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Self-care and Iron will buff when?

Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 564

I'm tired of playing hooky with SoloQ teammates. When are they going to fix the most SoloQ-esque perk in the game? This is straight up SoloQ abuse.

We want the old 50% self-care back, regardless of whether it stack with medkits or not, and we also want the exhaustion on Iron will removed; 75% is fine.

The reason why I hate playing SoloQ is that I have no control over what my teammate does, and I get punished for it.


  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,209

    Self-Care was never the best self healing perk for solo queue, and Iron Will is just a stealth perk so it doesn't have anything to do with solo queue specifically at all.

    Also, who's "we"? Iron Will is in a perfectly decent spot, it's very usable but requires picking your build more thoughtfully, I don't think it needs to be buffed at all. Self-Care isn't very useful right now, but it's in timeout after being one of the most-run survivor perks for six straight years, so I imagine they won't buff it for a while. They shouldn't buff it for a while, anyway.

  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    Are you sure your not the weak link in the chain, it's easy to blame the other 3 people but all 4 of you have to work as a team if you don't the killer will when most times. it's not a 1v1 game its a 1v4 a single survivor shouldn't go up against a killer and expect to win.

  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 564

    Did you forget that it used to stack with Medkits and Botany knowledge, making healing anywhere easy and so much faster before COH dropped? High MMR players use it even if 100% healing from COH is also available, just because we don't like crutches.

    Just because it isn't the best, doesn't mean no one finds it useful. There are a lot of people who rely on self-care in order to have fun in SoloQ.

    Also Iron will isn't just a stealth perk, its a chase perk, it makes playing injured easier even if the SoloQ Team sucks.

  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 564

    I'm not gonna run from one end of Mother's dwelling to another just to find a SoloQ teammate who's about to go unhook, and to ask him to heal me instead of making him go for the save.

    There are uses for Self-care and its not because I want to 1v1 a killer, I just want an easier way to heal myself without risking running around and getting my teammates killed that doesn't involve a totem or a medkit.

    Self-care isn't a SoloQ crutch, Its a perk, even killers run perks. duhhhh.

  • Tranquil_BlueTranquil_Blue Member Posts: 328
    edited August 16

    I think both could/should be buffed at least slightly.

    They need to be careful with Self-Care because of the synergy with Botany Knowledge. If Self-Care went back to 50%, it would be 21.33 seconds to self-heal with Botany Knowledge. That's probably too fast. Maybe they could try Self-Care at 40%. That way it'd be 40s by itself and 26.67s with Botany Knowledge, which is still weaker than the pre-patch Self-Care + Botany Knowledge combo.

    For Iron Will, I think it could be on a countdown timer when you're Exhausted. When you become Exhausted, it would start counting down, and after 30 seconds of Exhaustion, it would stop working. That would still keep it significantly nerfed, but would allow for much more synergy with Exhaustion perks.

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  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 4,209

    I know people found it useful, but the people who relied on it need to adjust. It was never a particularly fantastic tool and there are still better tools available than old Self-Care. The entire point was to make people use different perks, after all.

    As for Iron Will, exactly. Iron Will does not affect the lack of information or coordination that comes with solo queue, it's just a good perk and it remains a good perk. You don't need it, and you can still use it almost as effectively if you want to. It's not a solo queue perk, it's just a good survivor perk.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,897

    Self Care doesn’t need a buff, it just needs to be made a base-kit ability and solo-queues wouldn’t have to give up two slots (Self-Care and Botany) in order to heal without being a total hindrance to the team.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 3,185

    the most solo queue perk in the game is kindred, not either of those two. Windows, Empathy, and Spine Chill also deserve that title much more. Go play ace or something, but at least use the tools you're given before complaining about solo queue.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,692

    The main problem with soloq is randoms

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 3,185

    Its always "its bad now" and never "it was too strong before" with these types of conversations. IW not only removed a tracking component entirely with just a single perk, but it also frequently bugged to affect more sounds than it was supposed to. Footsteps, slugs on the floor, sounds could just suddenly vanish and it wasn't because of some 2000IQ play by the survivor, just bad programming. The exhaustion portion addresses the former, the 75% the latter. I almost guarantee people who complain about IW don't even know that staying still and crouching always reduces the noises you make, and can make that 75% more like 80-90% depending on which survivor you're using (since their voice clips are not normalized.) It was always a problem perk because it was one that directly affected accessibility of another player, the same reason SC's nerf got reverted (and then buffed for unrelated reasons.)

    It still has its uses, its just not a "lose the killer for free" perk anymore, which it never should have been in the first place.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 4,287

    Self Care should be about 40% if it does need "buffing"

    Iron Will should be affected by Exhaustion... Cause it make sense... just don't run an Exhaustion perk

    If anything they could be working on a perk for that (just saying)

    But that's a lot of should and could

  • botany_nerdbotany_nerd Member Posts: 123

    makes sense my ass you can't use that excuse when a survivor can drop from a 2 to 3 story height, land and 2 seconds after just start sprinting how does that make sense? and thats all survivors btw like bill and ash and ace, guys above they're 50's. realism has no place in this game and needs to stop being used as an excuse to nerf things.

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