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Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) Fan Club

So I'm a MASSIVE fan of the whole addition of Silent Hill (SH) to DBD and I love SH individually. I'm even making SH2-accurate props of PH's helmet and knife to create a Halloween costume for this year.

Anyway - everything DBD did to add Silent Hill was awesome to me. PH as a Killer? Cheryl, Alessa, James, Cybil and Lisa being added as Survivors? Midwich as a map? THE MUSIC? YES.

So as an appreciation of this, I ask you two questions:

1) What's your favorite Pyramid Head build?

2) If more SH content could be added to DBD, what would you add?


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 21,116

    As the official leader of the Pyramid Head In DBD Fanclub for 2 years running now, I am pleased to welcome to you into the fog!

    To answer your questions:

    1) (ignore the add-ons, I actually prefer to use double range)

    2) I don't think I'd want another SH Chapter per-say, but I'd love a skin for Harry, Maria, and I guess Henry? Plus the White Hunter skin for Pyramid Head (or literally any more skins for him BHVR please).

    But if they ever did do another chapter, then the Lakeside Amusement Park from SH3 would be sick.

  • MrJack20252MrJack20252 Member Posts: 362
    edited August 14

    1) endurance + spirit fury, he really doesn't need it and i run it for the memes sometimes, because people don't expect it

    2) i just want Harry as survivor tbh and would be cool to have a full otherworld version of an already existent map too

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 3,215

    I cannot really comment on the first question, since all my builds are randomized.

    However, as for the second point I'd actually like "Silent Hill 4: The Room", with Henry Townsend and Eileen Galvin as survivors, and "The Orphan" Walter Sullivan as the killer.

    Ages ago, I think I came up with a fantasy chapter of this, where his power involved AI ghosts thay would damage the survivor over time with their aura, so was chuffed when DBD brought in AI zombies with Nemesis! I don't know where that is now though. Would take a lot of searching.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 651

    I'm very new to PH but I always wanted to learn them and been having a blast so far.

    1. Been running I'm all ears, Lethal, Deadlock, Merciless Storm to start but look forward to branching out eventually.

    2. For a SH2 chapter I'd want Maria and Angela for survivors, The amusement park for the map and for the killer idk as I don't think you could make them work in DBD like scarlet and asphyxia are cool but thier designs are too inhuman. Maybe The Missionary I guess.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 3,550

    One think that I had a lot of success with in the past was Monitor&Abuse + Nurse's Calling. Basically you could see them healing while messing with their perception that you are still quite far away and then snipe them through the walls.

    But right now I am using @GoodBoyKaru s build and am very successful with it.

    Also learn how to punish actually safe unhook with a well timed POTD. It has a bit of travel time, especially over max distance, but it's pretty satisfying.

    Back in the olden days of pre-BT-basekit my fondest memories were the double KOs at unhookings. I can only imagine how your heart must sink at that moment. Lol. The DCs spoke for themselves.

  • TMCalypsoTMCalypso Member Posts: 306

    I don;t have a set build for him yet as I am still trying to find one I like. I have been gravitating to the perks "I'm All Ears, Fearmonger, and any perks that remove or lessen the terror radius. Have yet to find something that clicks for me. Though, A meme build I have been having A LOT of fun with is NOED, Undying, Blood Warden, and Agitation Then....I defend the Undying perk with my life, never going too far from it. It is actually quiet entertaining when the survivors figure out what you are doing and try to hatch a plan to break the totem. Had one team on Haddonfield almost succeed. A Steve kept distracting me while an Adam and a Tapp tried to sneak by and break it. The Claudette was the designated Gen Jockey. Steve managed to distract me by intentionally getting himself caged. I turned just quick enough to see Tapp sneaking up to the totem and chased him behind the building it was against. Came back to check the totem and accidentally walked into Adam Hiding in the bush right next to it. He would have gotten it had I not done that. Fun game.

    For a more Silent Hill content, I'd love to get a new Chapter with Harry and Maria as survivors with Henry and Angela as Legendary skins. For the killer, Either The Missionary from SH3 or the Incubus/Incubator form Silent Hill 1. The Map, one of 3 possible locations. one being the fog filled streets of Silent Hill (with an other world variant along with it.) Another being the Mall from Silent Hill 3. The 3rd being NOWHERE from Silent Hill 1. (I would personally love to see how The Entity tries, and fails, to comprehend the location as it is an amalgamation of various other areas throughout Silent Hill.) Now that I think about it, would the Apartments or Hotel from SH2 work for a map?

    Overall, yea...I'd love my content from Silent Hill. Especially since it is my 2nd favorite game series.

  • CybilCybil Member Posts: 1,125

    Masahiro Ito has mentioned that he'd like to see White Hunter (literally just PH with a white head) added to the game in some form.

    As I mentioned in a previous thread I would like to see Walter Sullivan.

  • Blue_Archer33Blue_Archer33 Member Posts: 302

    I'm honored. Even before having an account here on this forum, I've loved seeing your posts and everything. One PH lover to another, respect 😎

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