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Another survivor nerf?

EspshivaEspshiva Member Posts: 10
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Ok this is from killer point of view so don't come at me, I play both survivor and killer both have been iridescent 1, but a few things I have noticed about being killer.


Generators need nerfed again, it's not fun when you have been searching the map for over two mins, and found nothing but faded scratch marks, then next thing you know boom, four generators are done back to back, it's basically a lost game after that, especially after the noed/hex ruin nerf, Combined this with toolkits and other survivors the time to complete is not long enough.


Yes you fixed the camping with killers but now you have survivors practically lining up underneath hooks while carrying a survivor, blocking off your hooks (is this body blocking - a reportable offence) sabotage I understand and agree with but straight up using yourself to block the hook should not be aloud. From a survivors view, yes, the killer nerf with camping needed fixed and was, but now it's horrendous to play killer and have your hooks blocked off by people sitting under them this need a fix or some sort of penalty for doing this.


Dead hard and endurance effects these need looked at again in my opinion, I purposefully don't run this perk because I know how annoying it is to go against, not saying they are bad just maybe changed a little bit more.

This is just my opinion, and like I said at the start I run both killer and survivor.



  • EspshivaEspshiva Member Posts: 10

    Emm no I think lt can be reported both ways not just the killers you are actively using your body (character) to block a certain area or thing, this is body blocking.

    Endurance effects do stack, straight up example, borrowed time and the now passive one, yes borrowed time is as it says, but these stack extending the time.

    Also I'm not saying that I "don't look very well" but the fact that by the time I have got someone or found evidence of someone, it is already to late and a gen is done.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,465

    The devs have stated that body blocking a killer carrying a survivor is not reportable.

    Endurance effects do not stack. Once you go into deep wounds you cannot benefit from endurance. And every endurance effect gives you deep wounds.

    If you are really struggling to find survivors before a gen gets done, you have perks to help with that. Lethal Pursuer for seeing the aura of survivors or Corrupt Intervention to block the farthest gens.

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 809
    edited August 15

    I'm not saying this in a mean or critical way, but you sound like you are either new or not very good at killer.

    1). Gen speeds definitely do not need to be nerfed again. If you can't find anyone after 2 minutes, start bringing some sort of tracking perks, particularly Lethal Pursuer. A wide variety of slowdown perks also exist, take your pick.

    2). Body blocking the hook is not reportable, it is a strategy much like everything else people find frustrating in this game.

    3). Dead Hard's new form is just fine, and in fact requires actual skill finally. BT's entire point is to "stack" with the current basekit endurance, and it doesn't stack multiple endurances, it just adds to the time it lasts. That's the whole function of the perk now. There's nothing wrong with it, either. Endurance is a direct result of the tunneling meta. It's unfortunately absolutely necessary to have endurance function the way it does currently.

  • CameragoshaCameragosha Member Posts: 630
    edited August 15

    Hopefully devs will reverse nerf of thanatophobia to fix problem gen rushed.

    Generator still too fast.

    Thanatophobia need buff again.

  • EspshivaEspshiva Member Posts: 10

    I have been playing for a while and I know how to handle my killer main. I'm good at predicting survivor movements it is not a skill issue.

  • scenekillerscenekiller Member Posts: 809

    There's no need to get defensive. It's ok to admit you have a lot of room to improve in one area, i.e. tracking. It doesn't take most people 2 minutes to find at least one survivor.

    Like I said, Lethal Pursuer is there if you're really struggling. But your struggle doesn't mean entire systems have to be nerfed.

  • RatbasterdJrRatbasterdJr Member Posts: 568

    Lol ok buddy. If you go 2 min just looking for survivors.. you’re not making irid. If more then 1 gen pops before you get a hook,. Much less FOUR gens, you’re not making irid. Any seasoned killer knows survivor does not need a nerf after last patch.

  • EspshivaEspshiva Member Posts: 10

    I simply put up my thoughts all I wanted was a discussion on how other people see the buffs and nerfs, I appreciate all help and support to help me with my killer.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 2,277

    Emm no I think lt can be reported both ways not just the killers you are actively using your body (character) to block a certain area or thing, this is body blocking.

    The reason a killer bodyblocking a survivor is conditionally reportable is because survivors cannot do anything about it. If you are stuck in a nook and the killer blocks it off with his body and just holds you hostage there, THAT is reportable.

