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Why the hate for Hook Suicide?



  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 646

    It's the first found and hook that ppl don't like more. Just played a game, it's nurse. Dwight is on a gen, nurse blinks and he just gives up and kills himself. Thing is the nurse was still in training so we got a 3 man escape.

    Another game I was found first and went down really fast cuz I made potato plays. I get hooked, one gen pops, one person slugged, legion camps til I hit second stage. This is where someone might get annoyed and give up, but I'm petty. I get saved, run across map, heal and do a gen. 3 gens left, I get found because of frenzy and decide I need to waste time cuz she has no reason to leave me. I drop every pallet, just absolutely stall until gens pop. By the time I go down all 3 gens are done and I get my team out with more points than the killer (except me obviously) but I take that W.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    I never said it bothers me but the topic was about "Why the hate for hook suicide" and you said you do it and listed some reasons why you hook suicide and yet in another post calling 80% of killers entitled which is why you play killer, i just called you out and said your a entitled survivor for killing yourself on hook for those reasons.

    That is why there is so much hate for hook suicides is because of people like you that do it for no reason and then try to justify it i.e i didn't get a killer i like, my friend got tunneled out early, someone else DC, the killer downed me first.

    As for 6.2.0 is the perk going to counter camping more or is it going to used more to stop people from killing themselves on hook and make them stay in the game, i think people are saying one person alone can make 1 stage take like 3-4 min now.

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 849

    I never said I play killer because I find other killer mains entitled... I said I play prefer to play killer cause I like the role better. It has nothing to do with anyone else other than me. I do still find 80% of killers entitled and that they don't care who has fun in there games as long as they do. I'll stand by that statement.

    I don't care if people give up in my games, it sucks for everyone involved, I'll kill the other 2 and let the last guy get hatch. Its already happened, no reason and getting annoyed with it. Its not my fault you are getting annoyed someone is doing it in your game. If your the survivor, go die on hook and get in the next game, if your the killer, kill everyone quickly... Whats the problem?

    As for the perk, not sure how it counters camping? All its doing is making it take longer, someone whos camping probably already doesn't care. Well I havent seen the perk in action? Does it stop you from making escape attempts? does it still regress to second stage if you make 3 attempts? cause if not, it really only keeps you on hook for about 100 seconds if you try to escape and go to stage 2

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,739
    • Outside of facecamping, why let the killer tunnel your friend out? It's not the killer's job to split damage evenly, it's your team's job to protect someone being focused. Bodyblock, obfuscate, interfere, save.
    • DCs - sure. DC penalties need to be amped up.
    • What is wrong with Trickster? He's a low tier killer.

    It is amusing to see you calling killers entitled, then admitting to griefing people because they play a low tier killer that you have a weird grudge against.

  • JacobiusWickJacobiusWick Member Posts: 161

    For me, it comes down to a value judgement made around the probable outcome of the match. If my teammates are doing nothing/being unproductive, and I can see the match is going to be a slog from the gate, then I'm out and on to the next one. It's just not worth it to stick around and suffer with either inexperienced or farming players who aren't in it to win. (Higher MMR does sort of help here though) The single most frustrating thing as a survivor is running the killer for what should have been half, if not more, of the match and then going down/getting on hook only to see someone going in a locker while two Megs are crouching close by, ready to race for the unhook.

    PSA--- DO GENS

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 849
    edited August 10

    So the fact you brought up the entitled comment, means you've at least attempted to read my replies. All of the answers to your questions are in my replies. Dont' worry, I'll quote them here for you to save you time, cause I am a nice guy like that.

    Outside of facecamping, why let the killer tunnel your friend out? It's not the killer's job to split damage evenly, it's your team's job to protect someone being focused. Bodyblock, obfuscate, interfere, save.

    Sorry this quote got deleted and I can't seem to edit it in so here is a screenshot.

    What is wrong with Trickster? He's a low tier killer.

    DCs - sure. DC penalties need to be amped up.

    Naw, DC punishments are fine. I'd be fine if they were gone, to be honest. I never really had an issue with DCing... Maybe I am not a unfun killer, maybe I just got lucky, who knows.

