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Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283
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Has there ever been a patch where something wasn't killswitched?

Seems like every patch something is getting kill switched. What's with all this?

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  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283
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    What games do you play that disable something every patch?

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  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 856

    If Smash Bros Ultimate had a killswitch for certain characters I'd be happy

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    I played LoL for years. Disabling things was very rare and often lasted less than a week. Here it can last more than a month.

    No idea about Fortnite.

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,068

    The point still stands- it happens in other games and having abusable bugs disabled is better than not having them disabled.

    I also don't think there have been that many things disabled. Hasn't it mostly been maps and/or their offerings? Obviously Nurse was disabled for a while, and Clown + CoH were disabled briefly, but outside of that I really don't think it's been that much.

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    Who is saying it isn't happening in other games? Why does that matter in this context?

    It happens every patch and it takes weeks or months to fix. That's the issue.

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,068

    Right, and I'm saying that I really don't think it does happen that often. It's mostly map offerings being killswitched as a precaution, at least as far as I've noticed. Heck, nothing's killswitched right now unless you count the matchmaking incentives, and those are a new mechanic, makes sense there'd be some bugs to iron out.

    It's just, like, normal amounts of multiplayer bugs wrt the killswitch specifically. DBD has more than its fair share of bugs in general, but most of them are pretty minor- the killswitch-worthy ones haven't really been all that extremely common.

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    Numerous addons have been killswitched like that OOO bug that would cause people to disconnect when used with other perks.

    Clown got killswitched.

    Midwich (the map not just the offering) got killswitched.

    CoH got killswitched.

    Lots of things other than map offerings get killswitched. This happens all the time.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 537

    Would you rather them not killswitch things and leave the problem alone while they try to fix it, think how many clown killers you would of seen if they didn't killswitch him and then survivors coming in here and posting its not fair and a exploit to play him, being able to killswitch a problem means players on both sides can't abuse it while they fix it and if they killswitch something each patch great it means they know its a major bug and are stopping people from abusing it.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,073

    I can't find a list of things that have been historically kill switched in the game, what are these "numerous add-ons" and "lots of things" you're talking about other than the four you mentioned?

    In fact, here's two more for the list:

    • Matchmaking incentives are actually on the official Kill Switch Master List, so they do count.
    • Haddonfield was kill switched while they were doing the rework on it.

    That's everything I can think of off-hand, what am I forgetting?

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,505

    If you DBD is anymore buggy than other live service games out there, than you really haven't been paying attention. When you have multiple people updating the same code base, bugs are bound to happen. It's simply not possible to track every change that happens before a release.

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    No. That's a stupid mischaracterization of my post. Can you repeat to me what I said the problem is? Hint, it's not killswitching.

    Dead Dawg Saloon. Totem issue.

    Yam Estate. Totem issue.

     Memorial Institute. Totem issue.

    The Game. Totem issue.

    Nurse. stun lock yourself.

    Feng Min Goddess of War outfit. Crashes.

    These are just a couple within the last few months. Keep in mind the kill switch has been out for less than a year.

  • Phantom_Phantom_ Member Posts: 425
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    It's almost as if the devs are humans.... not AI's.... so odd!

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  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    What is your point? People make mistakes sure. That's normal.

    People making mistakes consistently across every release where things that weren't even changed are now broken is not.

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    Never said it was possible. The frequency and severity of bugs is the issue.

    What is your point? What other live service games have constant issues like this one?

  • INoLuvINoLuv Member Posts: 391
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    Behavior is not incompetent at all in regards to the game itself, they do well what they want to do, it is natural that a patch would come with issues that are quickly fixed.

  • BenSanderson55BenSanderson55 Member Posts: 322

    Nurse got killswitched somewhat recently and several maps (dead dawg, haddonfield for rework, etc)

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 537

    Hint it happens every patch here is a hint for you a game like this no matter how much internal testing they do for bug etc before a patch when it drops there is bound to be some as they might have 10 people testing compared to 30k when it drops and even the ptb won't pick up every bug as people use that to test the new killer etc and miss things like where a totem might spawn, you have consoles playing it who can't test the ptb, some people try it for a day then stop.

