harder is no excuse to DC, do you remember the breakdown bug that happened did you see killers DC like you did after the last major update, not only did survivors abuse the bug but killers kept playing even though it was a game breaking bug they didn't just DC like survivors.

    So explain that why 1 side was able to keep playing even though there was a game breaking bug but the other side DC cause the game got a bit harder.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Which still gives no reason to DC survivors know repairing gens is the main part of the game for them if they don't then this isn't the game for them and one could say playing trapper is just as bad always having to pick up traps to use them trust me that gets old very quick but they don't let him start with them all you have to travel the map to get them.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    I don't know if your directing your question at me, but I don't DC, which you would know if you read what I wrote.

    Of the people that I've asked why they DC'ed or killed themselves on hook, it was because they said the game was unfair. I agree with that. The game is now unfair.

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    It obviously is an excuse for survivors to DC, because they are doing it and saying that this is the reason they are doing it. Either you can figure out how to solve those issues or just blame the survivors. I don't see how you will fix the issues by blaming the survivors.

    I don't know anything about this breakdown bug, so can't respond

  • CarnivoroneCarnivorone Member Posts: 84

    Really? You think setting traps is comparable? No. At least those trap people. Gens do nothing.

    And yes, I would argue it obviously does give them a reason to DC. If a game has become not fun enough for survivors, there is obviously a higher risk they will DC. Either you can work to make the game more fun (again, this doesn't necesarilly mean them winning a game) or you can just blame the symptom rather than the cause of the problem

  • TsukahTsukah Member Posts: 352

    "This is an adult game" Not at all, a lot of children play this game especially on console

  • EternalSinOfCainEternalSinOfCain Member Posts: 132

    It was extending for a good reason. Gens were getting done to quickly. You're the one with a disgusting attitude, it's obvious you're complaining because you can't bully killer is chase as well anymore. Instead of doing your actual objective, you want to have your little side fun doing whatever you damn well please, and still winning.

    Your entitlement is off the charts. We get it, you're an angry bully player.

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