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    Hook suiciding (when it’s not for hatch/cheater) is for immature players. Don’t queue up if you can’t handle playing. Uninstall instead of ruining the game for 4 other people.

  • BenSanderson55BenSanderson55 Member Posts: 349

    Cant win with 3 people? "git gud" as they say.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,595

    eh depending on the variables it doesn't bother me

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,925

    Hate is a strong word. Hate implies an obsession. Nobody get obsessed with worms.

    That being said, if a survivor attempts to disrespect his team in my game (now only as killer, soon also as survivor) I make sure he stays for a long time. Curiously, or not, quite often his teammates ... how shall I put it ... let's just say they emphatically express their dissatisfaction.

    I shall not give details because it's not pretty.

    This may be the one match situation where survivors and killers can agree with each-other.

    I wonder why.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,925
    edited August 10

    It's kind of worse : it's screwing* your team with all the freedom to do it immediately again without any consequence.

    It's despicable.

    *) Isn't there an automatic censor tool?

  • badrepobadrepo Member Posts: 93

    There is no way to prevent someone from being tunneled. If the killer wants you gone you will die, period. The only variable is if he throws the game to do it, or not.

  • NazNaz Member Posts: 121

    When I play survivor and I see no teammates close and none are even slowly making their way to me then I will try to 4%. If I fail and no one is making their way to me then it's goodbye cruel world lol

  • NeprašheartNeprašheart Member Posts: 320

    And I do strongly believe, I do.. Or are you claiming, I don't know such a popular term after almost two thousands hours? That's really something..

    If you're not complaining about it, why're you runining the match to the other.. Three players?

    Yes, technically so, but for that to be an actual harrassment or insult, it'd have to be direct.. Otherwise, you'd be taking it personally - Which'd be the most negative way of how to take it.

    Wait, what? If you're decent at the game, then what's the problem? Decent players shall be able to evade killers for, at least, a minute of a chase with a minimal usage of pallets, unless the killer has Bamboozle, of course, or is Nurse, Huntress, and RNG doesn't favour you (in sense of a bad map or bad map's layout). Self-caring in a corner may be a valid move, dependable on the presented case scenario; Since you haven't presented any, you can't just claim that it's a bad move from that player. If you just wanna play with your friends, then get a full SWF - You do ruin the match to other players, is that really okay with you? I'm pretty sure, you wouldn't wanna be literally sabotaged by other survivors, would you?

    Yes, that's what you've stated.. That shall also mean, you're better than your average player in terms of looping, but may not be such good when it comes to the other things, but that's off.

    If your friends don't mind you giving up early, then that's OK.. And that's the reason, why I've suggested to you numerous times that you should only play in a full SWF with such a mindset; Like, sure.. Do give up whenever you wanna, but don't do that to other players whom you don't know! That's such a direspectful and selfish move... I really don't know, what else comes close to that in this game, besides slugging all four survivors for those four minutes.. But then again, you're playing alone as a killer, so there you have a valid excuse, whereas such a behavior in Solo Queue, Duo or Tripple SWF will always be seen as ruining the match for, at least, that one survivor(s) who wasn't or weren't with you in SWF in the first place.

  • OhnoesOhnoes Member Posts: 608
    edited August 10

    Because it is selfish and the majority of the time someone is doing it is a fixable situation. Typically they whine about their team and are just projecting their own shortfallings. If you're doing it just cause you went second that's childish. If gen progress was being made then that trade off may be worth it. Depending on the killer there could also be traps set up to slow getting there. So what would be a normal time to get there if it was just a m1 or ranged killer may not be enough if it happened to be a trapper/hag that set traps. Doing it over player skill is silly considering one that just lowers you further so its more likely and secondly I seriously doubt you're the perfect player either. The one time I think it is fine honestly is only when there is a hacker or someone abusing their connection to get hits easier.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,405

    And to be honest no one in their right mind would run for a rescue while injured....so I expect a self care away from the Killer....mind you it's annoying but totally expected.

