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Killers are op now

I’m sorry but am I only one that thinks killers are just too op now? I mean getting one hit by the bell guy is annoying. All the killers are pretty much guaranteed a win. They wanted to make this game more balanced but in all honesty they made it more for the killers. If you main survivor, good luck. Your not winning much. Killers abilities are used and abused since they have ABSOLUTELY no cool down. They can spam and re use over and over again and us as survivors just get the crap end of the stick. Used to live playing this game with my squad but we’re looking at switching to Friday the 13th. Good luck anyone that sticks through this game



  • ausanimalausanimal Member Posts: 542

    If you think this game is hard you will find F13th even harder there is no hooks, only one person can come back as tommy and you could be dead in a min. If Jason catches you and grabs you and you don't have a pocket knife or someone around to hit him then your pretty much dead and his abilities are a lot stronger then the killers here so have fun in F13th.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,796

    I edited my message. Please read it again. For this poor Nemmy enjoyer.

  • Dead_HarderDead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

    Sorry, wasnt the queu times much worse for survivors before the patch? <3

  • BiscuitsBiscuits Member Posts: 850

    You think people are quitting because they can't bully people anymore. I am trying to tell you they are quitting because the game feels like a struggle now.

    Queue times before the patch were dependent on the time of day. I had very quick survivor queues during the day, and then very quick killer queues at night. Now I get 5-15 minute killer queues all day, and instant survivor queues all day. Was hoping to play a ton of Ghost Face after the patch, spine chill ended up getting buffed. I am still salty about that.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,379

    Survivors are having fun in mid to high MMR because it's normal games it's low MMR where survivors are "not having fun" I still have fun as Survivor but sadly because of the quiters that would rather quit and ruin games I'm stuck in low MMR hell and can't get out. I didn't matter how much or long I loop the killer or how many gens I can pump out myself (3 is my limit before last survivor dies).

    I looped a Killer last weekend for 3 mins before he got one hit on me and not a single Gen was done, and by the time I got downed and picked up I found all my "teammates" crouching in corners or jumping in and out of lockers.

    The Survivors going Killer would rather Tunnel and Camp instead of playing normally causing a increase in issues with camping and tunneling.

    I referred to skill being a issue because as I stated in Mid to High MMR survivors loop and do gens and play like normal. My Killer games are fairly balanced even though I get those occasional babay squads that I could easily stomp into dust.

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 815

    Killers are only op if you are vs bad Survivors that dont know how to loop

  • JanglesJangles Member Posts: 245
    edited August 19

    Give it 3 months for the top tier survs, solo and swf to start adapting to the new meta and every game will have 4 looping gods in it over 1800mmr. Good luck finding a weak link when your games have solo survs who can read the game like a book and loop you for 3 gens paired with 3 man hit squads. This is a product of the current meta of tunneling someone out of the game at 5 gens. The "weak link" goes down in mmr while only the absolute gods will be able to escape. I'm already noticing it in my games now. Most games are back to 2 gens done before the first down. Only mid game pressure is harder to adapt to at the moment.

    This paired with the new anti camping perks and OTR, Killers are in for a bad time. I'd say deserved, but you can't hold it against someone for using the most effective tactic to win no matter how the other side perceives it. It's a product of optimization of longevity of the game. "Given the chance players will optimize the fun out of anything" rings pretty true.

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 3,183
    edited August 19

    because the game feels like a struggle now

    Well then i would welcome all those survivors to the experience for killer from day one on. Killer was and always will be more stressful. Cant hurt to shift a little bit of that to the other side when they can chat with friends about daily stuff or listen to music on the side.

    And to the queue times, seems like you have bad luck because many other have gone back to similar queue times over the course of the day like before 6.1

  • burt0rburt0r Member Posts: 3,183

    Whats the difference to now? The only things different is the mentality and experience of survivors.

    And that's the case since day one. If survivor had known the best strategies, loadouts and so on then the game would've died in year one.

    The only thing that kept that from happening is inexperience and a casual attitude which had been enough to still win.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 2,379

    i wouldn't try I have seen them disagree with anything that isn't the people quiting because of the struggle argument. My Killers are in mid MMR and my games are back to normal besides the randoms baby squads I face from time to time.

    Sadly my Survivors are stuck in low MMR hell

  • JanglesJangles Member Posts: 245

    Are you living under a rock? Meta, Most effective tactic available takes time to establish. There was a bunch of changes made that geared the game towards killer being in the power position again. Most people are taking advantage to the napkin math that went on in the changes relating to hook timers:gen timers and pushing someone out of the game as soon as possible.

    While its always been effective, the current changes to gen times means you can't leave someone on the hook for half a gen and still get there for the rescue It's no longer effective to slam out gens while someone is getting proxied on a hook as _usually_ you're halfway through a gen by the time someone gets downed. Hook trading is counter productive, as the extra 50s worth of gen time over the game (thats an entire extra gen to do) 3 people slamming gens means 2 gens can pop before someone is sacrificed.

    3v1 with 3 gens its nearly impossible if the killer has any kind of common sense. Which the ones I tend to play against do.

    It doesn't create enough counter pressure to be able to force the killer from the proxy to patrol, its just not worth it. If someone gets pushed out of the game before 2 gens pop, games over. You could fix this by extending hook timers by another 10s. Though with the new perks coming out that point is basically moot, you can send a runner to run the hook with reassurance while the gens are being done.

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