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Thank you Behaviour

AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,287

Im playing dbd since 2018 and I think this year will be my favorite.

For the anniversary we got a very interesting new killer. I like playing as and against him. He looks very scary and thats what was missing in dbd sometimes. The new Artist skin follow this direction and Im happy with it.

Then patch 6.1 was released. I really like the perks changes. Seeing same perks every match is over, the game feels more healthy both sides.

Now Resident Evil chapter 2 was announced. Im a fan of RE since my childhood and Ada Wong is my favorite character. Im really excited she will became my new main.

I dont know whats coming next but I cant wait to see.

Dead by Daylight has so many licences its incredible. Im really sad about Stranger Thing lost but I hope we could get Alien someday.


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