    Survivors bodyblocking the killer is NOT reportable, because the killer can suspend the survivor's collision by hitting them, therefor making it impossible for the survivors to keep the killer hostage.

  • EspshivaEspshiva Member Posts: 10

    No I wasn't being defensive if it came across that way I apologize for that it was not my intent.

  • EspshivaEspshiva Member Posts: 10

    Look I know what I achieved last month. I am actually happy I did,

    I got my 2 mill BP

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,241

    " it's not fun when you have been searching the map for over two mins, and found nothing but faded scratch marks, then next thing you know boom, four generators are done back to back, it's basically a lost game after that "

    This literally means the survivors managed to successfully evade you while doing their objective.

    It's a PVP game. You're supposed to lose unless you outplay your opponent(s).

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 2,475
    edited August 15

    Ranking mean nothing except how much you played. I been iri 1 before and at least out of the grey area for solo survivor. Run discordance or even whisper to find them. I normally run doc cause he just that good at finding out the people.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I play both killer and survivor as well and I don't think that these nerfs would benefit either side really. The survivors got a massive nerf/killer buff last patch that still needs to iron itself out. A lot of morale was lost on the survivor side, and putting additional nerfs to that side would not provide good data and probably ruin queue times even more.

    Since we don't know much information on who you play or what build you use, it is rather hard for us all to access your actual skill level. Some killers are super weak in DbD so getting good consistent results is sometimes impossible if you don't play 100% ruthless and efficient. By the sounds of it though, it seems like you have many places for you to learn (going off that you suggested that body blocking under a hook would be reportable). Killer needs a lot of macro and micro game control, so don't feel too bad if you feel like you are getting outplayed.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,404

    Just a question - have you ever had the thought that you did not play that well when games like this happened?

  • kingcarl2012kingcarl2012 Member Posts: 940

    First, I'm sorry to say if you are losing 3-4 gens in 2 minutes without finding anyone you have a much bigger issue than gen speeds.

    Thankfully there are several perks you can use to help with this corrupt intervention, lethal pursuer, and many other aura reading perks.

    There are also killers that have powers that can help with this, stealth killers like wraith so they dont know you are coming, doctor with his static blast is amazing for countering stealth.

    What killers/perks do you usually run?

    Second, body blocking to prevent a hook is definitely not bannable, and i do find it amusing that you say they fixed camping.

    But here again there are options, first of all if multiple survivors are lining up you can either divert to another hook or just drop them and you can start smacking everyone around till its clear. This can also be corrected with better game awareness and knowing where more people are so you an pick a better hook

    There are a multitude of perks to help you here as well, starstruck exposes everyone in your terror radius while you carry, iron grasp/agitation will help you get to another hook instead faster, mad grit pauses the wiggle timer when you land a hit making bodyblocking, hangma s trick can tell you in advance if people are around the hook.

    Third, there is no problem with endurance perks they are in a very good place, with a little more info on why you think they are a problem id be happy to discuss/give advice on that.

  • Dennis_van_eijkDennis_van_eijk Member Posts: 1,600

    I don't want to be the one to burst your bubble but what i read here is more a you problem than a game problem.

    I'm not sure how long you have been playing but your grade means absolutely jacksh!t, it just shows you have been playing quite a bit this month and doesn't represent any skill.

    1. If you are searching for 2 minutes around the map and 4 gens pop than that is on you.

    You would have noticed that the gens have been worked on so you should have kicked them and search close around it, think of where you would hide for example.

    2. That is a thing that's happening for a long long time and is normal game play, nothing bad about it and not reportable.

    Just hit them and move on to hook, unless you try to get a hook across the map you should be fine.

    As killer it can be annoying but it's a tactic to waste time and possibly getting the survivor to wiggle off.

    3. Nothing wrong with dead hard as it comes down to skill this time and not just press this button and gain distance and i frames at the same time, now you have to time it well to get benefit from it.

    As i said, it's just a you problem than anything else.

    And I'm not saying this to be mean or whatsoever, just my observation.

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,973

    1.The problem isn’t the speed of generators it’s a whole extra 50 seconds in total that’s a lot and there’s still strong slowdown perks the issue is all survivors can spawn separately meaning when you find a survivor three others can be working on gens.

    2.Survivor body blocking is already a risk since it’s leaving them vulnerable giving killer a free injure and it’s your teammates being actual teammates should they leave you for dead then instead?, survivors should actually try and save each other not just hide all game with a Key and Left Behind for hatch.

