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Fan-made chapter. The terrible secret of the orphanage «SpringWater»

MrHumanMrHuman Member Posts: 2

I apologize for my English :'(

«Play with me»


«Little Susie»

Weapon: Sharpened knitting needle
Force: Disguise
Speed: 4,6 m/s
Terror radius: 28 meters
Height: Slightly below average (with balloons slightly higher average)
Location: The orphanage «SpringWater»

Cut Description
The 12 years old girl who has three balloons and flashing monstrous smile. After hit – mad children's laughter. If she was stunned – hysterical children's scream. She carries the fallen Survivor by balloons helping.

Everyone of us come into this world to become a someone when we grow up. Cherish your dreams, study and develop talents in game with adult man. Little Susie was the unusual kid who found unstoppable compulsion to hurt others. No one knows who were her the parents. She was found on the threshold of the orphanage «SpringWater» in a basket with the nameless card with three balloons picture. When she was 10-year-old she improved her «talents» in game with other children mutilating and disfiguring them and made it look like a pure accident. But the real enjoy she had playing with nannies. With them sometimes she could frustrated and forgot to control his thirst of murder causing panic attacks her nannies. Susie couldn't wait to grow up and finally to play with the adults at full strength especially with those behind the fence. The atmosphere around the girl was heated every day. No one played with her and children and nannies hated her and openly wished her to disappear from their lives. Once playing near the river under nannies supervision Susie vanished. No one thought try to find her. Everyone pretended nothing happened. The body 12-year-old girl was not found.

Special skill (Disguise):
«I've always wanted to be an adult»

The Essence allows Susie to become an adult for a while pretending to be one of the Survivors for 20 seconds. She loses her terror radius, red glow and the ability to hit Survivor. Instead he can to impose one token to him. It is possible to forcibly exit from disguise by again pressing ability button. In Disguise the Killer can see the survivor’s auras in 12 meters radius. In Disguise the Killer can’t sit down, to move without running, to pass through the windows or to break pallets. In Disguise Killer speed is 4 m/s and she can’t to get bloodlust. In Disguise Killer speed is 4 m/s and she can’t to have bloodlust. The ability can be used once every 30 seconds. Each stage is available after using the previous one. In Disguise can’t be stunned by Survivor’s «Tag».

• The first stage: the Killer change’s into a Survivor who is not in the game (random skin + type of survivor who is not in the lobby)
• The second stage: the Killer change’s into a Survivor, who is in the game but in another clothes.
• Third stage: the Killer change’s into a random Survivor in the lobby.

«I caught you!!!»
Instead of hit Killer impose one token to Survivors by patting on his shoulder. After imposing in time of chase Survivor get a bonus of 125% move speed (5 m/s) for 2 seconds. If token was imposed in Disguise bonus speed does not work.
• 1st token: the Survivor has increasing feeling terror radius of a Killer by 25/50/70 %
• 2nd token: the Survivor has increasing feeling terror radius of a Killer by 40/65/85 % and sound of heartbeat is increased by 25/50/75 %
• 3rd token: the Survivor has increasing feeling terror radius of a Killer by 50/75/100 % and sound of heartbeat is increased by 50/75/100 %
Game is end after the falling down or hanging Survivor on a hook. Survivor can throw off his 3rd token on another Survivor by patting him on the shoulder. If the second survivor already has 3 tokens it will doesn’t work. If Survivor has 3 tokens he can’t to hear the skill check warning sound. The game will continue until the Survivor’s death or if he used Survivor’s «Tag» on Killer.

«OK! I am host!»
In time of chase, the running Survivor get a test reaction. If he failed Survivor is stumbling, slowing down, or can’t to decide where to run, confusing right with left (triggered the next change of direction after checking the responses). If the chase continues more than 15 seconds Survivor get a skill check of reaction with the Low/Middle/High difficulties. «Catch-up’s» effect resets after 5 seconds after escape of chase.

«One, two, three, four, five I'm going to find you!»
The Killer has the ability to close his eyes for 1/1,5/2 seconds allowing a Survivors to escape from view sight. You can use in time of lifting a Survivor from the ground, passing through the window, breaking boards or just chasing. The red glow is gone. Impossible to blind Killer. With closed eyes the Killer has Little visible outlines of objects / Slightly visible outlines of objects / Slightly visible outlines of objects and Little silhouettes of Survivors.


Judith Jones
Judith ever knew one thing since small years she wants to teach and care for children. Teaching and helping children that are what her soul laid. Not for a moment doubting after graduation she decided to help the most disadvantaged kids in the orphanage "SpringWater". Every day playing with the kids, making them happier, hearing their cheerful children's laughter, she became happier day after day. Judith would never endanger her children, protecting them from any danger. Even if it hide’s among the children's faces playing on the riverside …

«It is some kind of wrong game!»
The Survivors get the ability to push the Killer from behind by shoulder, stunning him for 1/1,5/2 seconds. When Survivor uses the «Tag» he gets 120/130/140 % run speed from base speed to 1 second. The «Tag» can be used every 60/50/40 seconds. After successful stun the effect of «Tag» imposing by the killer will be removed.

«A little more and I'll run away»
The Survivor begins to get used to the speed of Killer’s running, getting a bonus to the speed of Running, depending on the duration of the chase.
10 seconds - the Speed is increased by 3/4/5 % of the base speed
20 seconds - Speed is increased by 3/4/5 % of base speed. Its cumulating effect
30 seconds - Speed is increased by 3/4/5 % of base speed. Its cumulating effect
40 seconds - the Speed is increased by 3/4/5 % of base speed. Its cumulating effect
50 seconds - "Final push". The survivor makes a leap forward getting a bonus to the base running speed of 120/130/140 % for 2 seconds. Survivor gets fatigue for 50 seconds. The accumulated bonus to running speed is reset. If Survivor already has a fatigue the "Final push" will not be activated but it adds fatigue to the existing one and resets the accumulated bonus to speed.

«To play by rules is to die»
The Survivor gets the ability to set a stretch between objects. The distance between objects can’t be more than 2 meters. When it is touched the aura of the intruder is revealed for 2 seconds but impossible to identify the type of intruder. It can be used every 25/20/15 seconds.

• You appear with the one of the survivors in the 1st level «Disguise»
• Increase the radius of auras detection in «Disguise»
• Increase terror radius
• Increase the sound of the heartbeat
• Increase the «Disguise’s» duration but increase the cooldown
• Reduce the time of transition into the «Disguise»
• Reduce the exit’s time from the «Disguise»


  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 760
    I like this idea. It’s got a fun vibe to it that makes being the killer a fun game of hide and seek while encouraging the survivors to try and get away. I would play this Killer just for the fun of playing a game within a game.
  • DeltaTMDDeltaTMD Member Posts: 70
    This sounds a bit like the chapter I created a few months back. Finally someone else sees the possibility of a child killer.
  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,998

    Ahaha. I like the balloon-idea, as I've played IdentityV and KNOW that it looks hillarious😆

    But wirth every disguise killer: might be too wreak. Just turning into an random survivor is pretty weak.

  • MrHumanMrHuman Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2019

    Don't foget she has the ability to see the survivor’s auras in 12 meters radius in disguise. I think it will help in searching. And one of the purpose her power to force doubt survivors in their comrade and to stretch the game.

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