    So my point still stands i knew a game even though there was over a 100 of us testing it for weeks and no problems when it launched no one could launch into a match, every time they add something new to the game the code will change so one thing might bug something else out in the game hence the need for a kill switch so if it makes it to like they can killswitch it and not have one side suffer for weeks.

    It has nothing to do with the devs incompetence its just how things work in games like this and even other games things will be put on hold till they can fix a problem if its game breaking enough, so if the devs want to keep people like you happy they could go to a couple patches a year or keep the amount there doing and killswitch any major bugs till fixed.

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    they only killswitch major bugs. this happens constantly.

    how do totems spawn in locations that are uninteractable? did someone at bhvr spawn into a map with every single totem location spawned and then just teleport to them with different characters and see if they work correctly? y'know, a common development methodology like a checklist?

    how did this occur on multiple maps? what is their process like?

    bugs happen. big bugs happening every. single. release. if LoL broke something to the point were the devs banned it for a few weeks or a month every single patch it wouldn't be nearly as successful.

    this isnt about minor bugs. its about the development process being so fuddled that it happens. every. single. release.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,735
  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    It's also a much bigger game with 160 champions and goes through major changes for itemizations and meta. There are numerous different modes as well.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,073

    Ah yeah I forgot about the totem issues when Boons were first released. To be fair those first four are all the same problem basically (untargetable Boon snuff spots they found after Boons went live.)

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    You also have to remember that DbD is becoming an older game, and with an older game comes code that someone else might have written 5+ years ago that wasn't optimized to actually be a longevity game. It doesn't surprise me that they have random bugs pop up in the code because of how much content they push out.

    It is funny when they release content that causes a killer to break even though they weren't touched, (awhile back I remember legion got broken from them fixing other killers), but I wouldn't give them too much grief for them having to kill switch features. They should be kept in check to make sure they don't delay fixing killswitched features, I think the nurse was kill switched for so long because they had to wait for the hotfix patch or something like that, but having them take features away for a week isn't terrible.

    I have no problems with them kill switching features every patch as long as they have quick turn arounds and are fixed with the hotfixes that usually come out after midchapter patches or chapter patches. I feel like this last patch was also an exception because of the amount of things they changed. I'm actually surprised there wasn't anything more game breaking that happened. 40+ perks is a lot of room for error.

  • Basement_Bubba420Basement_Bubba420 Member Posts: 283

    you're right about this. it wasn't created to be successful and they were taken by surprise. its why on release your bloodpoints were stored locally and you could edit the file to increase them...

    the issue isn't the fact that killswitch exists its the fact that in the year its been out its used so often. one has to wonder what is going on behind the scenes over there that simple bugs (like the totem issue which could be resolved in about 15min MAX per map) make it to release.

    also in regard to content, it really isn't much. lots of MTX for sure, and every 3-4 months its a new character or two with some perks along with some old characters/mechanics/maps breaking. doesn't make much sense to me. it took them 5 years to add colorblind mode, six years later we still dont have search functionality for perks or items. these are basic functions in most games even in 2016. its 2022 now.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    Yeah, it just seems like the team gets overwhelmed easily with work. For some of the smaller issues that are easier to check (like the bugged totem spots), it still takes awhile to test for each map and then if they find issues, takes even longer to actually find the bug and correct it.

    While most of them may seem that they should be easy fixes (and not the Midwich situation that was a disaster), it does seem like they have bugs that completely baffle them. For example, the rubberbanding issue was in the game for months and it seemed like they were trying to fix it for awhile but literally couldn't figure out what was wrong. These are the types of issues that get put on the front burner and cause everything else to back up slowly.

    I do agree that it isn't good that they have to kill switch many things each update or kill switch "new" features right after release, but it isn't too surprising given their history (RPD being disabled upon release and CoH being disabled upon release). With the little bit of coding experience I have, I've learned that it can be very tedious especially when working with a team.

    I feel like they have way more things that they're doing that they just don't tell us about. They probably are testing features that never get put into the game, which takes up time for fixing the game or adding in features that people actually want. They're very secretive about certain things, which is ashame because we just see bits and pieces, but mostly the bugs.

  • ACleverName4MeACleverName4Me Member Posts: 342

    I would have loved to see breakdown get kill switched when it was bugged.

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