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any news yet on when the shrine will be back?

robinrobin Member Posts: 149

any twitter posts or stream updates on when consoles are approving the new updates? I'm anxious to use the shrine again and all the shards I've got are just eating at me.


  • jessie_12jessie_12 Member Posts: 46
    They said before they even took it down it would be back the 29th
  • NoodleNoodle Member Posts: 103

    It'll come back when consoles get the 2.0 update, however if that's not by the 29th then the shrine could be delayed even longer.

  • TheChanelOberlinTheChanelOberlin Member Posts: 80
    It says right at the top of the discussion page when it will be back?
    or are you incapable of reading?
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