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Some say killer sided, some say survivor sided, this means the game is balanced.

Mixed opinions is telling the devs that this game is balanced. The only way you guys will make a dent in changing this game is if you are all on board with the same thing. This game is obviously balanced because everyone is being biased to there own side and I would say there is an even amount on both sides. There's nothing much else to say.



  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,668
    edited August 8

    Its definitely skill based.

    The reality is solo queue is pretty miserable right now. But at the highest levels of play, this game heavily favors survivors without a doubt. Unless you are nurse, you probably end the game with 2-3 hooks. While at lower skill levels, this game favors killer where you are lucky if more than 1 or 2 gens get done. In the mid-range, it probably is balanced but sways heavily with RNG related to map RNG, as well as what each side decides to bring.

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 1,333

    Before the massive killer patch you only could see killers main here. Now there are more survs than killers. So the game is not balanced now

  • toxik_survivortoxik_survivor Member Posts: 1,040

    I mean that's the best a game like this is gonna get, so toe it's as balanced as it can get and people are proving it by being biased to there own side

  • tendyhandstendyhands Member Posts: 268

    If you think this game is anywhere near survivor sided right now you are just lying. You are basically saying if some killer mains say the game is survivor sided then it's balanced. Think about that logic for a second.

  • CameragoshaCameragosha Member Posts: 630
    edited August 8

    It is survivor sided , because have only blight and nurse can beat SWF.

    Blight and nurse >>>> SWF >>>> The rest of killer >>> solo q.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,231

    It doesn't mean that. Two opposing groups both claiming "the other side" is favoured and "their side" is treated unfairly doesn't mean both cancel each other out. Both sides have been saying this from the start and dbd is not a game that has been perfectly balanced for 7 years.

    Both sides can be guilty of being whiners, of wanting to have to put in less effort to win than the other side, who think that their preferred role is a Herculean effort while their opponents win by pressing a sequence of buttons like a trained monkey. Their motivations being the same doesn't mean their arguments hold equal weight. For the record I think the game is as balanced right now as I've seen it but I just dislike this argument.

  • rvzrvzrvzrvzrvzrvz Member Posts: 534

    This game will never be balanced, they should focus on fun factor not balance, make solo Q more enjoyable and nerf boring strats like facecamp, probably rework some maps too they are way too big or with BS loops, I cry when I play M1 killers on Haddonfield, badham, garden of joy ...

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,259

    Isn't this idea sorta a middle ground fallacy

  • AcelynnBenAcelynnBen Member Posts: 592

    both sides are complaining instead of just killers so i guess the game balanced

    tho tbh u do see less killer complains these days

  • Toaster427Toaster427 Member Posts: 55

    you don't see anyone complain about killer right now, and the very few that do are roasted into oblivion.

    so yea, per your logic the game is killer sided.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,082
    edited August 8

    You also have a lot of people who are biased... so what's your point?

    I would never put my faith in determining whether the game is "balanced" just because people favor one side over the other.

  • SgtMittensSgtMittens Member Posts: 249

    At this point I'm looking forward to the bots when they release in the winter. It'll be nice to play killer and survivor and just casually have fun.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,519

    100% those addons. self heal speeds can be dumb with survivor. botany + green medkit and syringe can go hard mid chase especially if u still have the speed serum addons from halloween.

  • alunsaalunsa Member Posts: 61

    Its always been a problem of skill and intention. A casual will always underperform compared to someone whose sweating their ass off. Surprised there isn't a ranked mode for this game the way people mald about it being balanced or not.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,103

    A Ranger is fine

    4 Commo + BNP, 4 Ranger + Speed / Syringe/Styptic isnt.

    Survivor 's item should come with only 1 version (Brown) and free. But addon should get hard nerfed

    So the range of using item is something between Brown med vs Brown med + Syringe. Not No item vs Range/speed/Syringe.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 537

    The game is not meant to be fully balanced its a 1v4 not a 1v1 if it was a 1v1 then it needs to be balanced fair so it comes down to skill on who wins, being a 1v4 the one needs to be just a bit stronger then the 4 but what makes the 4 stronger then the 1 is not perks or items but teamwork.

    If you take away all perks addons etc and have a match the killer needs to be slightly stronger then the survivors as it is 1 person going against 4, if those 4 can work as a team then they will become stronger then the killer but soon as teamwork fails the killer wins.

    loading into the match you never know what your going to get you could go a full healing build and get plague that's just bad luck that tipped the balance but it can work the other way and a myers can face a really good team.

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,103

    Experience + perks + map and map version* + addons + items = Random and sometimes balanced but many times slaughter for both sides.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,878

    That's a pretty entitled "knows it all" opinion.

    The thing that mostly approaches the truth is the thing @ThiccBudhha mentioned:

    At the lower end of the skill spectrum the game is, and always was, killer sided: new survivors have no idea how to evade the killer, how to hide, how to loop and get pretty much lead to the slaughter.

    At the higher skill end high skill survivors still run circles around killers and it barely feels differently from pre patch. Well, not entirely: the DH change means that you get your reward for outplaying the survivors and the abundance of Proof Thyself means that you usually find two survivors at once and get more opportunities for them to make wrong plays.

    So overall high level skill games feel much fairer even before, but you still get barely a chance vs truly organized SWFs.

    And in the middle ground its wild west and everything is possible.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,680

    balanced between swf and killer. But what about solo survivors?

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 7,308

    I don't know how you can look at the potential gen speed and the fact that 90% of the killer cast is still unviable, and say that the game isn't survivor sided. The killer buffs have been a long time coming, but ultimately unimpressive.

  • LecruidantLecruidant Member Posts: 157

    That isn't at all what that means. The statistics prior to this patch, which were 50/50 on both sides, means it WAS balanced. Besides the perks that needed nerfing on Survivor side. That is it. Period. Killers didn't need all the buffs they got across the board while at the same time nerfing everything Survivors had that would have dealt with said buffs. Let alone ACTUAL tunneling. Which was said to be addressed but in fact has been made worse.

  • TselaTsela Member Posts: 495

    well the game is balanced. meaning it has to be sort of survivor sided in a 4v1 pvp game, since we need 4 survivors in each lobby. That means that side has to be popular enough otherwise the game dies

  • Sava18Sava18 Member Posts: 282

    Most people are survivors, thats not really an argument.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,680
    edited August 10

    People having different opinions doesnt mean the truth is in the middle. It sometimes just means some people are stupid.

    (just to clarify, i dont think anyone in this discussion is stupid, i just dont agree with the reasoning that if there are two sides it has to be the middle. Thats not how it works)

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