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Survivors deserve a meta perk returned



  • hatchetChuggerhatchetChugger Member Posts: 211

    no clue why bhvr cant nerf the super strong perks and buff other perks in a way so there isnt a set meta and every perk can be viable

  • IkalxIkalx Member Posts: 123

    Does Self Care no longer pair with Botany Knowledge's buff, or am I missing something? I've been running both and it's been just fine. Or circle of healing, but, y'know.

    I don't know why Iron Will can't be used while exhausted. It got a sound nerf, that should be enough, surely? Especially since you'd want to use it exactly after you've been exhausted, I'd think.

    DS idk, but you could always try something in between, say 4s. I don't know why people are complaining about DH though, tbh (maybe the duration from 0.5 to 1s?). But maybe it should just be removed and people get auto assigned autodidact instead. I'm sure that would be an equivalent exchange.

  • FriendlyKillerFriendlyKiller Member Posts: 260

    I have never, once in my life, understood the mentality of a troll. "I just like to get a rise out of people", "I'm furthering discussion where it wouldn't go otherwise because PC etc etc", "You don't have a right to not be offended". Etc etc...


    All of that is really just a troll admitting they are in fact a sociopath who hates social norms because they can't fathom them, so they try to use whatever hot buttons they can to make everyone around them as misanthropic as possible. Because then they can actually feel fellowship with other human beings. Angry, hateful and confused. Because that's the normal state of human beings right?

    Or maybe not, maybe it's just you.

  • RovendRovend Member Posts: 253

    Dead hard will never come back, at least not in the way it was before 6.1.0. It just wouldnt make sense.

    Think that the devs are already extremely careful with any new survivor perk actually being good so they release exclusively weak or situational perks at best. They will not even consider bring back one the strongest perks

  • ACleverName4MeACleverName4Me Member Posts: 342


  • CarthCarth Member Posts: 880
  • HannaciaHannacia Member Posts: 743

    DH is still a good perk. I learned to use it right and its still strong and usable perk just requires little bit more knowledge to use than just pressing E and getting away with it.

    I don't really understand why people cant see why DS and off the record dont activate in end game. You know DS gave a lot of people abusable endgame escapes and they were bodyblocking and using that skill so killers had 0 chance of getting anyone at the endgame. This is the reason DS should never work at endgame ever again and same goes for Off the record. Sure give the 5 second stun back but never again the endgame abusableness.

    Survivors can still play very well and effectively if they try but a lot of you instead of even trying DC on first hit or what killer it is or you guys hide in the corners not doing anything which automatically means the game is lost to those who actually try.

  • walkerAUwalkerAU Member Posts: 5

    The point is, Killers could wait old the old dead hard too but they were under more pressure to time their attack in the fear of a survivor making it to a pallet/vault, making the perk more effective.

    The new dead hard doesn't have as much pressure, making it easier to wait out.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,115

    There is not really a reason it shouldn't come back. The new dead hard is so worthless, especially having a tiny window of 0.5 sec where latency prevents it from being used. Devs have already reverted part of the killer meta while the entire community have denounced that the patch has broken the game. Solo survivor is completely dead because killers are so OP now.

    Survivors will never have any good perks because devs are scared of killer mains. There's no other reason. Killers get a super strong meta perk in every DLC and survivors have to play a chess game to figure out how to get a perk to work.

  • FuzzycubeFuzzycube Member Posts: 94

    Bring back the DH dash but have the requirement that the survivor needs the broken status first so they can either run No Mither to get it or get it very situationally.

  • RovendRovend Member Posts: 253

    I agree, i dont think the devs realised when nerfing DH to 0.5 how latency really can screw the perk.

    I could never understand why they would bring back the PR + DMS combo back, instead of just fixing the bug with merciless storm. It's not so much of a "meta shake up" if they just revert previous killers combo. or maybe they would need to clarify it was only the survs that needed to be shaken up.

    Even if you have to play a chess game to figure out how to combo new perks into something remotely useful, there are some new perks i still have no idea how they dont realise they will be instant E-tier/F-tier on release.

    Take Jonah's Corrective action, you could fuse Corrective Action with Technician to prevent you and your teammates from failing skill checks and it would still be a horrible perk.

    Take Yoichi's Dark theory, the amount of setup and luck you need to be able to use A 2% HASTE BUFF efficiently is shocking

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,564

    Self Care - sure.

    Dead Hard - not a chance in hell.

    Yes, it never feels good to be nerfed, Sluzzy - but it was needed here. Dead Hard...it's not healthy for a single perk to dictate the meta at higher MMRs. And it's still an excellent perk.

  • joschmoblojoschmoblo Member Posts: 13

    I agree on bringing back Self Care and Decisive Strike, especially since they are reverting some of the killer perks. Behavior basically trashed those perks for no reason.

    Self Care was not a good perk to begin with at 50% so nerfing it to its death was pointless. DS was fine at 5 seconds, which was I believe the setting in the PTB .. it just needs to deactivate at the end game.

    Instead of nerfing perks because they are overused, or 'meta', (DS as an example) they need to ask the question .. why is this being overused and what can we do to resolve the dependency on a certain perk? They nerfed second chance perks like DS, because survivors used it to discourage tunneling, and now tunneling is worse than it was before.

  • CaulDrohnCaulDrohn Member Posts: 1,095

    I can chery picks underwhelming perks of recent killers as well:

    Hysteria (Nemesis), Grim Embrace (Artist), Dissolation & Septic Touch (both Dredge)

    These are also hard to activate or to get any use out of them. With Septic Touch for example, it's hard to even measure if it's doing anything.

    So it's not just a survivors thing to get bad perks. But thats totally fine, not every new perk has to be meta. Thats not even possible or diserable.

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