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Blood Warden

I just turned a 3-4 man escape into a 4k with Pyramid head with Blood Warden. Only the second time or so I've been able to pull this off. Anyone got any funny or crazy Blood Warden stories?? It's so satisfying when it comes through in the clutch.


  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,911

    Lately while playing survivor I've had alot of matches where I'm injured being chased by the killer while on death hook. I'll be running to the exit and the random will just be standing there with the gate at 99% instead of popping open the door. If they would open the door I would be able to make it out without even needing them to take a hit but instead I get downed in front of the unopened gatw. It isn't until I'm downed that they finally tap it open. One of these times the random did that but didn't leave before the killer hooked me. Killer had bloodwarden and turned what would've been a 1k from someone dying earlier in the match into a 4k. I guess that survivor was just trolling trying to get the others killed and ended up getting themself killed too.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 1,142

    Any time I manage to procc Bloodwarden, it runs out a second before I can pick up the survivor in the exit gate.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    Today I played a couple matches with a full late game Myers build, ie Remember Me/Blood Warden/No Way Out/NOED. It was pretty fun to play a little bit like with old BBQ, ie trying to hook everyone once, but also trying to whack to obsession a couple extra times.

    But Blood Warden is a really finicky beast. 99%ig the gate is a hard counter to it thats literally to no detriment to the survivors in 19/20 games and the No Way Out sometimes tipps the other survivors off. That being said, it pairs pretty well with the new NOED: you down someone with it and often enough the other survivors will go looking for it, allowing you to open the gates and hook the survivor you just downed.

    Still, 1min its pretty short and if you really want some milleage out of it you better bring a mori (or play Pyramid Head with his native mori), otherwise the time way too short to hook a survivor and come back to pick up the other one, least two of them.

    I am very divided on this perks for how easy its countered and how perfect the situation needs to be to actually get value out of it. One little buff I would love to see is this:

    "Irrespective if Blood Warden got activated by hooking a survivor it prevents everyone downed in the exit area to crawl out for 15s."

    This would give you a cool counter to bullying and basically let the bullying at exit gates die down pretty much itself, while still allowing some kinda gameplay with a bunch of survivors, ie they can try to body block and heal tech to let their friend survive till the shorter timer runs out and this way the killer gets an extra chance to get some value out of Blood Warden, even though its main function is countered basically every game.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    Had a game where I knew from the start that I was up against some bullies. Wasn't as bad as it could have been, but an oak offering, amap offering and Bloody Party Streamers, coupled with some dedicated sabo builds and all those break outs? Yeah, that was a textbook recipe of a three man SWF, and the other Meg with her escape build was most likely just an unlucky extra. So in this regard I got lucky that I was send to Dead Dog instead of Haddonfield, like they had originally intended :)

    They played like you would expect: balls to the walls, always trying to goad me into pointless chases at the main building, saboing several hooks along my way, bodyblocking galore, jumping on each others gens the moment I chases someone off, you name it. The Meg, whom I suppose wasn't part of this group, died on first hook because no one of them bothered to get into danger for her, and they all slammed out gens in the meantime; this figures, too.

    But it all played out beautifully in the end: the Meg who escaped got unhooked and I chased her out of the one open gate and downed the Jake. While I hooked Jake, the Jill cleansed my NOED, she managed to circle me, while I was looking for her, and unhooked Jake, but went down. I hooked her, went after Jake and could see with much satisfaction how he went to the exit gates, notices The Entities walls and tried to hide in the corner. He went down just in time for me to pick him up and hook him, before Blood Warden fizzled out. It was beautiful.

  • Taxman232Taxman232 Member Posts: 115

    Lately as a solo q survivor I have been blocking the 99'd gates from other survivors because they dont consider bloodwarden for end game. I have been burned too many times to count.

  • Friendly_BlendetteFriendly_Blendette Member Posts: 2,830

    Object is even better since it means any time you stand there you see the killers aura

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I played a game of Dredge with an end game build (NOED, No way Out, Remember Me, Bloodwarden) because I needed to get hooks during EGC for a tome challenge. The DBD gods blessed me and gave me Midwich as the map. I downed someone who was looping in the room next to the gate. There were 2 survivors hiding in there so I downed both of them. I then open the gate where I downed them and hooked the one survivor, Bloodwarden has activated and I kill both the survivors. Poor little Jake didn't realize hiding in the gate is not what you should do with bloodwarden.

    That was a 12 hook game because they made some mistakes, but I needed EGC hooks so I made sure to go out of my way 1 hooking everyone, then two hooking everyone, and I killed my obsession just in case they somehow made it to the gate. It was so satisfying getting the Bloodwarden hooks at the end. I'm very wary of Bloodwarden as survivor and have successfully evaded death by it, but it definitely is a slight moment of panic when the killer is on your tail.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,839

    Distortion and its infinite token potential coming in clutch yet again. Crazy.

  • OrangeBearOrangeBear Member Posts: 509

    The buff to it is amazing. Distortion before could get burned through really quickly by certain things but you can get tokens so easily. Even if you go against a wraith you can still get tokens whilst being chased.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,679

    I've pulled it off several times, usually by playing like a beginner to encourage boldness.

    However with 6.1.0 I've added a twist.

    Everybody expects a bad killer to have NOED.

    NOED now has a nice aura after 24 seconds.

    So I've taken Bubba (who else) and played like an idiot for four generators. Missing hits, eating walls, switching target whenever he was certain to go down ... and bold they became.

    Then, by "sheer luck", I've downed and hooked a survivor next to the gates right before the last gen popped then I've opened the gates. They've waited for the NOED aura (they had a lot of time after all), popped it and came for a save, that I encouraged by moving around instead of hard camping. I've downed two, moved around like if I was looking for the two others around (I knew they were already gone) while the two slugs were crawling away. I moved one away, then, when the time was right, hooked the other.

    Game over.

    This tactic has worked several times already. Sometimes I need to let one go if I mess-up the timer or I hurt one too many. But NOED really helps delaying them because they know they don't need to search as much anymore.

  • SgtMittensSgtMittens Member Posts: 249
    edited August 16

    Just by looking at the scores, your kills probably didn't mean all that much to them. You were also using NOED on a killer with one hit down ability so that speaks to your lack of skill more than their perceived toxic play. It's more pathetic that you were begging for negative attention after the fact. Frankly, you're the one that looks like the a**hole.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    I am sorry for you loss, Jake. Next time I will wait out the Blood Warden timer and let you go. Pinky promise <3

  • SgtMittensSgtMittens Member Posts: 249

    I'm actually tickled that you used your burner to give yourself an upvote.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    That's the toxic depths of this community. Either join them or learn how to play them like a fidel

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,727

    I don't run it as killer often, but I have screwed myself in the endgame more than a few times by not leaving when I should have. When that person on death hook went down and the killer left them down until the gates were opened, why didn't I just immediately leave? Who knows. Altruism will bite you in the rear sometimes.

    And from the killer side, few things are as gratifying as a good blood warden play, especially if the remaining survs are BM'ing. You gotta respect it, even if you hate it.

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