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The Artist is bad killer design

Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

She has to be the worst killer in game from a gameplay perspective. She is the only killer that I actively avoid playing because the just hold w to counter her power just makes her gameplay loop so boring. You can't even use her power when the survivors counter her properly at least with most other killers you can use there power to still somewhat effect the game but with artist you place a bird and the survivor runs to a different loop and you have to walk over and repeat the process. To use her power out of loops you have to hit up to 4 different skill shots just to down so unless your a really good artist her power is just mute.

I do find it more fun to play against her but it is still boring. I hope they give her some kind of rework or serious tweaks because she's one of the few top tier killers that no one plays because she's just boring to play as.



  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 18

    force yourself to swarm & use one bird more until you're confident with hitting one birds, makes people that don't play a single tile free hits, and less slowdown placing more birds, and gets power back faster

    i've been having the most fun i've had in ages on dbd maining artist the past 4-5 weeks

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,271

    It takes quite a few games as her to consistently hit multiple long range shots in a match but it is extremely rewarding when you do. I love playing artist. She's one of the few killers that I feel like idgaf if I win or lose because I'm having a blast either way. If you watch artist mains who stream you can feel the enthusiasm for playing her as well, she gets more fun the more you play her.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,179

    I used to think she was like D tier. Then I started getting those direct bird hits and predictions to get hits through walls and across maps, including shotgun strats. She's A tier. It sucks to face holding W people, but you can shoot birds across maps/through walls to where they're running, because eventually they're gonna have to come into your bird's sights. She's not viable at top level, but she comes close.

  • Regulus47Regulus47 Member Posts: 412
    edited August 18

    If I could remove one killer from the game, it would be artist.

    She is not fun to play as or against, she has very limited interactivity and counterplay on both sides, and her power balance is lopsided. She's meant to be a killer that excels at range above all else, so why is it that at range her power can be negated by just hopping in a locker for a second? It makes her entire ranged playstyle near irrelevant, and that part actually takes skill. I never mind when I get sniped for damage because long range hits with the crows is actually hard, and can actually be dodged if you're on point. Her cooldown for crow launches/time she has to land a follow-up shot before birds are repelled is often too long/short to land another, which is fine, but still annoying considering how impressive a long-ranged double prediction down is. She is much more fun in this "blind, prediction ranged crow through wall" approach, like a souped up pyramid head, because there is significant skill expression on both sides and gives her a niche at being the only killer who is equally dangerous at range as she is up close.

    However, this fun playstyle goes out the window at close range, where she is just Zoning: The Killer with the most uninteractive chase power possibly ever created. You simply place the crow facing the direction a survivor will run into and chase them into it. If the survivor crosses the crow's path, the crow's sizable hitbox combined with its lightning-fast speed makes it a guaranteed hit, unless you're far behind them, can't see them directly and guess wrong. But the hitbox is so large that you can guess wrong a lot of the time and still clip them - and the hitbox being large is a good thing, otherwise long range snipes would be flat out impossible, but still. And if they try and bait it out, you just follow up and hit them. There isn't much you can do to a patient artist besides running away, but she also loses negligible distance for setting up a crow and it takes ~1 second, meaning there is much, much less room for outplay when she sets up a crow. Running away from the loop isn't as viable as it is against someone like dredge, and unless the map's spawned a loop literally right next to that loop, you are likely dead.

    Killers like hag and trapper can completely shut down loops, but it's balanced by having them invest time into doing so, allowing you to punish a mid-chase trap by running away. This is good counterplay, but you can't do that with artist, and yet she has the exact same result as hag setting a trap at a loop; a free health state with little counterplay to the trap once set. Juking a crow doesn't work because of the same reasons juking the dredge's remnant doesn't work - if the killer is patient, they will simply wait until you are close to the remnant/in the middle of the crow path, and it's a guaranteed health state. Uninteractive, not very skillful, and boring on all sides. Not even to mention the addon Matias Baby Shoes which reveals auras around crows, making the only limited in-loop counterplay to zoning she has, which is baiting out a crow, worthless.

    I very much dislike artist. If I had to rework her, I would improve her long range and crow swarm hit playstyle and nerf her up close flight path zoning playstyle. Jumping into a locker should not delete birds, and repelling should take a bit longer but not deplete when interrupted. Meanwhile, she should either slow to 4.4m/s while at least one crow is active, or her crows should not be able to damage through a direct hit. She should be the Hyper Ranged Killer, not the Just Pesters You at Range but Is Unstoppable Up Close Killer.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,902

    She deserves to suffer! She’s not a poor birdy, she’s a Poopy Doodoo Birdy! She must BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 2,659
    edited August 18

    well I already knew she would be above average from PTB. i wouldn't say she is amazing though. D-tier rating is crazy. just better then rest because most of the killers are pure awful. I'd put her at around top 10-14. i'd say she is around demo/nemesis level. I'd say she is B-tier, high B-tier. weaker than trickster, better then deathslinger.

    She is not that good at high-level because he sucks at countering hold-w. her only real method of countering hold-w is landing range crows but you need land two crows consectively. Better off just playing huntress. just overall weak range killer. she does exploit dead man switch really hard, so you can class her as real strong camping killer if this your play-style, though this particular play-style will be getting some changes once reassurance comes out. good riddance to camping artists. they are as legendary as insidious bubba's.

