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Spreadsheet data

RenfearRenfear Member Posts: 124

Have done 75 survivor matches since the big perk rework, here's my data:

Average number of gens done: 3.56

Matches with 5 gens done: 24\75

Average Kills:2.91

4Ks: 40\75

All survive: 6\75 Every one of these were new players with low tier perks, unfamiliar with the game.

Noed: 19\75

Killers uses

6: Legion, Nemesis

5: Spirit,

4: Huntress, Myers, Cenobite, Deathslinger, Trickster, Dredge

3: Nurse, Onryo, Wraith, Doctor, Ghostface

2: Clown, Blight, Pyramidhead, Oni, Plague, Leatherface, Demogorgon

1: Trapper, Freddy, Artist, Hillbilly, Hag,

Toxicity is high. Camping and tunneling run rampant. Very few games are fun to play.


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 21,118

    While 75 isn't enough to draw any conclusions on, it's really interesting to see your own personal experience and be able to compare it to my own. Thank you for sharing.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,524

    3 Sadako? Omg I can't find even 1.

    Also no Twins, what a suprise.

  • Nun_So_VileNun_So_Vile Member Posts: 845
    edited August 13

    No pig and no picture of spreadsheet data? I'm out. Thanks for sharing.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,715

    Just for comparison here’s a snapshot over the last two weeks on the aggregate site I follow

    Versus the snapshot from the prior two weeks before the patch

    I don’t know the exact numbers of games but it’s on the order of something like 1,000 to 2,000 I think? So it’s not anything close to the whole set of all matches obviously but still enough that the trends probably mostly follow what the overall stats are doing.

    Note that the division of kills is always a bit lopsided towards the extremes of 0 and 4 kills, probably because of how much the momentum shifts towards the killer once they eventually get their first elimination. Also since this site is voluntary players who presumably have enough interest in the game to track their stats on it their results are probably skewed toward what the above average MMR brackets see.

    In terms of “win percentage”, if you take 3-4 kills to be a win for the killer, 0-1 kills to be a loss, and 2 kills to be a draw, then almost half the games (48%) are killer wins, a bit over a third are killer losses (39%) and 12% are ties. So killers are definitely enjoying a bit of an advantage but not an insurmountable one.

    That said the site obviously doesn’t track solo versus swf results, and historically from dev data they’ve shown swf players have something like a 3-5% higher chance of escaping per person in the swf, and half of all matches have a 2-4 person team in them. So if you were to divide those stats above up by solo only games versus games that include a 2-4 person swf then you’d see a corresponding gap in the win and loss rates where it might be something like 40% killer wins against games with swfs but 56% wins against solos. It’s that gap between solo only and matches with swfs that they really need to focus on at some point if they want to hit the next biggest balance issue in the game as a whole. Solo survivors can still escape but they are I’m sure doing it less than swf players.

  • VeinslayVeinslay Member Posts: 1,642

    Killers are enjoying an advantage at the noob levels and against full solos, which it's always been like that. After adjusting to the DH nerf, high MMR survivors and sweaty SWF are still punking all killers not named Nurse or Blight easily. Once reassurance comes out, SWF escape rate will jump even more IMO

  • RenfearRenfear Member Posts: 124

    Weird thing about that. Nurse and blight uses were low, they only accounted for 5/75 matches. Kills, my three nurse matches were 0, 2 and 2.

    Only saw 2 blights but those were both 4ks

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    And yet you flip the coin for when it was before patch 6.1 and it was survivors that were toxic and playing killer wasn't a lot of fun?

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