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Subtle cheating or Killer ping 1 million ?

HugTheHagHugTheHag Member Posts: 1,028

Just had the most confusing game against a Legion on Ormond (killer brought the offering).

I'm on comms with one friend, with two teammates who might be solo queue. We suffer a loss in the first minute of the game, the two solos getting hooked in basement after 30 seconds and one of them eventually dying there. For a while, we manage to do a couple of gens while circling back to unhook whoever gets downed. We manage to get to 1 gen left, with Claudette, my friend and I on death hook.

Twice during chases, I got injured normally (no deep wound) when I could swear Legion was in Frenzy since I saw him coming that way and didn't hear his grunt of cancelled/ran out frenzy.

One time during a chase, as I was running towards a jungle gym on a corner of the map, ~25 meters from main building door, I get teleported back right in front of the lodge door, with Legion coming at me and hitting me.

I thought my connection might have a problem, but my ping was at 25 ms, which is more than correct.

Later during the game, it's only my friend and I left, and we're both extremely confused by the massive rubber banding (?) and weird hits I've experienced. Legion downs me in a longwall gym 20m away from shack (where basement is). Upon picking me up, killer freezes. He's not moving, and my wiggle bar is inexistant. We get teleported to just before shack door, and my wiggle bar is a third filled despite me not hitting any key during the freeze.

I do wiggle out before being hooked, so the game goes on a bit longer with my friend and I very much weirded out and eventually conceding because killer behavior was just so weird the game was not enjoyable anymore.

I'm used to hits connecting even though I'm a further away when killer is lagging a bit, but I've never experienced this kind of massive rollbacks / fast forward in the game. I could not consult the killer ping but I would have been interested to know if it came from it, and what kind of atrocious connection has such an effect on the game.

I don't think it was hacking but it's so beyond any lag I have seen before that I can't fathom what happened.


  • Objectively_speakingObjectively_speaking Member Posts: 382

    it could be a vpn mixed with poor internet most likely, but just in case you should file a report if you really do think they were cheating<they will be fine if they are not cheating>. But it honestly just sounds like the killer had bad internet.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,678

    As a rule of thumb: when in doubt, report. (With additional player information and video)

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    Sounds like really bad internet. I had a game with a Huntress on Ormond where I literally got hit by an invisible hatchet. She must have pulled up on her screen and was behind me, but on my screen she was still behind the corner and I didn't hear the sound cue of her pulling her hatchets up.

    She downs me and then my body doesn't move with her but instead I'm just free crawling off the building but not falling to the ground. Then I glitch into the hook animation and I'm floating 30 meters above the ground on ormond and moving at the speed of crawling on the ground. No idea where she actually hooked me, but I literally was stuck in the air.

    Once I die, I spectate my teammate and they get sniped at a window where the huntress wasn't anywhere near on the screen. She gets picked up but instead of being picked up, her body is being dragged in the crawl animation.

    This is probably the most extreme internet problems I've seen from a killer without the killer being DC. The first half of the match was fine (besides her camping our teammate right away), so I don't know what happened mid way through.

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