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,747

    If they leave loops, try and point the birds in a direction they'd run. This way, if you can't get the flight path dmg you could get the 2nd bird dmg.

    She's more complex if you think outside the loop 😁😂

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    I wish it was still like that. I don't blame them for doing it because it's the right play that's why I say her design is bad.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    I don't mean she's not strong she definitely is if your good with her but I don't have fun playing her and I've played her a good amount but I just don't enjoy her gameplay to try and get any better. I will play Trapper and onryo any day over artist.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 2,790
    edited August 18

    It's not just the artist, this is precisely why most killers are bad. Shift + W is so strong that without vaulting, pallets, windows, anything it will take the killer 57 seconds to down the survivor with both hits, pick them up, walk to a hook, and hook them.

    Now look at the killers everyone agrees are really strong:

    • Nurse
    • Spirit
    • Blight

    Notice the trend? Their powers counter shift + w.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    I can hit those shots to sometimes but I just so don't enjoy playing her I don't want to get better with her.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    I do get that she has a higher level of play I just don't enjoy her to get there plus it seems alot of her higher level skill shots rely on luck or bad survior play.

  • TheWheelOfCheeseTheWheelOfCheese Member Posts: 340

    Depending on the map, Huntress would qualify as well. Unless there is cover, shift+W isn't doing anything against a hatchet.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    Not really those killers have the ability to close ground fast and can catch up but even when countered correctly there powers can still be used for mobility and map presence. Artist has a bit of map presence but smart survivors won't take more then one damage hit from a snipe.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,796

    Laughing in STBFL Nemesis.

    Hold Shift + W my dear survivors. I dare you.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 938

    The best Artists I've gone against aren't the ones that just target loops, they're the ones that think two steps ahead of the survivor and take me down from a distance

  • CybilCybil Member Posts: 1,125

    What? Artist can completely mop the floor with survivors if she places her crows into the proper positions. Artist can guarantee a hit at all pallets if the player knows how to use her.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 638

    Artist is the 4th best killer in the game and I don't think it's debatable. She can get downs from pretty much anywhere on the map. I don't even buy they get countered by holding W, you just have to predict pathing correctly and they go down all the same.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

    Watch a high level artist and see how they play.

    You think artist begins and ends at her skill floor.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    I've seen some high level artists the argument has nothing to do with her strengths but her gameplay loop.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,416

    Thats true now that I'm really thinking I think it might be her skill floor might be to high for her style of gameplay making learning her and playing her just boring tell you actually gg with her.

    To be clear I'm not saying I want easier games or nothing with her just I find her boring and don't want to put the time because the gameplay.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

    Holding w rarely works against a good artist and cross map injures are always fun.

    If you are talking about her optimal way of play, aka camping, yeah its kinda boring. Still more engaging than all killers (except twins) because you still scout gens and bother survivors while camping.

  • GrumGrum Member Posts: 180
    edited August 18

    Genuinely one of the most miserable killer designs in the game. The only killer I will straight up DC the second I hear crows flying across the map.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 3,215

    She's one of the most rewarding killers to play as, from my experience. To play her well, you have to play like a literal artist: be experimental, creative and understand techniques.

    When she's good, she is absolutely deadly. She also has counterplay and personally she's one of the best when played enough.

  • youshisuyoushisu Member Posts: 74

    now take look from trapper's perspective, he also stops to put traps (:

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I agree that Artist can be played in a very unfun way, and that her most optimal strategies require boring tactics at times.

    Although, (as an Artist main), I also know she can be played in a very fun way. It just takes a lot of practice. Generally, I will fake putting a bird down at a loop to see if the survivor will run, then I'll use the bird to snipe them mid chase using a follow up bird. I play her more like how you would play huntress/pyramid head where I use my m2 for most of the chase (unless I zone and have to take the M1).

    I honestly hope they don't touch her because I really enjoy her and thinks she's fun. That's just my opinion though because I knew I wanted to main her once I tried her power. I always found it very satisfying to play her and she's also a strong killer that isn't busted (because her add ons are meh), but you can also play her without add ons and do well (I'm cheap with BP).

    I respect your opinion though because I have definitely faced not so good artists and boring artists. It really just depends on the killer skill level whether you have to put up a fight or not against her.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,969

    I disagree completely. In fact, Artist is one of the most balanced killers in the game.

    To get the most use out of her power, you have to be sneaky when you place her crows and predict where the survivors are going to go. You also have to know the cooldown time of her power and how long her crows stay idle. You also can kind of force survivors to run into crows you place at loops, and if they get swarmed and run to another loop or pallet, try to hit them with another crow before they repel all the birds. You can also apply a lot of map pressure with her Dire Crows and potentially get a bird snipe across the map if you do it correctly.

    Artist's power is all about timing and prediction, and she can be hard to master at first. But once you know her power, she's one of the best killers to play.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,452

    Artist is one of the few killers I just dislike in every way. Visually she looks off and her sounds are super annoying

    Gameplay wise she is just boring anti loop and forces survivors to play in a boring way to win. Her power synergises with DMS + PR too well as well

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