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Best Killer to play Lethal Pursuer now?

ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 519


After the changes to Lethal Pursuer I was thinking of testing it out again for fun,

Curious what your thoughts are on WHICH Killer benefits the most from Lethal Pursuer and what is the best 4 Perk combinations that you believe go well with it?

Trying to have some fun with it but would like to be effective.

I saw someone play Huntress with Lethal Pursuer, BBQ, Darkness Revealed, Floods of Rage, + Glowing Concossion Addon-on..

That was pretty nasty, I would like to try it but it's fairly addon reliant and I don't play Huntress, does anyone have a better or stronger build to use on any Killer? Please share! Thanks!



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