    3.I don’t see issue with endurance now since it can’t stack for multiple hits in chase and Dead Hard I don’t think is OP anymore it’s less broken against weak killers still good against strong ones, no longer can be used for distance, and can be still waited out more effectively now and can’t screw over certain powers.

  • TotemSeeker91TotemSeeker91 Member Posts: 1,789

    If you can't find a survivor in 2 minutes, play doc, great searching power

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,356

    Searching 2 mins around map is your own fault I do think though lethal pursue should be basekit but that's still way too long time to search. I think survivors should never spawn fully separated too. But I don't see another survivor nerf happening gens are already almost too long I think many would quit if they take any longer.

  • kingcarl2012kingcarl2012 Member Posts: 940

    They really need to flip flop the shroud of binding and shroud of seperation

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 494
    edited August 15

    Killer main here. Survivors blocking you from hooking is intended counterplay. That's why if you hit them, they lose collision for awhile to allow you to hook, though when it's multiple survivors, not much you can do but get in a few free hits on the survivors, but that's them losing repair time and health states as a risk vs reward to keep someone from being hooked. Definitely NOT reportable.

    If you dont want to deal with bodyblockers when carrying someone, grab Trickster's Starstruck perk.

  • ArkmenhahArkmenhah Member Posts: 68
    1. Toolboxes (and medkits for that matter) need a HUGE nerf, generators are fine. Brand New Parts are completely absurd to go against, and any medkit that provides anything more than 2 normal speed heals is so strong that it feels like cheating.
    2. Body blocking is only reportable if someone is being held hostage for no reason (Pig trapping you in a corner with an active RBT HAS a reason. Invisible Wraith doesn't), like when someone blocks you off while you cleanse a totem. This hook scenario isn't too big of a deal, and mostly affect killers who are constantly whiffing their hits.
    3. Endurance not stacking is the best we can have, and only Off the Record is annoying, because 80 seconds of unkillable wall, more than enough time to make anyone flee or create a chase where the other 2 survivors can easily secure 2 gens.
  • RovendRovend Member Posts: 250

    I'm sorry but there is no reason, no justification for you (the killer) to lose 4 gens without having found one surv and not being an skill issue.

    It's like if one surv tells "nerf killers because i couldnt found a single gen in 5 min".

    Use that perk that show the aura when gens are done, use lethal pursuer that just literally gives away surv auras at the beginning. Use BBQ.

    Second, camping was not fixed. They are going to release a perk, behind a paywall, that may counter camping in some situations, nothing more.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,967

    The killer role feels like it's been in the best position for some time, and the changes have been very beneficial towards the killer role.

    The generators are fine. It's more noticeable that for 5 gens to go it takes longer. Survivors may well get a couple quickly still, but especially around the mid-game it takes longer to get those final 2-3 gens done. The extra time should be adequate (even if survivors are working on gens together) to find survivors and hunt them earlier in the game than before (earlier, as in terms of gens being done).

    The survivor blocking issue I just don't get why a select few people have an issie with that. They are risking their health states to save a survivor. They are trying to survive, because the more survivors there are alive, the higher the chance of escape. It's a risky play that sometimes works and sonetimes doesn't. As survivor, I do this to save another, and as a killer I can understand this. It's fair.

    Finally, I too was apprehensious at the first announcement, but thinking about it it isn't as big a deal. OTR works for as long as they don't do anything, so if they want to follow me around then it's one less survivor on a gen I need to worry about, and in the endgame it's useless. Dead Hard is as it ought to be: no more janky escapes and better timing required, but if the timingis right then a survivor should benefit from pulling it off, especially now.

    As a side note, grades mean nothing now, other than how much you play. Currently, I usually hit gold, but don't play much. Plus I end up - more often than not - with skilled team mates, and the killers are tough, whilst people at Iri rank sometimes complain about how they always get bad team mates, which implies they may be further down the mmr (not always, mind, considering how wide the mmr gap is).

    Maybe have a look first at what you could improve in your gameplay to start, or adapt to new survivor playstyles. If you can focus more on yourself for improvement and shift your current thought process away from what you perceive are problems in the game, you have a better chance of improving your odds and overcoming the obstacles. Sometimes, digging at game mechanics is warranted, but in this case it may moreover be a case of looking at what you can improve.

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