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Fun End Game Builds?

Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

And on which killers do they work best on?

Ive been meaning to try that block the exit gates from opening twins build.

Any other fun end game builds/killers you guys enjoy?


  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732


    Perks: No Way Out, Remember Me, Blood Warden, NOED

    Add ons: Field Recorder and Lavalier Microphone

    Find where people are using Lavalier Microphone, get the downs. Depending on the situation, find the rest using Lavalier again. If they are far from the gates, open one of the gates, hook your slugs, find the rest with lavalier and kill them all. You can also try to kill the obsession before end game so they don't have a chance to open the doors.



    Perks: No way out, remember me, nemesis, rancor

    Add ons: The same

    Find the obsession and kill the obsession. Rancor funny perk.

  • ReverseVelocityReverseVelocity Member Posts: 1,709

    If you're up for some Freddy, you could always go with Remember Me, No Way Out, Hex: No One Escapes Death and something like Blood Warden or Fire Up. Make sure you bring the Black Box too, that works very well with BW.

  • CodeDBCodeDB Member Posts: 163

    My favorite end game build is usually Rancor Roulette with Nemesis/Rancor. I usually throw in Enduring/Spirt Fury with it but if you want more end game perks with it, it goes really well with Remember Me (as you frequently should be chasing your obsession, getting stacks and preventing them from being the one on the gate) or No Way Out.

    One time, I had a daily to get a mori with Oni so I played this build and got sent to The Game. It was a rough game overall but managed to mori 2 survivors with it due to a Nea deciding to flashlight blind me at end game even after I had already mori'ed another survivor (without an offering). Shockingly, she did not appreciate the Rancor surprise as much as I did.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,715

    On a tangent I was looking at an endgame “You Won’t Kill Me Too!” Survivor build with the new Lone Wolf perk. 🙂

    • Left Behind - You can see the aura of the hatch within 32 meters when you're the last survivor.
    • Low Profile - Suppresses your Scratches and Blood Pools when you are the last survivor for 90 seconds
    • Sole Survivor - Hides your aura up to 72 meters based on how many other survivors have already died. When you are the last survivor you also repair gens 75% faster and open gates 50% faster. (You are also probably the killer's Obsession)
    • Wake Up - Shows you the exit gates once they’re powered and also lets you open them faster.

    Personally if I played this I would have it as the ultimate “just in case everybody dies”, not “I’ll just hide in a locker for 10 minutes and get hatch”, but that’s just me. 🤷‍♂️ Either way it definitely qualifies as an “endgame build”.

  • CodeDBCodeDB Member Posts: 163

    Ooo, would hate to see it in my solo queue lobby but love the idea. I think I would replace Left Behind with Adrenaline and bring a map to help find hatch though. If the killer closes the hatch, you get a health state, a speed boost, and two perks to speed open the gate.

  • MekochiMekochi Member Posts: 931

    Peek-a-boo Nurse, Rancor, Bloodwarden, NOED, and Insidious

    Teleport inside a gate and wait, they'll be horrified lol

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,715

    The first three perks in that build are actually the core ones because they all specifically trigger when you are the “last survivor alive”. So I wouldn’t replace any of those since that’s the whole gimmick. 🙂

    You could swap out Wake Up for Adrenaline if you wanted though, that fourth slot is more flexible.

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