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Is This Reportable?

Okay, I get that towards the end of the match, survivors just want to escape, so they hide. Sometimes it is taken too far and they will hide for 30+ minutes in an attempt to get the killer to DC or give up.

However, I just had a match that took me 15 minutes to injure a survivor before other survivors started touching generators. How do I know this? Simple, Plague infection duration addons. I was running Hematite Seal and Prayer Tablet Fragment (110 seconds of an object being infected), and infected every single generator, and people only started to get infected after I downed a survivor after 15 minutes of searching. I only found them because I heard the sounds of lockers from them swapping between lockers to avoid crows.

Is it reportable? Frankly, I dont know. If a survivor was never found, there is a good chance that the survivors would still be hiding and would not touch generators. And again, the match elapsed 15 minutes before a single generator was even touched.



  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 999

    I never at all stated it was toxic. I was asking if it was reportable.

  • ThiccClaudThiccClaud Member Posts: 65

    Sometimes people are so oblivious to the fact that their own playstyle is boring. They pulled the old UNO reverse card on you, an were just as lame as yourself.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    There has to be a point were it is classed as taking the game hostage, its not toxic and OP never said anything about that but where do we draw the line of when it becomes holding the game hostage and when its not. This is something the devs and mods have to give us a straight answer and not a black and white answer like they do.

    To me the survivors were holding the game hostage as they refused to do gens, it doesn't matter that it was plague or not they refused to make the game progress and only after 15min they did which is to long, We need a cap on how long we can wait before its classed as holding the game hostage be it i.e 10 min least everyone knows after that time you can report the players.

    But for anything to work we need the devs and mods to step up there game and give us a answer that is not black and white.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    That's all great and all but they need to give a bit more info if a survivor refuse to do gens for 2 min is that taking the game hostage or does it have to be at least 5 min, that's the biggest problem i have seen when people ask if someone is taking the game hostage is how long is enough to be classed as that player taking the game hostage.

    They can say it's case by case but they should also have a ball park figure they can give us so people will know if they can report or they have to wait a couple more min, that's the info people need to know most people know what they can report but they are not sure if the time length is long enough.

  • Taxman232Taxman232 Member Posts: 136

    If you feel so strongly then send the footage to Devs and make the report. I have never heard of this happening before so you probably faced a SWF who were d icking around or a bunch of noobs who thought it was best to hide. Either way, move on to the next game and hope it doesnt happen again (or throw up on the lockers 👌).

  • deckyrdeckyr Member Posts: 731

    throwing up on the lockers doesn't infect any survivors inside them. which, it should. plague is the biggest victim of this. survivors act like her spitting on a gen means they get to take the whole game hostage like little babies because they don't wanna repair through the infection. her infecting any survivors within lockers that she infects would be a big step toward ending this.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,401

    If they don't do gens after so long it is considered holding the game hostage. The Killer can't progress the game at that point only Survivors and their refusing to do gens regardless of infection or not is considered that....now 15 mins I don't think is at that point yet but I know 20mins+ with no action on Gens and only hiding is.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Not sure if you were meant to replay to me but It wasn't my game it was the OP of this topic that got stuck for 15min trying two survivors, i just think the devs/mods need to give us straight answer and not a black and white answer like they do when it comes to this. They need to give us all a time frame before its classed as holding the game hostage. At least everyone is on the same page then and knows when people can report for holding the game hostage

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,377

    I know for a fact if they do it for 20 minutes, it's bannable. 15 is probably bannable though as well as long as it's apparent they're not attempting to repair gens.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Yer it would be nice to get a dev/mod to give us a official time and things will be looked at case by case but at least we know when we have hit that mark.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    What else are they meant to do walk to the other side of the map where there are no gens and start looking in lockers there and even in the corners, if all the gens are in one area why would they leave. To give entitled survivors a chance to do gens and get out while the killer is on the other side of the map looking in corners for the survivors?

  • HugTheHagHugTheHag Member Posts: 1,802

    I mean, in this particular case, them trying to wait out the infection seems legit to me, however deluded it is of them. If you were playing any other killer and they did the same, that would be more problematic in my opinion.

    That being said, the hiding game can get extremely boring for all parties involved. When a game is already lost (3 gens remaining and 2 people left who aren't god loopers, for instance), there can be a battle of wills where both remaining survivors want to survive, and hide hoping not to be the first caught. I mostly see this happen with newer players urban evasion-ing on the edges of the map or locker-hopping.

    When I see my remaining teammate doing that, I generally go find the killer to put both killer and I out of our misery.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397
    edited August 16

    Yeees, patrolling gens are totally not the correct, legit or intended way to find survivors, even in-game tips say so.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 954

    I don't think there's an issue in wanting to avoid infected gens tbh. When I'm against a Plague and I see an infected survivor on an infected gen, I'll usually keep running to try find a gen that isn't infected. But 15 minutes? Nah lol eventually I'll realize the killer is just going to keep re-infecting the gens so I'll accept the inevitable

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397

    Did you know the fact working on generators risk being found even against normal killers?

    According to your post, you are basically saying survivors not working on gens at all is justified because it's "risky".

  • Taxman232Taxman232 Member Posts: 136

    If they are swapping lockers then they would get infected no?

  • d3vi1d3vi1 Member Posts: 50
    edited August 16

    Last 2 survivors refusing to do gens, just hiding is not that rare and if I don't have any perks that helps me with searching, then I'm basically screwed and can only hope for some luck to find one of them.

    I want to know how long does this has to go on for until I can report them and also do I need whole game recorded? I record only last 5min if something interesting happens.

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  • HannaciaHannacia Member Posts: 816
    edited August 16

    I had these survivors as well. I killed 2 and the remaining 2 did nothing.. well ok they booned. They booned 2-3 times for funsies and after that they were hiding for 30+ minutes. I refused to DC and take penalty so i tried finding them...couldnt

    No gens were done at that point. After 30 minutes or so one of the appeared infront of me i downed him he crawled towards a tree and this wild meg appeared..i downed her...just out of spite i put Ace into the cage and watched Meg bleed out.

    You keep me hostage for 30+ minutes waiting for me to DC and type EZ in the endgame chat i sure as hell will watch you bleed out for 4 minutes.

    I have video evidence of this so we shall see if these 2 get a ban.

    Oh and i asked them afterwards was it fun trying to get me to dc so you could win and in their words..they were RPing in the small hut in mothers dwelling playing house. I went past that hut multiple times didnt see them there.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,656

    It all depends on how excessively they were doing it.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with not touching a gen while it is infected, but not touching any generator for 15 minutes straight and only lockerjumping to avoid idle crows, yeah that is quite excessive and might be considered taking the game hostage.

    It's a similar scenario to when only two players are left and both go hide somewhere to wait for the other one to die so they can take hatch - it's all fun and games at first, but if they continue doing so for too long, then they effectively put the game at halt for an undefinable amount of time for no real reason, which makes it bannable.

    If what OP claims is true and they were really just lockerjumping for the first 15 minutes (and only stopped because one of them had been found), then that is definitely excessive enough to warrant reporting them and might just get them banned. It's like OP said, what if they didn't find one randomly? They would have kept hiding for an undefinable amount of time, in a worst case scenario OP might have had to DC because they just couldn't find anyone.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,401

    I agree just because gens are infected and a Survivor doesn't want to get infected is not a reason to not do gens and hide. I have reported similar players for doing the same thing but waited about 20mins but recorded everything.

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