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Wiretap - Bugs x2 (maybe x3?)

SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 121
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Wiretap is an interesting perk, but it has a couple of bugs.

Bug #1 - Wiretap does not get the range increase with Open-Handed

Bug #2 - You can see the aura from Wiretap while in a locker, so I can assume even with other blindness effects you can see the aura from Wiretap. You shouldn't see auras at all within a locker.

Bug #3 - This may or may not be a bug. Based on the perk description Wiretap says that you must repair a generator to 30% to activate this perk. Once activated you can repair any gen for 3 seconds to apply the Wiretap.

From this description, it sounds like you only need to repair a gen for 30% then the perk is available to use on generators after repairing 3 seconds.

However, on the PTB after activating Wiretap and applying it to a generator, even once expired I was not able to apply it to another gen. I'd understand this if perhaps the killer "damaged" the trap by kicking the gen, but during my test that was not the case. Both if the trap was damaged or if it expired naturally, I was not able to work on another gen for 3 seconds to re-apply it. I had to do 30% more of a generator.

Perhaps it's only supposed to stop allowing the activation if damaged and it's not working, or maybe this is exactly how it's supposed to be, but I wanted to mention it.

Interesting perk, but doing 30% of multiple gens could add up, so I thought I'd check. It would be nice if perhaps we had to do the entirety of a gen, but then it worked after 3 seconds on any gen, or even like this if it's intended.


Bug #4 - If Wiretap is active on a gen and ANY OTHER gen is kicked, it is deactivated and must be re-earned.

Bug #5 - If Wiretap is used at the same time as Blast Mine, and Blast Mine expires, it takes the gen progress with it, and must be re-earned.

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  • SlowLorisSlowLoris Member Posts: 121

    Just wanting to make sure this issue is caught before it goes live.

    I've also read other reports that Blastmine in conjunction with this perk will delete generator progress / wiretap is destroyed no matter what generator is kicked, even if it's not the one it is active on.

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