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Slugging for 4k

Its cringe. Thanks for wasting 4 mins of my time every game so you can boost your ego a bit.



  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,566

    Are we talking about slugging when there's 2 survivors left or slugging the entire team?

    Slugging the entire team from the start of the match is a bit much unless the survivors were just all in your face in which case I can't really blame you. But if you slug someone on one side of the map then go to the otherside of the map to search for people, I'll judge you.

    Slugging when there's 2 survivors left is annoying for sure, but if the killer really wants the 4K like that they did earn it.

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 3,689

    Same. I got ish to do and I'll be fine if the last person gets out through the hatch.

    Unless it's a bully squad and therefore I have some spite to do. Then I'll do it.

    Otherwise agreed.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 6,962

    Slugging and Tunneling are going to be the de facto tactics for killers that play 'for kills' after Chapter drops.

    Camping has a perk nerf. Slugging was recently buffed and tunneling has not really been touched (people just tunnel through OTR/BT).

    Welcome to the 'new' meta.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 1,134

    Seeing as Reassurance can extend the hook for more than 4 minutes, I wouldn't be surprised if killers come out the gate swinging with Knock Out, Deer Stalker, Third Seal & Undying.

  • himhearthimheart Member Posts: 75

    If I'm doing adept Wraith without addons and offerings, I don't care how much of your time I will waste for 4k.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,597

    Thank the devs for implementing the opportunity of a free escape

  • nebneb Member Posts: 670
  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,975

    Don't thank me, thank your friend that is praying you bleed out faster. If it were up to me, I would catch them one second after you went down. Trust me. They are the problem. Thanks for understanding.

  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 654

    I mean, are people not allowed to play the game how they want? I get that you might see it as a waste of time, but the killer might not, they might be doing an archive challenge to kill survivors, or they might be trying to rank up their grades for their grade reset bloodpoints. I wouldnt really jump to conclusions or see it as something personal, people have their own reasons for doing stuff.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,711

    Same. I'm not so thirsty for the 4K that I'm gonna down someone and scour the map to find the other.

    But relevant to this discussion is whether the slugged surv crawled off into some obscure corner. I know that if I am slugged and have no way of getting back up on my own, I just lay there, because you can find yourself in a situation where you you just want to move on but the killer just can't find you.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 2,665

    or you could just accept you got outplayed if you're playing for the hatch and take the L and move on? Im frequently the third one out because i find playing for hatch just as boring as you apparently find securing the 4th kill. Its almost like different people will always prioritize different things, and the issue then comes down to "is anyone actively preventing the game from progressing."

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 2,932

    Well i would guess you get less slugged for the 4k than survivor waste the whole minute in my lobbies and since i let all 4 escape need me to watch them leave or also wast the whole EGC while i am afk or off screen.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,975

    Nah, if I am on a challenge that requires it, I will be getting that bonus kill. I do not care how boring it is. Doing challenges is boring. I am already bored when I decide to do it. You need to have the determination to follow through! Never give up. Those survivors believe they are the only one petty enough to overcome the boredom, but you can prove them wrong with some will power and a pinch of fairy dust, SgtMittens. I believe in you.

  • KayTwoAyyKayTwoAyy Member Posts: 1,134

    Oh, also...

    I wonder if Sadako is going to see some more love from killers next patch, as she has been in the content creator spotlight lately and her condemnation build requires slugging survivors near TVs.

  • NegiNegi Member Posts: 354

    Yeah, it's annoying. Just hook me and quit wasting everyone's time. Hatch escapes don't mean ######### anyway.

  • TotemSeeker91TotemSeeker91 Member Posts: 1,871
    edited August 18

    And that's wrong because? It's no more wrong than a survivor waiting at a gate to tbag

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 2,665

    I mean thats true, and yet there are survivors who think its worth wasting everyone's time. Its almost like there's a constant "no, you first" argument every game neither side budges in. hatch standoff 2.0, complete with one side being able to stall it indefinitely.

  • OldIronKingOldIronKing Member Posts: 66

    It's funny. Based on your comment history you strike me as the kind of person who would say that instead of camping/tunneling a survivor to secure a 1k at the end of the game the killer should just take the L and let everyone escape.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,563

    Why do a lot of survivors crawl to corners of the map or hide somewhere so I can't hook them I wonder.

    People talk about "wasting time" but it's only a waste of time when it doesn't "benefit" them in some way.

  • SgtMittensSgtMittens Member Posts: 249
    edited August 18

    You said almost exactly what I did and made the exact same point. I agree with what you're saying. It also happens to align with what I said. I'm not sure why you had to be a jerk about it at the end though. I hope you got the satisfaction you were looking for.

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