    That being said there is no reason to hook suicide yourself, any amount of time on hook means more time for you team especially if the Killer is face camping....now if my team are being stupid and are all coming to rescue against a Bubba I will die on hook to save them.

  • AngryHobo2AngryHobo2 Member Posts: 99

    My question about all of this stuff is would suiciding on hook (directly after the match has started/your first down) count as something that violates the Dead by Daylight EULA?

    Under the section "Rules of Conduct" all users of the BHVR software are prohibited from a great many number of things that make sense, as well as:

    "Interfere with the ability of others to enjoy playing a BHVR Service or take actions that interfere with or materially increase the cost to provide a BHVR Service for the enjoyment of all its users."

    I find it hard to argue for the second condition, unless sacrificing yourself puts a greater strain on BHVR's queue system and servers than if you had played out a match. I have zero evidence to back up that theory though so I cannot see it as a violation.

    However, leaving the match ASAP once it has started (via sacrificing yourself or DC'ing) most definitely interferes with the ability of others to enjoy playing a BHVR service. Granted, I'm not lawyer or a BHVR staff member so if such behavior actually does breach the agreement of the EULA I don't know that.

    Personally I'd just prefer we flag all accounts that DC at the start or die within a minute and a half of the match and then give them their own little queue where they get matched with all of the quitters, but that's just me.

    What are your thoughts on this everyone?

  • NeprašheartNeprašheart Member Posts: 320

    That's a good question, we'd probably need someone from staff to answer it for us.

    Sacrificing yourself does, kinda, ruin the match to all other four players, if they're still alive, but it definitely doesn't put servers under pressure, does it? Well, maybe just a little, but it shouldn't matter.. Otherwise we'd have been told about that in advance, I guess.

    As much as I'd be up for flagging such accounts, we mustn't forget that cheaters and hackers do actually exist; As long as they're present, I'd kinda hesitate when it comes to putting such players with each other.. The consequences may be great and cause a loss of playerbase, afterall.

  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732
    edited August 10

    Those are extremely rare though. Who hook suicides if people are actually doing gens?

  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732
    edited August 10

    That's a lot of responsibility to put on casual gamers. Not everyone who plays dbd lives inside of dbd.

    Post edited by Gary_Coleman on
  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732

    Do you interview everyone after every match? You seem to know everyones intentions in dbd.

  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732

    If football players and baseball players did that then I would wstch sports. That would be hilarious!

  • TizzleTizzle Member Posts: 696

    The same could be said about camping, tunneling, whatever else anyone deems "interfering".

    Players suiciding and disconnecting have been happening for over six years now.

    Why this is such a big problem for some of you now is the better question you probably need to answer for yourself.

  • OscarnatorOscarnator Member Posts: 307

    Where are the looking gods? All I get are the immersed Claud’s

  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732

    Yes and the game says to push a specific button to try and unhook yourself. Is it survivors faults that we have a 1 in 100 chance to successfully unhook ourselves? Maybe we are counting how many times we successfully unhook ourselves out of 100 attempts. The bottom line is that nobody actually knows why anyone chooses to die trying to unhook themselves unless the person tells them why.

  • AngryHobo2AngryHobo2 Member Posts: 99

    Camping and tunneling are just annoying strategies to use while playing the game. If you DC or self-sacrifice, then you're not even playing the game anymore while also interfering with everyone else. If someone is camped in a corner, it sucks for that one person, but they can do the struggle skill checks and their team might save them. People being tunneled get to try out their skills in chase. The people that are stuck in a match ruined by someone leaving early have nothing to do other than fight an uphill battle they didn't sign up for.

  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732

    You make a very good point. We are just playing a video game. We didn't design the game or create the game or develop the game. We aren't logging in to work. We are logging in to entertain ourselves and sometimes the games mechanics put us into games with players who are too scared to do anything or too stoned/drunk to realize whats going on. Sometimes staying in those games makes one an enabler. Furthermore, lots of people play soloQ just to do their daily and rift quests and they don't have any intention of doing anything else besides their quests.

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